Sunday, September 9, 2012

High On Uppers

The posts here about Tila speaking about the Illuminati are usually about how she steals her stories from sites like The Vigilant Citizen or Info Wars. This one is a bit different because Tila's fans, especially those concerned with conspiracy theories, need to learn the facts.

Let's start with what Tila posted on Facebook today...

Tila talks about how "The Others" came to her and offered her a deal to sell her soul, but being the strong "Boss Bitch" that she is, she refused.

Here is the truth and it comes from Tila's own website,

You will have to click the image to view the details, or you can view the website for yourself. Tila may think since the website is no longer active, her secret is safe. Nothing is ever gone from the internet. View the original site here.

Now, let's discuss exactly what Tila writes about on this site. First, Tila starts off by addressing Higher Upper, saying that this person has been following her for quite some time. Tila goes on to say that she has all the right people. This is where it gets good, Tila Army, because she's talking about you. Tila says that you won't listen to The Others, but you will listen to her. What does she call you, Tila Army? She calls you her TRAINED ONES. You know, the same people she references on her Facebook page today ... followers, sheep, ignorant morons. She is calling you weak and offering you up to these Others. You, Tila Army, have unwillingly become Tila's sacrificial lambs.

Now for the sad part ... Lady Gaga "The Others" didn't read Tila's blog and never contacted her. Fast forward to today, Tila, still desperate for attention and hoping to regain that little bit of fame she once had, is saying that it was her that that refused the deal.

This person you all consider to be a strong leader wanted nothing more than to be one of them, one of the one she spends day and night trying to warn her fans about. She wanted to offer her Tila Army to "The Others" without their knowledge. She didn't think she needed their consent, because she said they would do whatever she wanted. She thought they were weak-minded, without a backbone, and would follow her no matter how low she had to sink. She hoped they would do all her dirty work.

Over the weekend, Tila also made her views on genocide and eugenics clear.

Tila supports the government sanctioned killing of people she calls ignorant. This was something supported by Hitler and others within the Nazi party. On top of killing off Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals, the Nazis killed off mentally handicapped people. As Tila admits to both drug addiction and bisexuality, she is also someone that would have been executed. As we saw with her Celebrity Gossip Blog, Tila is someone who sat on the internet and spent her time bullying celebrities, making up stories that had to be taken down because they were untrue. Tila lied about being abused by an NFL football player and faked a suicide attempt. Tila is the exact type of person she thinks should be put into a gas chamber. As are her fans, as she has taken to calling them ignorant lately.

Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen (aka Tila Tequila) has officially come out in support of government sanctioned killing of innocent people.

Tila Army, this is your leader. This is what you support. This is what you defend.


  1. first, I have to say I love the headline. Next, I can only hope that some of her fans actually make their way here and read this. No way this post can be disputed or weaseled out of.

  2. She's a vindictive ageing "has not" been. She didn't like a comment on facebook so now half of humanity should be wiped out. Unstable is her middle name.

    Only sheep are welcome in the Tila Army. Anyone who speaks out is blocked leaving only the brainless, the easily led and the perverts.

  3. She's actually gotten crazier in the past couple of weeks than she's ever been, which I know is a HUGE challenge to accomplish. You've gotta cover some of her latest bs... please!!!! Your blog is fantastic and, unlike quite literally anything Tila has ever said to anyone ever in her life, it's full of 100% concrete facts.

  4. Tila has all the characteristics of some one who has themselves had MK Ultra monarch mind control - such as multiple personality disorder.

  5. Oh, and I love how she's saying she can't access her Facebook, yet all the negative comments are deleted promptly, and all the comments sharing her videos are highlighted (ie made large across the page), which ONLY the owner of the account can do. How do her moderate handful of fans not see through this?


  6. No, Jang, she's just an unstable person on drugs. She admitted herself on Chaunce Hayden show that she's faking the multiple personality stuff to "entertain people".

  7. I'm friends with her, on her true personal page......& I've spoken to her in private inbox messages, since about July of this year. She pretends to have been "studying" the NWO & Illuminati for "8 years".....but she's so full of lies & stoned, she doesn't even realize that 8 years ago, she was working to get in the very circles of fame she now is so poorly trying to expose. She is a mental case, purely D.I.D disorder 101, & she makes me sick. If she was so into knowing the "truth", then why did you sign to a record label, do porn, & go on MTV? She reaped the benefits, but now that she's washed up, she wants to claim she's a "Rebel". And yes, the last few weeks, after her & I spoke about certain topics, she has gone on her Tila Tequila page & posts shitty rants, then erases them, saying "oh, The Others just censored me!".....jesus christ, how stupid does she think ppl are? Nobody gives a shit! I hope she gets what's coming. Everything she sayin now, can be easily proven as contradicting things she has said & done as recently as 2010, when all her bullshit started up again. She was inviteing people on her private page to go to Figi on a private resort for the whole month of August, & saying if we buy a ticket, that the house party is free & that anyone can come. Well guess what, August came, & the bitch was moving from her nice house to a smaller apartment, & she didn't talk about her month long party trip again. This woman is a pathological liar, and a sex slave for the Hollywood Elite. Since she is NOT of any Illuminati Bloodline, she will never be anything BUT a slave, & now since she found out the truth, she wants ppl to think she's some sort of hero. And her saying that Facebook suspended her pages for 30 days, has been up since last week, & she read my last message so I know she's on there & her account wasn't suspended. Keep this page going, bkuz she needs to be shutdown. A lot of real truth soldiers out here are being taken on a ride by this modern day Medusa. Ill let you know any more details,as I'm still friends with her on the private account, as well as the Tila Tequila page. I'm sick of her shit.

  8. She's no better than any of the other so called "Truth" movement people like David Icke. She too is a disinfo agent. As for her lips, I can't really say if it's drugs, or if the bitch has a really strong relationship with lip injections