Friday, June 25, 2010

Joking About Suicide

Suicide is not something to joke about, as anyone who has ever been affected knows. It turns out that is exactly what Tila did though.

In a new blog post, she rants about Lady Gaga using stage blood during her concerts and compares it to her own little stunt earlier this month, which ended in her being taken in for a psychological evaluation.

Tila says it was all a big joke now, but this isn't the first time Tila has talked about committing suicide. She's threatened suicide on multiple occasions.

There is no need to talk about Tila trying again to compare herself to Lady Gaga. To even insinuate the two are on the same level is laughable.

Let's talk about Tila saying her fans knew the suicide attempt was a joke. Well, as Tila says, her "real" fans knew it was a joke. Here is some of what Tila's biggest fans had to say upon finding out the entire thing was another stunt...

Joking about suicide. Always classy, Tila.

Now on to Tila saying that Lady Gaga does "WAY WORSE SHIT" than herself, like walking around in a g-string in public. Tila claims to be far from that.

Really, Tila? Really?


Anonymous said...

The 3rd pic her name beyondbetteyjean? I hate tila, but I have never seen betteyjean post anything bad about anyone, even on tila's hotspot site she would just post stuff positive stuff too tila within the PAGES of hate, and not say anything bad to anyone.

To see that she belived tila sucks, i honestly feel bad for her. if u look back, tila meet her in the new york tour i think it was. and she won a prize? there is a photo of them togeather in person.

Nikky Raney said...

I just linked your post on my latest blog entry!

Mark said...

Yeah @anon, I feel really bad for betteyjean too. She seems like a really nice and loyal person. It was heartbreaking to see her very sincere reaction; it really puts Tila's idiotic actions in perspective.

As for Tila, although she completely denied resposibility for what she did; the one good action on her part was she did actually say "I apologize" -I was pleasently surprised that she said that. She needs more of that and less lies and denial, but I won't hold my breath...

@Nikky Hey I'll defitnely check out that blog entry. You should ask RotSpot Tila Truth and Spiked to put a link to your blogsite in their sidebar. Your blogs are always awesome and you're always cute as a button! <3

The Tila Truth said...

Thanks for reminding me, Mark. I meant to do it after posting the "blogroll" post, but never got to it. Getting it now!