Thursday, January 14, 2010

Celebrity Gossip Blog

Tila Tequila has been going on for months about the "celebrity gossip blog" she will be using to "go innnnnnn" on people. After the death of Tila's free ride to fame town, Casey Johnson, Tila decided to take a break from taking a break from grieving and call out Perez Hilton.

Tila recently spoke about what we can expect from her blog...

What a refreshing blog that will be! Tila will absolutely not talk bad about people and will use it only to promote them! While Tila herself is obviously unfamiliar with the concept of telling the truth, her blog will only include facts.

Today is the day. The blog is here. Let's take a look at Tila's first blog entry.

Interesting. Tila's first blog entry not only resembles what Perez Hilton's blog would look like if taken over by a first grader, but the story is nearly a week old.

If the misspellings, poor choice of layout and color usage, and childish attempt at changing the names of celebrities (just like Perez Hilton, oddly enough) didn't scare you away, let's continue to the next blog entry.

Stephanie Bratt? Po po's? Very clever, Tila. You really "went innnnn" on that one, even if you are still nearly a week late.

Tila is doing a great job at keeping her blog positive and only using it to help people.

It only took three entries before Tila felt the need to bring up her beef curtains. Tila cannot go without making Casey's death about herself and now is making Samantha Ronson's vagina about herself too.

There you have it. Tila's celebrity gossip blog, full of facts and without any negativity. I hope the paparazzi Tila claims to have "on lock" gave those pictures to her, because there are no photo credits added to the posts she has made. Tila is going to need to keep her lawyer "on lock" if she keeps up with this half ass attempt at blogging.

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Unknown said...

HAHAHA, perfect. And Stephanie wasn't working there, she was doing it for CHARITY. But clearly Tila doesn't even know what that means.

The Quintessential Glamrod said...

Funny that Tila bragged to Perez that she has her own paparazzi working for her, yet this is what she posts. She should probably hire someone to do some editing, too. And all the writing. And anything else Tila is doing right now, cuz SHE'S DOING IT WRONG!

Stick said...

Cumbucket? Blowjobs?

Geeze what a low life, I felt like I was in the hood talking to a hooker.

I hope those peeps sue the shit out of her. That is def lawsuit material.

the-beadin-beagle said...

You MUST keep blogging! I can not stand Tila Tequila and think she is a disgrace! I love how you call her out on everything! Please keep it up!

Unknown said...

Tila is a psychopath. God please help us all.

ADBukovsky said...

Let's do a blog on her being supposedly allegic to alcohol. We all know she isn't, and she contradicted herself when she said that she couldn't of been drunk that night of the incident with her ex bf because she is allergic. Buy if you read her explanation why fans have seen her drink on her show she says "I'm alergic but I still drink anyways". Therefore, she could of been drunk that night. What a dumb bitch this midget girl is,

kellymae said...

I am seriously wondering if we could sue this bitch for all the lies she's telling. You know like gaining money from false advertising. something like that. She needs to be shut down.