Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Meth Mouth?

The title is only somewhat joking. It had been a while since seeing a new picture of Tila. She doesn't post them as often and when she does, they are grainy and her face is mostly covered. She posted a new one on her Facebook on Sunday and something just isn't right...

Not only are Tila's lips much larger than normal, but her entire jawline appears swollen. The face swelling is very normal for people that have major dental work done, but the lips do not swell so noticeably even after getting wisdom teeth removed.

People questioned what was going on with her face and Tila responded.

One thing to get out of the way, Tila claimed to have chopped all of her hair off a few months ago. Now this is her natural hair without extensions? I don't think anyone bought the lie that she did cut her hair into a pixie cut, but here is another of Tila's lies officially debunked.

Tila is saying that her cheeks and lips are a little chubbier because she gained weight. Cheeks are one thing, but to say your lips ballooned to that size because of a little weight gain?

Tila's fans aren't known for doing well when it comes to logical thinking, even Tila has called them ignorant sheep for how blindly they follow her. If they are naive enough to believe her saying that this is a natural look and that her lips look that way from gaining weight, well, I can only say that thankfully there aren't many fans out there. In a few years, when it is finally legal for the average Tila fan to become employed, many of them won't make it even in the fast food world.  "They asked for me to hold the onions. I'm holding them. Now what?" Could you imagine a world where there were more than a handful of Tila fans?

For comparison, here is the new picture morphing with an older one that is taken at a similar angle with Tila making a similar face - not pursing her lips or smiling, which changes the features of the mouth. If anyone knows of an older picture that is taken more closely to this angle, please post it in the comments.

What do you think the problem is? Did Tila finally tell the truth and find out she was allergic when her lips ended up swelling?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tila's Still Trying

I haven't updated in a little while. I follow Tila's antics, but her bullshit is so repetitive and annoying that I sometimes can't find anything new worth writing about. I'm still reading sites like Ghost Rider Radio and Just Da Truth to find out what Tila is lying about. I came across this video on Twitter that is a great example of Tila plagiarizing her "truth" information. I'm not sure who originally made it, but it is simple and to the point.

Tila uses her website to talk down to her fans and followers, call them ignorant, and act like she actually knows something about conspiracy theories. She has claimed she has "insider knowledge" that gives her more credibility than most. Here is the truth about Tila's "truth movement" ... Tila's insider information is available to everyone already! If you make your way through the many conspiracy theory websites out there, you'll probably learn more about this information than Tila claims she knows. Tila wised up a bit and figured out that people knew she was stealing everything from Vigilant Citizen and InfoWars, so she has moved on to lesser known websites to steal her information.

If you are a fan of Tila, if you think you are gaining knowledge by reading her website, learn the truth about her now. You want facts? Here is the only one that matters: Tila is a charlatan. If you truly cared about the truth movement, you would not support Tila's thievery and blatant lies. Stop supporting this fraud or consider yourself part of the problem you claim you want stopped.