Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Random Illuminati Title

It has been almost three years. There is plenty I could've written about over the last few years, plenty of lies Tila told. But her constant need for attention was so repetitive and boring that I was never able to bring myself to do it. It was all the normal Tila talk. Lather, rinse, repeat. When she saw none of that was getting her name out there, she did what might be the scariest thing imaginable. She brought another human into this world. She had tried so many times before with any man or boy who had no respect for themselves. Unfortunately she found someone that didn't know enough about her and decided to breed with her.

The reason for the update today is that I wanted to link to this video I was sent. It's all pretty well known stuff about Tila. It will be eye opening for those who still only know her as the former reality star and MySpace girl who has said some crazy things. But it is worth the watch for people who do know all the details. There are things that I had forgotten and watching this brought it all back. And it all made me sad and scared for her baby.

I'm glad the video creator did this. I only wish there was more. I am thinking about putting together some sort of companion piece that delves into the story a tad further. Maybe I'll finally get that cease and desist that was promised so many years back.