Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Everything that needs to be said about what happened at the Gathering of the Juggalos has been said.

I created this blog almost a year ago for the simple purpose of calling Tila out when I can prove she is lying. Little did I know that I was going to have to update this nearly every single time Tila opened her mouth or posted to Twitter.

I'm not going to write about everything that happened at the festival. I will not sit back while Tila tells a bald-faced lie about security guards again.

Tila tweeted earlier that there were no bodyguards present until she was hit in the head. This is unequivocally untrue and a truly disgusting lie.

Before being hit in the head, Tila stood behind a wall of bodyguards.

She took her shirt off and kept jumping in front of the bodyguards and they tried to bat plastic bottles and dildos away. Nothing had hit Tila in the face before she took her shirt off. The security was there and these pictures are proof.

These men were out there from the start, doing their job. They were pelted with objects much worse than Tila and they stood there and took it because it was their job. They tried numerous times to get her off the stage, but she objected.

To tell such a lie about these men who were doing what they were paid to do is disgusting.

There was enough that happened to make people sympathize with Tila for once. Despite the fact that she said Rihanna deserved to be beat by Chris Brown, despite the fact Tila constantly makes fun of Perez Hilton being hit and even made a video where she pretended to punch him herself, despite the fact she has made a complete mockery out of women who were actually abused in domestic violence situations, there were people who still sympathized with her. Then after selling her story to TMZ, she had to keep talking. She had to lie about what really happened to portray herself as even more of a victim to keep herself in the spotlight a few seconds longer.

There was absolutely no reason for her to lie about these men who put themselves in harm's way to keep her safe as she yelled for the crowd to keep throwing more things.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Red Light

Tila is still in possession of the "Lambo" and is continuing to put the lives of innocent people in danger with it. People have made phone calls to the dealership and found out the car is still for sale and is currently being leased out.

After seeing what she has done with the car, it will be shocking if anyone actually wants to buy it.

TMZ posted a video of Tila being pulled over by the Santa Barbara police last night. She was ticketed for going the wrong way down a one way street and for a passenger not wearing a seat belt.

The video ends when Tila takes off at an excessive speed through a red light and two police do nothing.

This is where we come in and ask the police what the hell is up with that.

You can contact the SBPD at the following e-mail addresses...

Anonymous Tips -
Police Procedure -
Public Information Officer -
Station Officer -
Traffic Supervisor -

More contact information, including phone and fax numbers, can be found here. If you do contact them via e-mail, please send a link to the video from TMZ, as well as the YouTube video of her claiming to drive at speeds of 180 miles per hour on a busy highway.

Tila has gone on numerous rants about Lindsay Lohan being treated special because she is a celebrity. She said of Lindsay, "YOU DO THE CRIME THEN DO THE FUCKING TIME! STOP COMPLAINING!!!"

Let the Santa Barbara Police Department know that it is not right for Tila to put the lives of innocent people in danger.

Consequences will never be the same.

Update: I was sent a picture where it can clearly be seen that Tila is running the red light at the intersection. You can see the light is green for traffic that would be coming from the road to the left.

If the police have replied to your e-mails saying that there is no evidence that she ran the red light, please reply with that picture.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tila Has Friends Again!

Tila likes to try to garner sympathy from her Tila Amry by whining about not having friends. We can all celebrate because Tila now has a best friend from Sweden! And they are going on a vacation!

Way to go, Tila! You two have fun on your girl's only vacation.

Wait a second. What's that?

Poor Emilia. She didn't even have time to fly to the US from Sweden before Tila forgot about her and their girl's only vacation.

And if anyone is driving down Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills today, take a look at O'Gara Coach Lamborghini. Word is that the baby blue Lamborghini that Tila bought, the only one in that color there, is back on the lot.

UPDATE: Radar Online has just posted an exclusive that Tila is now making some extra cash by starring in a porno. Could this "vacation" be a week long porn shoot?

Monday, August 2, 2010


Here is another great example of Tila failing to keep her lies straight. When Tila was first trying to open her blog, she left open the RSS feed and we were able to see posts she had made in the weeks before opening it.

One post was about M.I.A.'s video for Born Free.

Tila said that she no longer liked M.I.A., called her an opportunists, and said "taking off your clothes just to be shocking is the same as exploiding bodies just to be shocking." We know Tila knows a thing or two about taking off clothes in an attempt to be shocking.

I guess Tila forgot we all saw that, because now she has a completely different story to tell...

A video that only a few months ago Tila said was M.I.A. trying to be shocking is now a video that Tila calls quite refreshing and says it has a powerful message. She no longer hates M.I.A. and now loves her.

As for everything else going on with Prostitila, Rotspot has done a very good job at covering it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who Is Stalking Tila?

Apparently everyone is stalking Tila these days. Have you read her website? You're a stalker. Have you read an article about her? You're a stalker. You think she's lying and call her out on it? Stalker. Do you remember something she's talked about in the past? You're such a stalker, you will be getting a restraining order from her private investigator after she gets your information from Mr. Google.

Here are some of the best comments from Tila's website where she calls people out for stalking when they are doing anything but... Some of the replies to her stalking claims are too good not to include. Click on each image for a full size view.

Knowing one of very few Lamborghini dealerships in Los Angeles, but it not being the one Tila went and posed in front of cars at? Stalking. That's right. If I say, "Tila, were you at Toys R Us in Vancouver today?" and she wasn't, I'm stalking.

Everyone who Tila considers a hater writes for some magic hater website that was taken down. Not only are "haters" stalkers, but according to Tila, they are now terrorists too. Yes ... Terrorists.

Saying a website will be explosive is a threat? Threatening to post nude pictures of P. Diddy and his girlfriend and going on and on about "going innnnn" on actual celebrities, hyping up blog posts where you're going to "reveal secrets" about famous people who have done nothing to warrant such harassment from you? That is what you do Tila. How are you so dense, girl?

Knowing that Tila's sister writes for her website? Stalking. Here Tila claims her sister doesn't write for her site though. We've already proved that Tila's sister does write blogs on Tila's site.

Did you read the LA Times article about Tila tying up her dog to a stripper pole? If you said yes, you must remember having read that article. Not only are you a stalker, but you are also mentally ill.

A Tila fan indirectly calls a "hater" fat, saying they should go eat a Happy Meal. A "hater" replies, calling the fan a hypocrite. This isn't stalking, but it is what Tila defines as a cyber bully. No, not the person calling someone fat, but the person calling them a hypocrite.

Tila talked about being on an awards show. The people in charge of guests on that show said she wasn't going to be on it. People knowing that are stalkers.

Telling Tila she stole a song? Stalking.

While telling Tila to kill herself might not be the most thought provoking and innovative comment, it isn't stalking. Nor would private investigators, of which she has, care.

When reading replies like the one Tila used there, I forget that she is nearly 30 years old. 30, and she is acting like that.

The replies to Tila in that one sum it up pretty well. The first comment is about a post Tila had made less than a weeek before. Remembering something Tila said less than a week before? Totally stalking.

This comment is about something Tila said in that exact post ... That her computer was broken so she couldn't post new pictures. That person bringing up that Tila said it is, according to Tila, breaking the law.

Here are some that don't have anything to do with stalking, but are good for the lulz.

We've all heard this one before from Tila. Each time I read it, I laugh more than the last.

I'm sure Michael W. Michalak, the current U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam is as worried about being dethroned as Perez Hilton was.

Some facts about Ambassador Michalak:

  • Bachelor of Science degree from Oakland University
  • Master of Science degree in Physics from The Catholic University of America
  • Second Master's degree in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government
  • Deputy Chief of Mission to the US Embassy in Tokyo
  • Award for valor for his actions in time of crisis when the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad was burned down
  • 30 years of service with the U.S. Department of State

I'm sure Tila will include her own quote in her resume to become Ambassador...

I knew out of high school I didn't want to go to college. I knew what whatever I did wouldn't have anything to do with college. And the only reason I wanted to go was to further educate myself. Right now I'm still interested in taking classes, but only to educate myself with subjects I like, like history or English. What I didn't want to do was go to college for an actual degree because there's nothing out there I like besides doing something that involves the entertainment industry. Other than that I also have business plans that I don't need a college education for--at least not for what I want to do. I'm going to have my own business, but at the same time I'm going to try to do this rockstar thing.

Ambassador Michalak better head back to college. She's a tough one to beat for a position like that.

Not only was Tila in her mother's womb during the Vietnam war, she was also in Vietnam during the war ... which ended in 1975 ... while she was born in 1981.

And with that, I thank you all for stalking my blog.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tila's Dream Car

Tila has been talking about getting herself a brand new car. It's probably going to be worth millions, just like her mogul mansion.

Here is a new audio post where Tila talks about getting her new car.

In it, Tila says "Otherwise, it's back to the bus, even though I don't take the bus. Because I've never been on the bus."

That's odd, because Tila just posted something completely contradicting that statement.

What is it Tila? Have you never been on the bus or did you have to take it all the time to work in the flea market? And the train? In Houston? That's funny, Houston's METRORail service did not start until January 1, 2004. Houston did have a street car, but that service ended in 1940. You probably rode it to the flea market, Tila? Didn't you? After all, you were born in 1981 after being in your mother's womb during the Vietnam war.

Tila is also posting about how she is going to pay millions for this new "Lambo" when she said something completely different earlier.

I've been very busy lately and haven't had time to update. It looks like Tila still hasn't learned how not to be so damn obvious when she lies, though. Keep it up, girl.

It doesn't look like Tila's lies have been helping her site stats much.

There is less than a week left to July and no chance she'll get even half the hits she got in June, which were a big drop from what she got in May.

Perez can breathe easy again.

Friday, July 2, 2010

They Took Our Jawbs

First, let's get a laugh at this Tila Q&A moment...

This was asked when Tila was going on about how the "real" Tila is nice and innocent and positive. Tila's answer?

What? Really, Tila? The girl who talks about a young girl's weight wasn't you? You fired that girl?

Tila, get your head out of your ass and get your lies straight. It's not even funny when your lies about your lies are this incoherent.

Haters took our jaaawbs!

I thought there was only one "hater" from Iowa who lived in a pedophile apartment? Amazing that one person who is so amateur they can't hide behind a proxy has the ability to get a poor, innocent man fired.

Maybe that man should try to belittle the hat next time?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

One Girl, One Dress

Tila recently talked about how she is too much of a mogul to wear anything twice. Rot spot was quick to call her out. In her recent video that is somehow about exercise, Tila shows us she is wearing wedges (which she mistakes for stilettos) and she says that she never wears flats, ever. In another video, Tila talks about how much of a tomboy she is, always wearing Converse.

Tila continues to be a disgrace to fashion. Thursday, she showed up at a Fred Segal event (the one she is trying to pass off as the Twilight premiere), wearing something more than a little familiar.

When something lands you on the worst dressed lists, it's time to move on. Not to a new color. Not to more accessories. Not to tulle. Scrap the entire idea and move on.

Mr. Bradshaw, as her stylist, it is up to you to keep your client styled. When you see something is not working, you need to try something new. Figuring out a new way to show off the panties under the dress doesn't count. We saw her wonky nipples when she wore it in pink and now we're seeing them again. You've got prospective clients watching you and watching who you style and with what. Your own reputation is on the line. This isn't helping. Edgy doesn't have to be raunchy. It is possible to be both unconventional and classy.

VH1, how about a Fashion Rehab?

Friday, June 25, 2010


Hey guys, Tila has another exclusive!

Tila posted this "exclusive" at 3PM Pacific time. At 1:58PM Pacific time TMZ had the same exclusive, but with the correct information and the filed court documents.

Tila posted the exclusive over an hour after TMZ had already posted it. I guess it is an exclusive since she was the only one to post the wrong information about the case.

Get it together, Tila! Aren't you on TMZ's team? Why would you steal their exclusive but put the wrong information? That's no way for a teammate to act!

I doubt it, Tila. They're busy getting facts while you're spreading rumors.

Joking About Suicide

Suicide is not something to joke about, as anyone who has ever been affected knows. It turns out that is exactly what Tila did though.

In a new blog post, she rants about Lady Gaga using stage blood during her concerts and compares it to her own little stunt earlier this month, which ended in her being taken in for a psychological evaluation.

Tila says it was all a big joke now, but this isn't the first time Tila has talked about committing suicide. She's threatened suicide on multiple occasions.

There is no need to talk about Tila trying again to compare herself to Lady Gaga. To even insinuate the two are on the same level is laughable.

Let's talk about Tila saying her fans knew the suicide attempt was a joke. Well, as Tila says, her "real" fans knew it was a joke. Here is some of what Tila's biggest fans had to say upon finding out the entire thing was another stunt...

Joking about suicide. Always classy, Tila.

Now on to Tila saying that Lady Gaga does "WAY WORSE SHIT" than herself, like walking around in a g-string in public. Tila claims to be far from that.

Really, Tila? Really?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Great News!

Hey everyone! Tila has some great news!

OMG!!!!!! Tila is on TMZ's blogroll! Take that Nikky and Perez! Tila's site is officially legit! Look for yourself!

That image was provided by Tila. A quick look at TMZ's blogroll tells a different story.

That's weird. Tila isn't listed where the original image shows. Perez is there, but Tila isn't.

Wait, what's that?

Zennie62? That is the blog for which Nikky Raney writes.

TMZ is "teamed up" with Nikky and Perez. Legit baby. Suck that, Tila.

Dish It Out

Tila is at it again, acting like a child, attacking people for their weight.

Tila talks about "dishing it out" and not being able to take it. The girl Tila is attacking is Nikky Raney, a girl who wrote an article about Tila, using Tila's own quotes, to prove Tila is a liar. Instead of replying to the article, like a 28 year old woman, Tila resorts to name calling and picking on Nikky's weight. In other words, Nikky dished it out and Tila couldn't take it.

Tila also violates Twitter's TOS and gets her army to report the girl's page for spam, even though the girl did not spam Tila.

We've tried to figure out exactly what it is that the Tila Army does. Tila was supposed to move them into a mansion, give them cars and money, and they were going to help people. We have yet to see the Tila Army help anyone. Thus far, we've only seen them attack people's looks, at the whim of their army leader, and try to get pages deleted on Twitter, because they can dish it out without having the ability to take it.

The Tila Army is full of regular people. The type of people Tila likes to call out because of their looks.

From the way Tila talks, you think the Tila Army would be nothing but a bunch of super skinny girls with plastic breasts and wonky nipples. No. They look like the normal people you see everyday. They are small. They are big. They are short. They are tall. They are male. They are female. They are NORMAL looking people. They are the type of people Tila makes fun of for their looks.

Tila likes to pretend she only attacks people who attack her first. Let's name some of the people she has gone after, without them having ever uttered a word about Tila - Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Amber Rose, African Americans, Lady Gaga, Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Nicki Minaj, Hillary Duff, Kesha, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Beyonce, Rihanna, Mark Wahlberg, Maria Menounos, Katherine Heigl, Jessica Alba, and Samantha Ronson to name a few.

The lies about being pregnant for so many different men, the tales of miscarriages, the record label, the mogul mansion, the charity, the lawsuits, the domestic abuse, the television shows, the adoptions, etc... You dished it all out. TAKE IT when people call you out on it. Answer up to the accusations rather than chipping back like a scared little chihuahua.

Tila, take your own advice. You want to be a bad bitch? A boss lady? A mogul? Act like one. You are 28 years old. Not 13. Quit resorting to childish name calling and "lol, ur fat" comments. It's not becoming, especially when your own fans don't fit the ideal body type you go after "haters" for having. In fact, fat comments are all you seem to be able to come up with when you attack a person. We know your army is mostly children, but that doesn't mean you have to act like a child.

Update: I blurred out Nikky's name in the screencap and left her name out of the original post because I didn't want anyone to attack this girl anymore than Tila's nice and respectful army already did. Nikky left a comment, letting me know it was okay to post her name. Here is a link to her latest blog entry. It talks about Tila's "adoptions" but also goes into a respectful open letter to Tila at the end.