Saturday, January 30, 2010


Tila made a new Twitter post only minutes ago talking about the age of what she is calling her baby.

If this is true, it puts the conception date on or about October 31, 2009. That means she was pregnant long before meeting Casey and even longer before she claimed to be starting the surrogacy process for both her brother's child and the child she and Casey were having with a war hero.

There you have it.

More Game

Tila recently made claims that The Game was the father of her alleged baby. Yesterday, The Game made his way to TMZ for a hilarious interview where he not only denied being the father of Tila's baby, but stated he barely knows her and didn't see her at the studio the night before.

Tila, seeing her baby story crumble before her eyes, took to her Twitter for another of her many rants.

To translate Tila's guttertalk, she is saying The Game called her to come to his studio where he then informed her that he had gotten another women pregnant. Tila proceeded to leave the studios, crying and angry at The Game.

Hours before The Game went to TMZ to clear his name, thus outing another of her lies, Tila was tweeting a completely different story about leaving the studio.

Tila is going to have to start reading her own tweets to get her lies straightened out. She doesn't need a lawsuit from her foreign American famous Swedish fame hating war hero sperm donor baby daddy brother.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday, TMZ reported that Tila Tequila had lost the first round of the federal court case against her by Shawne Merriman.

While court documents prove this to be true, Tila decided to attack TMZ anyway.

Here Tila not only claims that TMZ is lying about her not responding to Merriman's lawsuit, but she states that Merriman did not sue her.

You can look here to see the lawsuit that Merriman filed against Tila Tequila on the December 8, 2009.

I'm sure her black fans are happy to see her calling a black man "monkey" though.

For more information on the lawsuit against Tila Tequila, you can read the court docket that talks about her receiving the summons and the default judgment ruling against her.

Maybe Tila should quit worrying about coming up with a new father for her "baby" everyday and find a better lawyer.

The Game

This one will be short and sweet. Last night, Tila claimed that her fetus that might not be a fetus was fathered by rapper, The Game.

I don't know that The Game is Tila's brother, or an American war hero who fought in Afghanistan and is now an EMT, or is he a blue eyed Swede.

I do know that he had this to say...

That game is over for Tila.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Tila has been hinting at being pregnant for almost a year now. The baby first belonged to a very famous rapper, then her brother, then an American war hero, now a non-American who is in the industry. That was yesterday. Today it could be an astronaut.

Though Tila went for a doctor's visit on the 8th of January, it took her until today to release a picture of the sonogram to prove she was "100% confirmed" pregnant in her first trimester (whatever that is).

She tried to sell the sonogram picture to TMZ, but went ahead with ol' trusty, Radar Online.

One of the highlights from the accompanying interview is when Tila claims "doubters can be assured it's her actual ultrasound photo because the first two letters of her last name are seen on the upper left hand corner of the photo, which is customary in many ultrasound photos."

Let us take a minute to look over the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine's practice guidelines for the documentation of ultrasounds.

Adequate documentation is essential for high-quality patient care. There should be a permanent record of the ultrasound examination and its interpretation. Images of all appropriate areas, both normal and abnormal, should be recorded. Variations from normal size should be accompanied by measurements. Images should be labeled with the patient identification, facility identification, examination date, and side (right or left) of the anatomic site imaged. An official interpretation (final report) of the ultrasound findings should be included in the patient’s medical record. Retention of the ultrasound examination should be consistent both with clinical needs and with relevant legal and local health care facility requirements.

Medical records require the legal name of a patient.

There is also no explanation for the reflection in the picture of the sonogram, which looks to have been taken off of a screen. If Tila is providing this picture to prove she is pregnant, why not take a better picture? Why cut out the date the sonogram was taken?

Now let us try to figure out a time line. Tila visited the doctor on the 8th of January. The picture of the sonogram is of a gestational sac at or around six weeks. That would put conception around the last week of November. Not only was this weeks before Tila said she was starting the in vitro fertilization process to be a surrogate for her brother, but this is also before she met Casey.

Back to the Radar Online article. Tila says, "This baby was planned. This baby, which I am currently carrying, was for Casey and I to start our family together."

A baby that was conceived before Tila met Casey was planned for Casey?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Daddy

Let's entertain the thought that Tila actually is pregnant. Sure, according to all the information she has given, she should be in her third trimester (whatever that is) with the rapper's baby from last year.

Something more important came up and Tila forgot she was running with a pregnancy story. It was a lot like when Judy on Family Matters walked up the stairs and never came down.

Well, Judy came back down as a surrogacy in December of 2009.

It wasn't long before Tila's project for attention passed away. The media was too focused on Casey, and Tila needed to get the attention back on herself.

After saying she was partying and not sleeping for three days straight, Tila said the baby she was carrying after what can only be considered a back alley weekend in vitro fertilization process was now her own baby. She even had a story as to who the baby's father was.

Unable to keep up with her past lies, the profile of the father changed in less than two weeks.

In only 11 days, the father of Tila's baby went from being an American war hero to a famous non-American who doesn't like fame?

While we all think this fake pregnancy will end in a fake miscarriage, let's take guesses as to who the daddy might be.

A 6'2" non-American who fought in Afghanistan for ten years and doesn't want to be known?

Tila as Penelope

Did Saturday Night Live model Penelope after Tila?

Sometimes Tila has us shaking our head so much, we need to take a minute just to laugh.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pregnant Again

Tila has announced that she is officially pregnant, 100% confirmed. We aren't sure who confirmed this. If it was confirmed by her pregnancy test, the baby is due any day now. If this pregnancy is 100% confirmed, the surrogacy for her brother and last year's pregnancy for a famous rapper must have only been 40%.

As you can see, Tila says she is pregnant for someone in the industry. Tila must think we all have very short memories. Remember when Tila announced her pregnancy on Twitter less than two weeks ago?

Tila admitted to what we already knew, she was not a surrogate mother for her brother's child. She did continue on with the lie that she was pregnant through in vitro fertilization.

Here Tila says that she is no longer carrying her brother's child, but the child of a war hero conceived through in vitro fertilization.

That's correct. Earlier today Tila told us the pregnancy was for someone in the industry while a little over a week ago she was saying it was for a war hero.

Let's not forget how long the process for in vitro fertilization takes. It takes much longer than a month for a woman to become pregnant after starting the in vitro process. Tila only met Casey Johnson in December. How could Tila have gone through the entire in vitro fertilization process in a month?

Tila is also saying that she has never been pregnant before.

It wasn't very long ago when Tila was telling us about her first pregnancy though.

So what is it Tila? Were you pregnant before or not? Are you pregnant for your brother, a war hero, or someone in the industry? Why can you no longer keep your lies straight?

Tila just posted about having an ultrasound and seeing the heartbeat.

The heartbeat is visible on an ultrasound at around six weeks gestation. The visit Tila is talking about taking to the doctor was on January 8, 2010. To have seen the heartbeat, the baby would have been conceived around the last week of November in 2009. If the baby was conceived through in vitro fertilization, the process would have started many months before that.

Are you willing to answer to this Tila?

Speaking of Tila's lies... Tila made a post about going to Millions of Milkshakes to create her own milkshake.

After much protesting on Twitter and many people contacting Millions of Milkshakes, sending links to what Tila had said about people who representing their company in the past, Tila's appearance was canceled.

Tila is claiming to be the one who canceled due to Millions of Milkshake's lack of security.

She also says she will be going back at a later date to make milkshakes with breastmilk.

I'm sure that is the exact image for which Millions of Milkshakes wants to be known.

Whatever that means...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Gun

Tila likes to act tough. She hangs out with cholas, talks about chunks of her baby, and now she is posing with a gun.

Nice cigarettes. I'm sure the baby loves that.

I know I've seen that ring somewhere. Maybe that gun too? That's right. There are items just like those on Tila's Amazon Wishlist!

Let's take a look at the rings on her Wishlist.

Fake rings? Fake ENGAGEMENT rings? More than one FAKE ENGAGEMENT ring? Why does Tila need these?

Nice Sex and the City replica ring.

The ring Tila posted is obviously not a real. Anyone who has ever seen an actual diamond can see that.

What about the gun. Tila is holding what looks to be a SIG Sauer P229. Nice gun, not too costly, easy to use.

Wait ... What is on Tila's Amazon Wishlist? Airsoft guns?

Airsoft guns that are meant to look like actual guns, but only shoot plastic pellets?

Tila has posted a picture of her holding the same gun before. She has since deleted it, but this low quality version is still available.

Something just doesn't look right about Tila's gun. The grip doesn't look right. She says the ring is real, but it obviously isn't and her Wishlist is full of fake rings. She says the gun is real and has two of those on her Wishlist too. Could it be? Are there even P229 replica airsoft guns out there?

It looks like there is.

Tila either doesn't know or doesn't care that she is breaking federal law by removing the orange blaze from the muzzle.

Section 5001 (15 U.S.C. 5001) mandates that any toy, look- alike, or imitation firearms shall have a permanently affixed blaze orange plug inserted in the barrel of such an imported article and recessed no more than six (6) millimeters from the muzzle end of the barrel. See 15 C.F.R. Part 1150.

If your guns are real, the laws in Texas do not matter in California. California Penal Code Sections 12025-12031 state that weapons permits from other states are not valid in California. Also, any person who has a conviction for any misdemeanor listed in Penal Code section 12021(c)(1) or for any felony, or is addicted to the use of any narcotic drug, or has been held involuntarily as a danger to self or others pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code Section 8103 is prohibited from buying, owning, or possessing firearms. Various other prohibitions exist for mental conditions, domestic restraining/protective orders, conditions of probation, and offenses committed as a juvenile.

You still want to say that gun is real, Tila?

Tila also posted this picture of a different gun on Halloween.

Anyone that has ever seen a real gun can take a look where the magazine should go and see what is wrong with this one.

There is nothing wrong with owning a fake gun or air pistol. Paintball is a fun game that everyone should try to experience at least once. Don't try to act tough by showing off a picture of your airsoft gun and claiming it is real though. Especially if you have more airsoft guns in your Amazon Wishlist.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Skyylar Jaylen

This blog was created to and has thus far exposed the lies of the pseudo-celebrity, Tila Tequila. In the process of calling out her lies and giving out facts, we have gained a lot of support with those who understand and agree with us. We've also gained what Tila and her fans call haters. The haters are a small group of Tila fans who call themselves the Tila Army. They are mostly made up of young girls and boys and older men who have no problem encouraging the young, underage girls to strip off their clothing and simulate sexual acts in the chat room of Tila's dating website. Normally, these people would never be the entire subject of a post here, but this one has gone too far.

Tila's biggest supporter is a girl known on Twitter as Skyylar Jaylen. Skyylar has called herself a model and actress, but only had a picture of herself in a Superman t-shirt for everyone to see.

When avatar sized on her account, it is hard to tell much from the picture above. When seen at its original size, it is obvious it is a Photoshop. Skyylar claimed to not know how to use Photoshop. We can't disagree with her, as this image could have been done better in MS Paint.

Then it came out, the original image that proved this was not Skyy (as if anyone believed it actually was), but Lucy Pinder.

Skyy is also known for using her lack of ability to Photoshop to create slanderous images of text, which the sheep of the Tila Army always believe.

The saddest of Skyylar's lies resulted in complete exploitation of a child. When Skyylar found out that people were on to her and deleted the images, it is impossible to completely erase your trail on the internet.

These are the images, as well as the text that went along with them, that Skyylar posted to her Twitpic account.

This is a little girl who Skyylar calls Trinity. She also says Trinity is her own daughter and a pageant queen, actress, etc...

Skyylar even posted a picture of herself with Trinity in Tila's chat room full of pedophiles.

Normally, this isn't something that would cause a problem. I say normally, because there are some major problems with Skyylar posting these photos of her daughter, Trinity.

The first problem is that Skyylar's face in the picture with Trinity is the same face from the picture she edited with the Superman shirt. We find the source of both the Superman picture and the picture with Trinity here:

The second problem is that while Skyylar is posting pictures of her daughter, Trinity, she is also posing nude in Tila's chat room. The black bar was added because no one needs to see the NSFW image.

The third problem is the main problem. Trinity, Skyylar's daugther, is not Skyylar's daughter. Skyylar says she is 22 and from Texas. Trinity's real mother is 30 and from Atlanta, Georgia.

You can find pictures of Trinity along with her actual mother, Jeannie, on this paegent website or on Trinity's myspace page. If you have your own myspace, you can send a message to Trinity's mother to let her know exactly how Skyylar is exploiting her child.

I have posted this because I do not like children being exploited, just as I do not like Tila Tequila exploiting the death of Casey Johnson. Her fans are taking after her, but when they exploit a child, they have gone too far.

You may contact Twitter and give them this information to let them know she is exploiting and preying upon an innocent child.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


If you thought Tila Tequila making Casey's death all about herself was bad, this one will disgust you beyond belief.

That's right. A 7.0 earthquake in Haiti kills a possible half million people, but Tila's fake tears are more important right now.

By the way, how much has Tila donated to the Juvenile Diabetes fund that Casey supported? Has Joe Francis not given her an allowance for the week yet?

Source: 1

Celebrity Gossip Blog

Tila Tequila has been going on for months about the "celebrity gossip blog" she will be using to "go innnnnnn" on people. After the death of Tila's free ride to fame town, Casey Johnson, Tila decided to take a break from taking a break from grieving and call out Perez Hilton.

Tila recently spoke about what we can expect from her blog...

What a refreshing blog that will be! Tila will absolutely not talk bad about people and will use it only to promote them! While Tila herself is obviously unfamiliar with the concept of telling the truth, her blog will only include facts.

Today is the day. The blog is here. Let's take a look at Tila's first blog entry.

Interesting. Tila's first blog entry not only resembles what Perez Hilton's blog would look like if taken over by a first grader, but the story is nearly a week old.

If the misspellings, poor choice of layout and color usage, and childish attempt at changing the names of celebrities (just like Perez Hilton, oddly enough) didn't scare you away, let's continue to the next blog entry.

Stephanie Bratt? Po po's? Very clever, Tila. You really "went innnnn" on that one, even if you are still nearly a week late.

Tila is doing a great job at keeping her blog positive and only using it to help people.

It only took three entries before Tila felt the need to bring up her beef curtains. Tila cannot go without making Casey's death about herself and now is making Samantha Ronson's vagina about herself too.

There you have it. Tila's celebrity gossip blog, full of facts and without any negativity. I hope the paparazzi Tila claims to have "on lock" gave those pictures to her, because there are no photo credits added to the posts she has made. Tila is going to need to keep her lawyer "on lock" if she keeps up with this half ass attempt at blogging.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pregnancy Test

On January 6, 2010, Tila Tequila posted a picture of a pregnancy test. Under it, she wrote, "I never lied.....but it is what it is; only I know what happened. As for the haters U can only make assumptions of what you don't FULLY know."

Here is a screen shot:

People took to Google Image Search and found pictures resembling the picture posted to Tila's Twitpic, but the actual picture wasn't found on the first few pages.

Let's dig a little deeper. Right click, Save, Open, Properties, Details.

According to this, Tila took a picture of her pregnancy test on May 12, 2009 at 9:55AM. Information like this does not lie.

If you would like to check this information yourself, here is Tila's Twitpic. Save the image yourself. On a PC, right click and view properties. The details tab will give you the date and other information about the picture.

Many people speculate that Tila Tequila is running with the pregnancy story now to blame a fake miscarriage on the Johnson family and friends of Casey.

Now, on the off chance this is a legitimate picture of a pregnancy test that Tila actually took, let me show you how easy it is to make a negative Clear Blue test become positive...

 This is the original.

This is the same test after less than one minute in Photoshop.

If Tila is pregnant and that is her pregnancy test, she is nearly nine months pregnant and the baby will be here any day now.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Still Grieving

It is difficult to know where to start. The last blog posted was about Tila's extremely unconventional grieving process. She went from asking to be left alone to attempting to start a Twitter war with Perez Hilton to promoting her vitriol fueled blog (which has prompted a cease and desist from the lawyer of Casey Johnson's former girlfriend). While a lot of the same has happened since then, there have been many other things going on in the life of light flyweight champion of the world in famewhoring, Tila Tequila.

As mentioned, Tila was given a cease and desist because of a bitter blog post about Casey's former girlfriend. In the post, Tila ranted about the claim Casey's ex, Jasmine Lennard, made against Casey for stealing. Casey was charged with grand theft, though Tila says the charges are bogus and Casey only stole a few cheap dresses. According to the search warrants, Tila lied again.

Now for a "are you fucking serious" moment in the life of Cheap Tequila.

Romantic, no? Going to Idaho to get married to the love interest you've known for less than a month? How sweet!

Wait, what's that?



SECTION 28. MARRIAGE. A marriage between a man and a woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.

On top of that, a story was recently published on New York Social Diary by someone who knew Casey for a much longer period of time than Tila and which explains the relationship between Casey Johnson and Tila Tequila.

"The two met only a few weeks ago. For some reason, probably to gain public attention, the two announced they were getting married. This was a joke played on the media, and the media of course fell for it, and so of course did everyone else. P.T. Barnum had a famous word for it. The alleged 17-carat diamond that Tequila/Nguyen was sporting was a giant zirconium ring. The twitterings about conjugal circumstances were pure fantasy that made good tawdry copy. Almost a week later, the media is still listening to her rap."

Many of us suspected this to be truth and argued day and night that it was. Others are slowly starting to find out that the relationship between Casey and Tila was as fake as the ring.

Speaking of rings, Tila's Amazon Wishlist was recently discovered and includes such luxury items as a Tutone DiamonUltra™ Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring Size 5 for $14.99, a 4 Carat Clear CZ Ring SZ 5 for $19.19, and a Replica of Sex and the City Charlotte Citrine CZ Ring, SIZE 5 for $32.49.

Were some of these the various rings that Tila claimed Casey had given to her throughout their barely month long romance?

Then there is the dog story. Casey's dogs were being taken care of by Tila Tequila while Casey lay dead. Casey's family contacted Tila and asked her to return the dogs along with many of Casey's other belongings. Despite Tila's claims that she was to meet with members of the Johnson family, a spokesperson for the family said "It's not true."

Friends of Casey, Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips, set up a meeting with Tila's assistant to retrieve Casey's dogs and other possessions, but things got messy when they arrived. Again, Tila took to Twitter and her blog to rant.

Video taken by paparazzi shows Tila cooperating by taking some of Casey's personal belongings to the vehicle. Bijou Phillips clearly states that the dogs will not be put to sleep to be buried with Casey. The video ends with Tila giving a Razzie worthy performance, conjuring up the most horrible attempt at a fake cry we've ever witnessed.

Tila is claiming that the dogs are now dead. The truth is that the dogs are now with Casey's family and will be taken care of by them. Also being taken care of by the Johnson family is Casey's daughter, Ava, whose godmother is Nicky Hilton.

We think the godmother of Casey's child, who has been a close family friend for an entire lifetime, has a better idea of what Casey would have wanted in this situation.

The most shocking story of the week was probably Tila Tequila's display of mourning for Casey. While we know there are many stages of mourning and everyone does it in a different manner, we have never seen anyone mourn in the way Tila mourned Casey only three days after Casey's body was found.

Tila let everyone know the paparazzi were outside of her home.

What's a girl to do when a group of people show up outside her home and she is mourning? Go outside, pose provocatively, put flowers in between their breasts, and play in a tree, of course! Anything less would be classless!

This video ends with Tila saying to a number of paparazzi that she will call them later.

Taking a break from grieving? That wasn't what happened when Tila tried to bait Perez Hilton into a childish Twitter war? Or when she promoted her website hours after Casey was found? Or when she attacked the Johnson family? Or when she had her publicist trying to book interviews for her before Casey's autopsy was even finished?

Tila has yet to grieve. She is too busy promoting herself and turning a tragic event, the death of someone she claimed to love, into being all about herself. While there have been many instances of people trying to profit off the death of someone, this is possibly the most disgusting display of exploration we have ever witnessed.

Tila Tequila is going to take her famewhoring to a new level by visiting Larry King Live.

We agree with the Johnson family, who are asking that Larry King cancel the interview with Tila.

Tila is known for being a compulsive liar. The past week has proven that she is unstable and will do anything for money and fame. If she does go on Larry King, she will no doubt lie about everything. We hope the Johnson family has lawyers watching and Tila will be taken to court for slandering a family grieving over the death of their daughter, sister, and mother. The same family who tried their hardest to get their loved one into a rehab while Tila showed up and enabled a vulnerable, known addict, getting her to perform sexual acts on camera and finally leaving her during the holidays, to die alone.

You can contact CNN or send messages on Twitter to let CNN and Larry King know we do not support Tila getting away with lying about the Johnson family, friends of Casey, or the relationship she had with Casey.

Many of us already know the truth. Those who haven't followed her career of lying and scheming need to find out too. Larry King Live is not the place to do that though.

Do not let Tila Tequila exploit the death of Casey Johnson any longer!

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