Friday, February 26, 2010


Renting a home is nothing a person should be ashamed about. There is no need to lie about buying a home if you are a renter.

Information on Tila's home shows that she is a renter. Being such a pathological liar that you make up a story about buying the house you rent is laughable.

From what is being said by people in the know, it looks as though Tila may have filed for bankruptcy and been evicted from her rental home.

We like to joke about the stupid things Tila says, does, and lies about. With the information coming out lately about her drug use, being broke, fake pregnancies, fake miscarriages, and her ever dwindling team, we really hope that she decides to seek out the help she obviously needs. Even though the reasoning behind her going back to Texas is another lie, let us all hope that she spends time with her family and they are able to convince her that professional help is her only option at this time.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Look who is in desperate need for even the most negative of attention! It's Tila!

First, Tila really thinks Angelina Jolie even knows who she is?

Second, one child is all that a parent is able to take care of? What happened to Tila having her own child, adopting one from Haiti, one from Vietnam, and one from the magical kingdom of the country of Africa with the help of her Ambassador friend who isn't an actual Ambassador?

Tila apparently cannot read or hear, because nowhere in her interview with CNN did Angelina suggest that she was going to adopt a child from Haiti. In fact, she said the opposite.

"Now is not the time, an emergency is not the time for new adoptions in any way."

That is what Angelina Jolie had to say to CNN's Christiane Amanpour. More of the interview can be seen here.

While Tila condemns the charitable work done by the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Angelina is helping innocent children in Haiti. Angelina was also cheered by Haitian refugees and has given $1 million to Doctors without Borders for earthquake relief. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are raising their adopted children to become humanitarians both for their home countries and the rest of the world.

What exactly have you done again, Tila?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New House

There has been talk recently that Tila has been dropped by many of her closest associates, including Joe Francis, and is on the brink of being broke. This isn't helped by the fact her bodyguards had to take her to pawn jewelry, which turned out to be fake. There is a document floating around stating that she is getting evicted from the house she is renting in Studio City and must be out within one month. She says she is moving because she has a stalker, although she gave out the address herself in the past (despite her saying her "stalker" gave it out). Even though she is "moving" out because of the stalker, she is inviting anyone who reads her blog over for a garage sale.

Check out the picture she posted of her new home? Take a look at these listings for homes for sale in Thailand. Notice anything familiar halfway down the page?

Either Tila is picking up and moving to Thailand or she is lying ... again.

Towards the end of our last post we showed a small conversation from the Twitter of Fannatic Magazine which outed Tila's pregnancy lie. Yesterday, they made it official...

Now there is a new Ustream video from Tila where she tries to prove her pregnancy by arching her back and sticking her stomach out. You can view it here. Make sure to pay attention when she stands up and doesn't notice the camera is showing her stomach. She forgets to stick her stomach out and you can see there is obviously no bump. You can decide for yourself if her slurring, glassy eyes, and erratic behavior are that of a sober person or not. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Bump

Tila is still claiming to be pregnant. We know she has stated there were four to seven different fathers for this so called child thus far. On Twitter The Game, Rick Jewelz, and Avante Rose have all come out and said they are not the father. The first two even went as far as saying they don't even know her.

Then there are Tila's claims of when she got pregnant. First the baby was a surrogate for her brother, then it was a present for Casey (the American war hero baby). The last date we discussed here was when Tila said the baby was 13 weeks and she had a belly.

It only took a few days for that story to change again.

13 weeks and a bump showing? Possibly four months and too petite for there to be a bump (even though Nicole Richie's is obviously visible)? Bump that needs to be sucked in?

Sucking a fetus in? Really, Tila? Really?

Despite claiming she was too petite to be showing, Tila posted a picture of her stomach only one day later. Now saying that she is showing AND she has stretch marks!

Let's take a look at the image turned right side up, brightened and with contrast turned down...

According to The American Pregnancy Association, and every pregnant woman I have ever known and that saw this on Twitter, stretch marks seem to always go through the following stages:

Stage 1: Early stretch marks will appear pink in color, and may also be itchy. The skin immediately around the stretch marks may also look ‘flattened’ and ‘thin’.

Stage 2: Gradually, the stretch marks will enlarge in length and width and become a reddish or purple color.

Stage 3: Once the stretch marks have matured, they lose their reddish/pink hue. In the months after pregnancy, they will start to fade and become pale white or silver. They may also appear slightly depressed and irregular in shape or length.

When looking at this picture of Tila, you can notice slight light stretch marks on the stomach above the bikini and on the rib area. This is very normal for women, as most get a few stretch marks during puberty. Stretch marks aren't very noticeable on light skinned women. After tanning, the stretch marks become more visible, as they do not tan at the same rate the rest of the skin does.

This picture was taken less than a week before the picture of Tila's bump covered in stretch marks...

And this conversation happened on Twitter earlier today:

Now, onto the good stuff! Hours earlier, a former friend of Tila decided it was time to speak out. Blogger, Carlton Jordan, had the following to say on his Twitter:

We imagine Tila will try to "go innnnn" as she says. Facts are facts and we can't wait to see what is said and what lies Tila will come up with to try to deny them.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Casey Johnson

The coroner's findings on Casey Johnson were released today. It was reported that Casey Johnson died of diabetic ketoacidosis.

Tila claims she has been vindicated, saying "I always knew she died of natural causes while others kept insinuating that she died of drug problems" and "She never does [illegal] drugs so I told everybody that it was natural causes." However, after Casey's death, Tila was the first to say that Casey died because of a prescription drug overdose.

Tila also went on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell days after Casey's death and stated that she told Casey to stop taking her medications.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Okay. All right.

Now on to a very serious matter. You spoke about your belief that Casey died from a lethal combination of sleeping pills and complications from her diabetes. There's been so much talk, published reports that she struggled with alcohol and drugs. Did you ever witness her abusing drugs, either prescription or illegal?

TEQUILA: I definitely, when we first got engaged, she moved into my home and that's when I saw her taking a lot of pills with her diabetes. I knew she had diabetes and I've never experienced anyone with diabetes before with all those syringes so it kind of scared me a little bit. But she taught me about diabetes and what I should do if she ever wanted to see her and what not and...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Are you saying essentially that -- yes, go ahead.

TEQUILA: As for all other pills, I had no idea what they were. She had them in her pillbox that her doctor has prescribed them to her. I had no idea what they were. She wouldn't tell me what they were.

I asked her what they were and she wouldn't tell me. And it was just then like, you know, those little pillboxes that's Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday, Friday, whatever. And she would have like five pills in each, you know, locket and I never knew what it was and I asked her.

I was very concerned. I said what is all these -- all these pills that you're taking because you really don't need to.

And in the beginning, she was, I admit, taking a lot of pills. I don't know what they were, but they're a prescription that her doctor prescribed her and along with her diabetes.

But after we got engaged for a while then she slowly stopped taking all the pills because sleeping -- I found that her sleeping with me at night really soothes her and calms her down.

There you have it. Tila is a doctor and knew what was best for a diabetic, though she stated earlier in the interview she had never met anyone with diabetes. She told Casey to stop taking medications, even though she didn't know what the medications were used for. She went on to say Casey died from a prescription drug overdose and then that Casey wasn't using drugs and she knew the entire time it was natural causes.

You wanted vindication, Tila? There. It is all yours.


Since the last post, a lot has happened in the world of Tila. She deleted her Twitter account, started using RazB2K's (the poor guy she is "managing") account to talk about herself, and then came back.

When Tila left Twitter, she promoted her celebrity gossip blog. She did this by making fun of Perez Hilton again and saying she was going to be working with all the top celebrity sites.

When asked about working with Tila Tequila on TMZ Live, Harvey Levin could only laugh.

Tila also took to her blog to post about a sex tape. She said that paparazzi were telling people there was a sex tape between her and The Game. She linked to a video on X17, which can be seen here. As you can see, the paparazzo simply asked a hypothetical question, if Steve Hirsch would buy a tape of her. Never is it even insinuated that such a tape exists. How sad that Tila is in so much need of attention that she would take that question and try to act as though the tape actually exists.

Just before she quit Twitter, Tila let everyone know that she was 13 weeks pregnant and was showing. Days after posting that, Tila did a photoshoot with RazB2K and posted the pictures to her blog.

13 weeks? Belly?

As you can see, she also posted about how the baby was once again conceived through in vitro fertilization. Now let's get this straight. The in vitro fertilization process for Tila to become a surrogate for her brother had not yet started at the end of December, but she is 13 weeks pregnant? The baby has gone to belonging to an American hero war veteran, a blue eyed exotic Swedish foreigner, then became a non-in vitro baby for The Game, then possibly RazB2K, and now it is back to being a baby conceived through in vitro fertilization. A 13 week old fetus that was conceived through intro fertilization, but did not exist a little over one month ago.

Yesterday, the story took a new turn when Radar Online claimed to have spoken with Tila's former bodyguard who confirmed that Tila's baby was for a war veteran. That is, after all, the story Tila was telling when she was posting about having the bodyguards.

Tila hit a whole new level of crazy when she released a statement to Radar Online to deny what the bodyguard was saying. Though the bodyguard, Kris, never made any such claim, Tila told Radar Online that Kris is not the dad.

Tila then took to her new Twitter to make even more outrageous claims.

It is probably not a good idea to accuse someone of sexual harassment after posting in a chat room about wanting to seduce their co-worker.

Having had to deal with a lot of Tila's nonsense over the past few weeks, The Bodyguard Group seems to have released a statement regarding issues about dealing with her.

As people care less and less about Tila, she has taken her desire for attention to the point where it is ruining the lives and careers of innocent people. From lying about domestic abuse, to exploiting the death of a friend, to having a new daddy for her child each week, to accusing a bodyguard of sexual harassment, Tila does not care how horrendous her lies get, whose life she destroys, her only desire seems to be having her name attached to it.