Friday, March 26, 2010

Château de Humble

Tila has been talking about how she is going to move. One day she is moving back to Texas, and the next day she is buying a glorious mansion in Los Angeles.

One month ago, Tila posted to her old Twitter account about a new home she purchased.

She tells us that it is a small, temporary home. She also linked to a Twitpic of the home.

I'm not the first to say this isn't a bad looking place. It is obviously an apartment, but there is nothing wrong with that. Telling lies to make it seem like you are better than other people is wrong, though.

Fast forward to today. Tila has made a new blog post, both about her garage sale and her new home.

First, let's go over the highlighted items in her posting.

Tila complains that her garage sale turned into a meet and greet and she had to sit there and meet fans. When promoting her garage sale, Tila had a very different attitude about meeting people.

Next, Tila goes on to call people jealous of her new home because she makes so much more money than they do. She even manages to call herself humble in the same sentence. Tila must not understand what the word means, so we will provide the definition for her.

Bragging about being richer than others, bragging about having a mansion, bragging at all is not humble. With her current attitude, the chances are that she will be humbled very soon.

The third highlighted section mentions her new house having a pool, jacuzzi, steam room, and a gym. There are many apartments throughout California that do, so this is another thing that is not worthy of bragging about.

The next section we see Tila say that she had antique chairs custom made. If Tila doesn't know the meaning of humble, it makes sense that she would not understand the meaning of antique either.

Finally, the last section is where Tila says that she has two separate lounge areas in her house. The second and third pictures are supposed to be two different rooms. If you notice the floor and bottom right of the second picture, you will see that it is the same carpet and glass table in the third picture. It's the same room, the same lounge area.

This is Tila's new house. She bought it with her mogul money because she is better than everyone. It is so fancy and big, it even has a kitchen on the second floor.

A closer look at one of the pictures reveals that this is the same apartment that Tila was talking about last month, the apartment she claimed was temporary while she was getting her "real mansion" decorated.

As already stated, there isn't a single thing wrong with living in an apartment. To lie about being a such a huge mogul that you can buy a bigger house than everyone reading your blog proves that not only is Tila not humble, but she is completely delusional too.

Thanks to Spiked Tequila for having originally saved the picture of the apartment, pre-paint.

Tila For Sale

Tila had another seemingly drug induced question and answer session via Twitter early this morning. We learned that she will be selling "limited edition" autographed posters of herself in the near future, but that she also has a PhD in biology.

You learn something new everyday.

As mentioned, Tila said she is going to be selling posters and 8x10 pictures of herself. She promised fans that she would be giving out free autographs of herself at her garbage sale, but that quickly turned into her charging $10. Her calling the new items "limited edition" has us thinking they are the leftovers from her massive success of a sale.

Tila recently said she had a website dedicated to selling her autographs to her fans...

A quick search of that domain name shows that the website has been suspended.

Tila has since moved on and is now promoting a new site where she will sell her wares. Earlier today she made a post to her blog and along with it, a censored picture of one of the posters she will be selling.

We clearly remember that the photoshoot of the above image happened around February 14th of this year. (For those questioning if it was the same shoot, please look at the top right of the table, next to the costume jewelry. You will see the purple streetwalker accessories she has attached to her head in the poster picture.) At that point, Tila was supposed to be 15 weeks pregnant. This was a few days after she posted the picture of herself sticking out her gut and saying she had a baby bump. Oddly enough, the bump doesn't seem to exist in the picture from the photoshoot. If a baby bump was Photoshopped out of the picture, why not Photoshop her eyes to get rid of the glazed over and glassy look?

Tila is still raving about her celebrity gossip blog that is going to be launching on April 1st. How appropriate that she launches it on April Fool's Day. You can do your part by not visiting. There will probably many funny and legit gossip blogs that will later report on how big of a failure Tila's blog is, and they deserve the traffic much more than a girl who used the death of a "wifey" to publicize herself.

And now one final thing. There is a young girl on Twitter who is trying to collect donations for the March of Dimes walk she will be doing. She has contacted celebrities and former z-list celebrities, like Tila. This girl was very happy when Tila replied and said she would donate and send out a link to the girl's donation page.

Since we're dealing with Tila here, you can guess how that turned out.

Tila always talks about how her money, fame, and two story mansion makes her better than everyone. She talks about her material items making her better than her fans and those of us who are confused by the fact she even has fans, and how jealous everyone is that she has things. She is constantly mouthing off about how she uses her money to help people and charities. Well, nothing donated, no link posted. Because I don't like seeing Tila shaft people, especially when it comes to a charity, I will take it upon myself to post a link to this girl's charity page on the March of Dimes website here. Good luck to her on reaching her goal.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Magic Baby

That was quick. The father has changed, yet again. We've got a new profession in the mix.

At this rate, it won't be long before the baby's father is an astronaut. Watch out, Buzz Aldrin.

If you're keeping up, Tila also claims that she had a miscarriage and is pregnant again. She says she got pregnant through in vitro fertilization less than a month after having a miscarriage. No real doctor would do such a procedure less than a month after a miscarriage, as the body has to go through the menstrual cycle again. According to Tila's own timeline, she would have been at least four months pregnant at the time of the supposed miscarriage. No need to get into a biology lesson here, but the body has to go through a process for a women to be able to go through in vitro fertilization after a miscarriage, especially one where a woman is that far along. Most people seem to understand this...

Of course, Tila has her own reasoning as to how she is able to become pregnant so soon after her "miscarriage" ...

Another new twist, Tila's baby is now a girl!

And while Tila said she has a miscarriage in mid February, she was still claiming to be pregnant at the beginning of March. However, less than a month ago, the baby was still a boy.

Remember the good old days, a week and a half ago, when Tila was going to have twins?

Not only does Tila's baby change fathers, gender, from single baby to twin back to single baby, and due date, the magic baby also changes ethnicity.

In early February, Tila says the baby is half African American because The Game was the father at that point.

Tila did a live Ustream video on February 11th where the baby's makeup changed again.

You can view the video by clicking on the above image. In it, she says, "My baby is half Vietnamese, half French, half African American, and, uhhh, possibly a little bit Caucasian. I don't know."

Three halves and even a little more!

Note: Please view it and watch the eye movement. Read about lying and eye movement here. Also notice the teeth grinding and face picking and come to your own conclusions about that.

Earlier this month, the baby became even more mixed.

Polonesian? English (London)?! That is good to know. How horrible would it have been to have a baby mixed with English (Birmingham)?

We can now understand why Tila's stories never match up when it comes to this baby. It can't be easy to keep up with such a magical, ever-changing baby.

There is also some sad news to report.

While we don't believe Tila, as she has cried wolf to the point even the wolves are laughing; even the idea of a lonely child going to her for advice is sickening. Especially with Tila's record of underage "phone bones" that she solicits from Twitter.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

War Hero

Remember when Tila said her baby's father was an American war hero? Then it became a foreigner who was famous, but didn't want to be famous? Then she tried to ruin the relationship between rapper, The Game, and his family. She said the baby was for him and even went as far as saying he was using her to get press, even though he had no idea what was going on until TMZ contacted him.

Tonight Tila took to Twitter to hype up her garage sale (where we hear she will be selling free items she received in pre-Oscar gift baskets).

Tila was asked the following questions and guess who made his way back into the discussion?

Good questions. No way Tila would answer that, as she declared the father was no longer the war hero he once was.

What was that? Things are no longer going to work out, because as Tila had previously stated, he was someone that wanted to be famous? Or he was just a sperm donor she received through the in vitro process? Or The Game?

Wasn't Tila's plant to move away from L.A. anyway? Why would that cause the relationship to dissolve? Didn't Tila want to escape the limelight and move back to Texas?

Really, Tila? Really?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Rumor has it that Tila will be appearing on 106 and Park and The Wendy Williams Show. 106 and Park is on the BET network. For those living under a rock, the "B" in BET stands for black.

BET and Wendy Williams must not have caught Tila's racist Twitter rants where she claimed that her tax dollars pays for the food black people eat, said they were lazy and didn't work hard like her family did, and much more (mentioned both here and here).

If you are as repulsed as others are that Tila would get a soapbox on which to speak, please contact the shows and networks.

The Wendy Williams show can be contacted at WendyShow on Twitter or can be e-mailed at

106 and Park can be reached on Twitter at 106andPark or on the 106 and Park forums.

BET is on Twitter at BET and can be contacted a variety of ways through the BET website or by phone at 202-608-2000.

Along with her racist rants, let them know about Tila's fake charity, hatred for other charitable celebrities, attempts to destroy the careers of rappers, and her recent insinuations that she had an inappropriate relationship with P. Diddy's underage son (hinted at even more by her own friend at the end of this post). Give them any information you know about her and how it would be damaging for them to let her appear on their television programs.

While I would love to see Tila forced to squirm and answer questions on Wendy's show, we've all seen how she dodges questions and comes up with more lies on the spot. We've also seen that she even enjoys the bad press, such as the recent LA Times article. It would be better for her to be booted from the show completely instead of given the chance to spew more lies and hate.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


For someone who claims to have been bruised up in a domestic violence situation and tries to speak out against men who abuse other women, it would be shocking to see Tila throw her support behind a man who was convicted of domestic abuse. That is exactly what she did though.

After making a joke out of pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, and infertility, it is very hard to understand how Tila could have any female fans left. If they do exist, hopefully seeing her praising someone who nearly killed his girlfriend will make them think twice.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I think we have all come to the conclusion that Tila is in dire need of help right now. She is seeming to surround herself with assistants, stylists, and "friends" who are only around to get their own names out there. Why are these people not helping her? Why do they not care?

There was an article published in the Los Angeles Times today about how Tila was doing after Casey's death. We all witnessed it via Twitter, but the reporter saw it all going down in real life. There was something included within the article that we all thought, but didn't have hard evidence to say it was fact.

Tila Tequila had looked everywhere, but she could not find her pills.

"I need to take my medication. My happy pills," she said, as she pushed aside some of the empty Red Bull cans that were strewn about her Studio City house. She wouldn't name the medication but explained, "Just so much has been going on, my doctor has been giving me stuff to help me cope."

And last night, Tila admitted that she was pregnant, then wasn't, but now is again. She quickly deleted everything, but screen shots were saved and made available for everyone to see.

Now tonight Tila is posting links to her Say Now account, where she calls and leaves messages for people to listen to, and she is speaking in a British accent. She claims she is in London and that she has been there for the last month. She says she is meeting her baby's father there, but doesn't know where he is. However, less than 12 hours ago Tila was going to meetings to discuss her television show, and she was still in Los Angeles. We all know what happened to Britney Spears soon after she started speaking with a British accent. Britney had friends and family who were able to get her the help she needed. Tila has admitted she has neither.

The few people in Tila's life right now need to step up and take action. Either get her the help she needs or come out and explain to the world why it is that you think she doesn't need it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Due Date

While doing her Q&A on Twitter tonight, Tila was asked a question that she gets a lot of lately.

If Tila really is pregnant, we all know the answer to this question. Tila's baby (and its newly formed twin) are due around the end of July, as she claimed to conceive around October 31, 2009.

Tila announced that she was 13 weeks pregnant on January 30, 2010.

What was Tila's answer to the question about her due date tonight?

While most women are pregnant for 40 weeks, Tila's magic twins will stay within her sucked in uterus for an amazing 1 year, 1 month, and 10 days.

Question & Answer

Someone on Twitter asked Tila a question we've all been wondering. According to what Tila has spewed thus far, she was over four months pregnant while in Australia and now, as she claims, with twins. She posted pictures and videos before leaving, showing herself with her gut sticking out and calling it a baby bump. We all wondered where the bump disappeared to while she was on "tour" in Australia.

Tila answered:

Is it a moment of clarity for Tila? Does she realize that she can't keep this charade going for much longer? Or is she simply hoping that someone else can come up with a better answer than she can, like the claim she was sucking in her uterus?

Her Name

Remember this post by Tila, saying that her name was not Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen?

Well, remember when Tila also liked to play a game on Twitter where she asked people random questions about her life? Here she is playing it on October 17, 2009, only two months after saying her name was NOT Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, because a racist Perez Hilton had made that up himself.

Special is a good way to put it.

Do you also remember the time Tila said her name "Tila Tequila" was ironic due to the time she tried to drink tequila when she was 13 and because of her allergy, she became sick? She used that claim when she said she was not drinking when Shawne Merriman tried to restrain her to prevent her from leaving his house too drunk?

I am allergic to alcohol. It has been publicly known for years. That is how I got the name Tila "Tequila" cuz the irony. I cant drink.

Apparently Tila was starring in television shows before being given that name.

Let us all be thankful that we haven't turned finding Tila's contradictions and lies into a drinking game because no one reading anything Tila writes would be without an ironic alcohol influenced last name at this point.


Remember when Tila left Twitter? She said she was never going back, not even if they paid her?

It didn't even take two weeks...

Fresh start? More like Tila not reading the new deletion process.

Deactivatng your account permanently removes your profile from Twitter. Note that deactivated profiles may take up to 30 days to clear from our internal systems. While the deactivation is being completed, usernames or email addresses cannot be used in the creation of new accounts. If you wish to use your username or email address with a future account, be sure to change them in your Settings page before you deactivate your account. You can deactivate your account from your account settings page by clicking "Deactivate my account" at the bottom.

Before you do it, you should know...

  • This is final and permanent.

  • You do not need to deactivate your account to change your username; change it in account settings.

  • If you think you'll use the same phone number, username and/or email address on a future account, change them on the account before you deactivate it.

  • Account restoration is not available.

Welcome back, Tila. Maybe you can tweet the rest of those cease and desist letters you've been promising everyone?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Amazing. Tila writes, in Spanish, on her Facebook that she sees her doctor so often because she is now pregnant with twins.

Remember, Tila is 20 weeks "pregnant" right now, according to her timeline. This photo of Tila in Australia shows her at over four months pregnant with twins.

Also according to Tila's timeline, the due date is around July 24, 2010. Many women who are pregnant with twins end up giving birth earlier than their due date.

So that Tila can keep up with her own pregnancy claims, I created this countdown for her...


Since I know Tila will be reading, let me give her a remedial lesson in law. Tila, cease and desist letters aren't worth the paper on which they are written, or in your case especially, the e-mail in which it is written. I can write a cease and desist. You can write one. Your lawyers can write 40. Again, cease and desist LETTERS do not mean anything. To have any effect, you will need to have a judge write up a cease and desist ORDER. However, judges know how the law works a little more than you do (remember that time you said you were going to issue an arrest warrant on someone yourself?) and I don't think that would get very far. Until then, you keep coming up with your stories about being pregnant for your brother one week, an Afghan war vet the next, then three different rappers, keep changing your fetus' age and ethnicity, keep telling your fans to donate to your charity which isn't legit, keep saying you won that case against Shawne Merriman; you keep writing about those things and I will keep taking screen caps and showing everyone who reads this blog just how often you contradict yourself.

If you really want to go out on a limb and claim slander, libel, or defamation of character, you're going to have to prove that I made false statements, when all I did was document the statements that you made yourself. Statements such as:

Do you really want to do that, Tila? You want to say the statements I made, which are simply reiterations of what you said, are false? That would mean that despite what your new Facebook post says, you aren't telling the truth, correct? Even the most seemingly incredulous statements made by The Bodyguard Group have yet to be treated as libel, slander, or defamation of character.

Also Tila, what was that about haters? Haters are jealous of you? People who write blogs "hating" on people are jealous of the person they are writing about? Good to know. We can't wait to see your celebrity gossip blogs about how jealous you are of Samantha Ronson, Stephanie Pratt, and other people who are still relevant in the world of c-list stars.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Charity

As mentioned in the last post, Tila has deleted her Twitter account for the time being. She has taken up residence on her Facebook page, which allows her to write more than 140 characters with each post, thus giving her the ability to incriminate herself even further.

Here is a post Tila made this morning...

As you can see, Tila now claims her charity is not officially set up and she has not asked for money.

Back on November 19th, Tila was talking about her charity and when it would be set up. She talked about the type of things her charity would be doing and who it would be helping. In typical Tila fashion, she says she will be having charity drives in the hoods and projects.

You can see here that Tila is already saying donating to her charity will be a tax write off, which requires a charity tax ID.

While Tila wrote on her Facebook that she did not have a website that said "donate money here", she did solicit donations and ask people to send to a specific address for her charity on November 8, 2009. This was a little over a week before Tila said that her charity was being set up and not yet official. Asking people to donate to a charity that does not yet exist is not legal.

She also wrote on her Facebook that the charity is not yet official. However, she claimed something completely different back on December 3, 2009. Tila posted that she had the legal paperwork and the charity was now official.

What Tila said this morning on her Facebook is a complete and total lie. She did claim her charity had gone official and while she did not have a website with a specific link that said "donate money here", she did solicit donations from people.

Tila says people are making up lies about her charity because they are envious of her. The truth is here. The facts about what Tila said are there in black and white. She cannot hide from the truth.

Note: I am getting comments from people saying they cannot read what the images say. If you click on them, it brings up a full size picture.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Tila has talked about her charity, Jayden's Angels, in the past. She is having a garage sale and said all profits would go to both her own charity and Haiti. She has asked for monetary donations to her charity.

On December 3, 2009, Tila posted that the charity had become official.

A search for Jayden's Angels on the IRS website provides no information. It is a requirement that charities are registered with the IRS for it to be considered a legit charity. Jayden's Angels is not registered. A simple search for the name Jayden gives three results, none which are associated in any way with Tila.

A search on and the California Attorney General's website, another place this charity would be required to be registered, yielded zero results.

Three days ago, Tila started raving about her upcoming garage sale, saying she would give the money to both her charity and donate it to Haiti. She had a quick change in attitude about that though...

She has since deleted her Twitter, but nothing is ever deleted from the internet. You can read all the tweets she made on those days on CelebrityTweet.

If you have donated anything to Tila's charity, please contact California's Office of the Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission and let them know about this charity fraud.

It is one thing to deceive people into thinking you are pregnant, it is another to deceive someone into thinking they are giving money to a charitable organization only to pocket it yourself.

This has to stop.