Friday, December 11, 2009


We spoke about both Tila's alleged alcohol allergy and her own private island, both of which have been proven to only be true in Tila's own mind. The two have managed to converge upon each other though with a new find.

In September, Tila spent time down on her private island, which turns out to be Joe Francis' Mexico beachfront property. While spending time there, she did an interview for Girls Gone Wild Magazine. The property at that time was called Girls Gone Wild Island. What does a girl like Tila do in a place like Girls Gone Wild Island? She had told police and anyone else who would listen that she cannot drink alcohol only days before, so that is out of the picture. Let's take a look at her article from Girls Gone Wild Magazine to see what she did do!

“My life is so hectic,” Tequila tells the Girls Gone Wild magazine. She saw “Girls Gone Wild Island” as “an escape, a place where I could be by myself, have some peace and quiet. “Girls Gone Wild Island” is a sprawling tropical paradise and favorite getaway spot for A-List celebrities. In her revealing interview, Tila takes readers through her day-to-day life on the island — riding jet skis, lounging in the sun and drinking Margaritas, in nothing but a bikini and stiletto heels (or less). “I was a giddy little girl in a candy store,” Tila says of her luxury vacation.”

Tila Tequila, the girl who got her name because it is ironic since she cannot drink, spent her vacation drinking margaritas less than a week after telling the world she is allergic.

Now, what is this connection to Joe Francis? It turns out that Joe Francis owns Mantra Films which owns Tila's dating website. Joe Francis found himself in a bit of trouble when it turned out that some of the girls on his video were underage. One can only wonder how Mr. Francis would feel about Tila Tequila telling minors to lie about being 18 to sign up for her site where she hosts pornographic videos of herself and does live strip shows. Not only are there images of Tila Tequila nude for minors to see, but there are numerous instances of girls as young as 13 using the website to host live videos of themselves in unlawful acts.

We think it is time Tila Tequila takes a break from it all. She can spend an alcohol-free month down at her private island and turn the computer and phone off. No VIP chatting, no lying on Twitter about Shawne Merriman admitting to things he didn't admit to at all, and no talking to minors from her so-called-Army.

It would be a much needed break for her and for the world.


Anonymous said...

Pity. I used to adored her because i thought she was cool and hot. really pity :(

CustomerServiceRep said...

She is not hot. If you get a good look @ her you can see shes fucked up looking.
Also about Shawn Merriman.. Tila lied and told the police that his cusin makes X pills specifically for shawn so it doesn't show up in his system. Lol Stupid Stupid Girl. Doesn't she know 1st off, pills don't stay in your system for days and 2nd off if you take even the smallest dose if you are tested that day it would still show up.