Saturday, December 12, 2009

And More...

The first post here was about Tila "I Don't Drink" Tequila's alcohol allergy. Enough evidence exists to prove that if Tila was allergic to alcohol her body's inflammatory response would be so extreme that she'd look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

In this post we have more evidence to prove Tila does drink enough to get drunk and lies so hard about it that she had to be laughing when writing what she did.

Here Tila posts in her blog in January of 2009 about a new song she wrote called Drunken Song that she wrote while drunk.

What makes it so funny is seeing it juxtaposed against another blog post where Tila is adamant that she does not drink at all. This one was posted after the incident with Shawne Merriman where she told police and everyone else that she didn't drink. It was also posted after her trip to "Girls Gone Wild Island" where she spoke in an interivew about drinking margaritas.

There we have it. Another post, another of Tila's many lies exposed. I am sorry for those of you that clicked on the links and were taken to her self absorbed blogs written in a language barely understood by humans, but I wanted to provide a source.

More Tila lies soon!


Unknown said...

When she did her show, were they not taking shots of tequila after she chose the people she wanted to stay in the house? And did they not just drink and drink and drink with everything they did?? Could be wrong but i somehow remember that happening.

Here is a link where she is drinking saki

Anonymous said...

LOL! She was so drunk she thought she could not drink! Haha

Plusssssssss... SPIES on her PRIVATE ISLAND? Did the CUSTOMS let them in? Or did she figure out she could not keep lying about that so called "island" as soon as they published that interview of hers?