Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Everything that needs to be said about what happened at the Gathering of the Juggalos has been said.

I created this blog almost a year ago for the simple purpose of calling Tila out when I can prove she is lying. Little did I know that I was going to have to update this nearly every single time Tila opened her mouth or posted to Twitter.

I'm not going to write about everything that happened at the festival. I will not sit back while Tila tells a bald-faced lie about security guards again.

Tila tweeted earlier that there were no bodyguards present until she was hit in the head. This is unequivocally untrue and a truly disgusting lie.

Before being hit in the head, Tila stood behind a wall of bodyguards.

She took her shirt off and kept jumping in front of the bodyguards and they tried to bat plastic bottles and dildos away. Nothing had hit Tila in the face before she took her shirt off. The security was there and these pictures are proof.

These men were out there from the start, doing their job. They were pelted with objects much worse than Tila and they stood there and took it because it was their job. They tried numerous times to get her off the stage, but she objected.

To tell such a lie about these men who were doing what they were paid to do is disgusting.

There was enough that happened to make people sympathize with Tila for once. Despite the fact that she said Rihanna deserved to be beat by Chris Brown, despite the fact Tila constantly makes fun of Perez Hilton being hit and even made a video where she pretended to punch him herself, despite the fact she has made a complete mockery out of women who were actually abused in domestic violence situations, there were people who still sympathized with her. Then after selling her story to TMZ, she had to keep talking. She had to lie about what really happened to portray herself as even more of a victim to keep herself in the spotlight a few seconds longer.

There was absolutely no reason for her to lie about these men who put themselves in harm's way to keep her safe as she yelled for the crowd to keep throwing more things.


Joann said...

Thank you Tila Truth. See, this is why I have ABSOLUTELY no sympathy for what happen to her.

These men were risking greater harm to themselves just to protect this tramp and this is how she repays them.

Instead of thanking them for protecting her she is basically saying they didn't really do their job.

If I knew who they were and how to get in touch with them I would make sure they knew what she was saying about them.

She really didn't get the beat down she so richly deserve.

Anonymous said...

Tila played 26 minutes...26 minutes.....We are still counting the number of objects thrown at her..Some of those balloons were filled with piss..You can tell by the stains...We did not have our best camera gear with us but you can see the flying blurs..They were NOT gentle tosses either they are high speed projectiles...An egg hits near her left eye,a beer can on the right,another beer-type can hits her on her right hip.One of her security guards should be a goalie because he kept making saves. I think the juggalos are taking the heat when it was just people who don't like Tila.There are very few face painted people in the crowd.One sign says CUNT, another says MURDERER and another says
VIETNAM 7800 Miles---->

all this in 26 minutes....PRICELESS...

Anonymous said...

That Sailor Vesta girl is a bad ass and deserves a medal if she was that close. Some of my friends got about as close as 5 rows back and they getting hit with debris including a lawn chair that did not make it to the stage.

Tila was telling the crowd "I ain't leaving" "I don't give a fuck" "Is that all you got bitches" and then hiding behind security guards.It went from 2 guards to about 8 as the concert progressed.It looked WEIRD having a performer talking behind security guards.I don't even classify this as a concert because all she did was play her tracks and talk over them.I have been to a ton of shows and this was the worst performance ever.I did wonder what would happen if she performed at a real concert and now I know.

She was booed worse than when Lebron James will be when he returns to play in Cleveland...

sorry I can't say my name I don't want to get involved if there is a suit...We did some wacky stuff

Anonymous said...

I was with those knuckleheads above be and with have video and photos proving Tila is lying once again.She had security right next to her from the very beginning.I kinda felt sorry for the dudes because they took most of the debris. From the photos(stains on shirts) you can tell water was not in those balloons it was apple cidar, beer or piss.I think it was the latter.Then Tila throws them under the bus by claiming security sucked.

Anonymous said...

I am anon from August 19, 2010 2:01 AM..

We are still trying to piece the video and pictures together.Tila told the truth someone did fire a BOTTLEROCKET at her.It is pretty clear on one of recordings.It missed her by about 3 feet and it did not explode(a dud?)I was on that side of the stage too.

I am sorry I doubted you Tila..

26 minutes.....Priceless...more to come

Anonymous said...

Did Tila ever think it was not the juggalos who attacked but people who just don't like her?

Dudes/Dudettes there is an active investigation going on in Hardee County Illinois so be careful what you post.I am out of Illinois as I type this.

We have about 7 recordings from people of Tila's singing performance.I was wondering what the loud thumps were throughout the 26 minute set.It is on all of the recordings.IT IS PROJECTILES HITTING THE STAGE.

To the guy on the left side of the stage you should compete with Jay Cutler for quarterback on the Bears because you Nailed Tila at least twice...

one more thing...The Tila Army should just shut-up if there is one.They had their chance to "have their leader's back" and they were no-shows.I saw 1 Tila fan....1

Bad Karma...Tila....Bad Karma caught you remember saying that?

I kinda wish we brought the better video equipment now....

good karma to all!

Anonymous said...

Did she piss in her pants(shorts whatever)?

Anonymous said...

For the record : I don't like Tom Green for supporting Tila Twatquila.

Anonymous said...

to anon August 22, 2010 12:30 AM

I agree with you about Tom Green and we caught some of his act and were rooting for a comeback for him.

I understand why he tried to help Tila in her music set but now he talking about a future project with Tila.

If he follows through on this project he will wind up regretting it and lose support.

Tom Green is also known for scamming/punking/tricking an audience.
We think the attack on tila's trailer is B.S. After Tila was escorted off the stage some people did jump up on it but the story of 2000 people chasing her is total B.S. We do have about a minute of video scanning near Tila's trailer and there are a few people there but they are not smashing the windows.Most people turned and headed back to their campsites trying to get that horrible noise pollution Tila calls music out of their heads realizing there would be no Lil Kim...

peace out

Anonymous said...

Tila Truth you are so correct.Why didn't Tila just walk off the stage or at least stop the show to get some order.All bands and performers have dealt with some sort of this in their careers including major acts like Zeppelin,the Rolling Stones and The Who.Now that more video is released you can see that the crowd did not want her there.The security guards were getting most of the debris.Tila claims she is the "most popular girl on myspace" and she has this mass audience/fanbase called the Tila Army.
In a crowd of 2000 there is not 1 Tila fan and this should tell Tila something.I am willing to bet if Tila performed at any of the music festivals that took place this summer across the country the same thing would have happened.Fame and popularity is fleeting and may not be fair and Tila should have realized that she was clearly not wanted there within the first minute.I am glad no one got seriously hurt including Tila.Tila it is time that you choose another career path because music is not one of them.On Stern(or another NY show) you criticized singers for lip syncing and their voices are heavily processed. Please listen to your concert!No wonder they threw a garbage can at you even though they should not have.I hope the security guards received hazard pay.

SammiDe said...

♥ your blog & Thanks for all you do! ☻

The Griper said...

interesting read....thanks

Blue Raven said...

I loooooove your blog. I'm late but better late than never. She caught my interest in a Shot of Love but I forgot all about her once the show ended. I was bored the other day and remembered her so I did a search for her and found out she's batshit crazy... Cocaine i a hell of a drug!