Monday, August 2, 2010


Here is another great example of Tila failing to keep her lies straight. When Tila was first trying to open her blog, she left open the RSS feed and we were able to see posts she had made in the weeks before opening it.

One post was about M.I.A.'s video for Born Free.

Tila said that she no longer liked M.I.A., called her an opportunists, and said "taking off your clothes just to be shocking is the same as exploiding bodies just to be shocking." We know Tila knows a thing or two about taking off clothes in an attempt to be shocking.

I guess Tila forgot we all saw that, because now she has a completely different story to tell...

A video that only a few months ago Tila said was M.I.A. trying to be shocking is now a video that Tila calls quite refreshing and says it has a powerful message. She no longer hates M.I.A. and now loves her.

As for everything else going on with Prostitila, Rotspot has done a very good job at covering it.


Mark said...

"As for everything else going on with Prostitila, Rotspot has done a very good job at covering it."

Spiked Tequila is defintely posting some good content lately too. I visit all three of your guys' site every day. Thanks for the hard work.

The Tila Truth said...

I agree. I love Spiked Tequila's site. I'm mostly referring to the post Rotspot has about Tila's escort service. :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I always open this site first then follow the links, including "queen of copy and paste".

Lisa said...

I also love your site and check it regularly.
Tila is so far gone she can't remember what she's said or done during any given 24hr period and April was along time ago. I don't know MIA or listen intentionally to her music, so that I cannot comment on. However P. Hilton and some of the other real celebrity news blogs have reported something about her latest song/album being not very good and being away from her usual style, she has also had some behind the sceens issues, I really can't remember if it was her collaborators, producers, record label or whatever. My point is perhaps Tila, who's singing career is less than illustrious, is once again trying to attract her attention like she did with Lady GaGa and Lindsay Lohan. Perhaps she see's a duet in her Ambien hazed crystal ball.