Friday, August 6, 2010

Red Light

Tila is still in possession of the "Lambo" and is continuing to put the lives of innocent people in danger with it. People have made phone calls to the dealership and found out the car is still for sale and is currently being leased out.

After seeing what she has done with the car, it will be shocking if anyone actually wants to buy it.

TMZ posted a video of Tila being pulled over by the Santa Barbara police last night. She was ticketed for going the wrong way down a one way street and for a passenger not wearing a seat belt.

The video ends when Tila takes off at an excessive speed through a red light and two police do nothing.

This is where we come in and ask the police what the hell is up with that.

You can contact the SBPD at the following e-mail addresses...

Anonymous Tips -
Police Procedure -
Public Information Officer -
Station Officer -
Traffic Supervisor -

More contact information, including phone and fax numbers, can be found here. If you do contact them via e-mail, please send a link to the video from TMZ, as well as the YouTube video of her claiming to drive at speeds of 180 miles per hour on a busy highway.

Tila has gone on numerous rants about Lindsay Lohan being treated special because she is a celebrity. She said of Lindsay, "YOU DO THE CRIME THEN DO THE FUCKING TIME! STOP COMPLAINING!!!"

Let the Santa Barbara Police Department know that it is not right for Tila to put the lives of innocent people in danger.

Consequences will never be the same.

Update: I was sent a picture where it can clearly be seen that Tila is running the red light at the intersection. You can see the light is green for traffic that would be coming from the road to the left.

If the police have replied to your e-mails saying that there is no evidence that she ran the red light, please reply with that picture.


Anonymous said...

consequences will never be the same!!!

thank you for that ^_^
in that youtube video the tag is sex tape i thought she wouldn't..
never mind

just sent an email and i hope more people do the same, it'd be awesome to know that us jeliz haterzz interfere with her outside the internet :)

Katie said...

YAY!! I wrote them. This is whatI said:

Yesterday, psuedo celebrity "Tila Tequila" was videotaped getting pulled over by your department in her rented Lamborgini. She had several people in the car with her with no seatbelts on AND was driving down the wrong way on a one way street. She was ticketed by your officers. HOWEVER, Tila is well known enough for the police to know that she has herself admitted to illegal drug use and has signed up for Celebrity Rehab (she was dropped after she faked a suicide attempt and was placed on a 5150 hold). Her car should have been searched! Driving down the wrong side of the road may have been a result of her frequent drug use.

Also, after your officers let her go, she was filmed right in front of TWO squad cars, blowing through a red light at a high rate of speed. She did this in front of the police cars! It can be seen on video here:

She also posted a video to her Youtube earlier that day of her "driving at 180 miles an hour down the freeway" where she is clearly speeding. It can be seen here:

There are a lot of people outraged at this. The fact that the police SAW her blowing a red light at a high rate of speed and did nothing about it and did not search her vehicle when the obvious signs were there that she was inebriated enough to drive the wrong way on a one way street. She is a danger to us on the roads and needs to be ticketed for her crimes. Also, your department might want to investigate this "beach resort" that she is staying at in SB. A friend of hers admitted over the internet that Tila is engaging in international prostitution and was going to meet some clients at this resort.

I'm sure this isn't the first or last email regarding this; there are a lot of angry people out there who are going to make sure the officers are held responsible and Tila is ticketed properly. It's only fair. I hope your department does what is right regarding this matter.

Thank you

BigPoppaPhat said...

It would have been so funny if she got nailed by a semi blowing that red light. I wouldn't get in a car with her driving, shes just asking for an accident. I wonder if the dealership knows what shes doing while leasing that car, they wouldn't be too happy about that.

Mark said...

Ya dun goofed Tila... I reported you to the cyber police and the state police!!

Seagal said...

Sent an email to the traffic supervisor. Hope it helps. :)

Seagal said...

Was wondering if anyone has considered notifying the dealership? I would like to but don't know their addy. Does anyone know it?

Katie said...

The officer just emailed me back. He basically said they followed procedure and did nothing wrong. PSH!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really doubt that the dealership will care, because if she is leasing then the car is fully insured. Leasing companies require more insurance than just the minimum so if she wrecks it the car will be fixed or replaced. Now the insurance company is probably a different story.

Joann said...

I sent an email to the Station Officer and to the Traffic Supervisor with links to TMZ's video and the screen shot you have posted here.

I also sent them a link to her twitter where she tweeted "Hey guys..f*ck the PO PO's.. LMAO".

Leting them know how she really feels about them.

Seagal said...

This is the response I received from them and quite frankly I call bullshit. Could they try to cover their ass anymore. I am disgusted with the Santa Barbra police dept.

In my email I had told him that she had been ticketed for going the wrong way etc and he pretty much repeated what I said and DI NOT answer my question as to why she wasn't ticketed for running a red light. I know if it had been me or any one of us they would have nailed us for running that light.

Thank you for your concern. Just prior to the video, our officers stopped her for a traffic violation and wrote her a citation for a moving violation. She was treated like anyone else. After receiving the citation, the officer directed her to leave. Thanks again, Sgt. Noel Rivas

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew how to screencap. Tila is "almost dying" now of alcohol poisoning as 9 head "made" her drink almost an entire bottle of vodka. She tweeted that if she is not seen in 8 hours that she has died. LOL. Doesn't this lunatic "almost die" at least once a month?

Jennifer said...

Here is another pic of her obviously in the intersection while the other light is green. SBPD cannot dispute this one!

Anonymous said...

@ Katie if you're going to write the police a complaint make sure you aren't sounding as if you're spreading rumors. I'm by no means a fan of Tila (in fact opposite) but it's people like you who "freak out" and send half truths, assumptions and rumors that make anyone trying to get her held accountable for anything look retarded.

No one has proof she's hooking on vacation. Who fucking cares if she is? THERE IS NO PROOF OF THIS. There are no ads to see her there (hookers run ads), She is running a red light but if they suspected she was intoxicated they would have checked into it.

I have to shake my head at YOU for making everyone who's emailed look like an over zealous frantic hate monger. One that believes everything the internet has to say.

Joann said...

@ Seagal...this is the response I got from the SBPD:
RE: Tila Tequila Blowing Through A Red Light In Your City Last Night.‏

Actions ▼

Santa Barbara Police Dept
Santa Barbara Police Dept
To: Joann
From: Rivas, Noel (
Sent: Fri 8/06/10 9:47 PM
To: Joann

Thank you for your concern. Just prior to the video, our officers stopped her for a traffic violation and wrote her a citation for a moving violation. She was treated like anyone else. After receiving the citation, the officer directed her to leave. Thanks again, Sgt. Noel Rivas

OK...since the responses from the SBPD to us were verbatim, IMO they, (1)do not plan to follow through on this and are sending out a prepared statement to each inquiry or (2)they are handling it in-house and don't want the publicity.

I think I'm going with #1. LOL.

Katie said...

Yeah...probably shouldn't have wrote all that. Wow. Wish I could take that back for sure.

Anonymous said...

Anybodys getting traffic citation for running thru red light should use this tilas video in court. If tila could get off the hook then so should you.

SBPD = stupid tila army.

Anonymous said...

I really wish Tila Truth was still being updated. I feel dirty going to TRS to get my gossip.

This is respectable truth telling.

Come back!

SammiDe said...

Yeah I have a FRIEND who does that and post in multiple names!! Hope you aren't her! SMH! (directed at the 1 who says to much!!-lol☻)