Monday, January 4, 2010

The Pregnancy

Tila Tequila gave us all a good laugh with her alleged alcohol allergy and claims that she owned Puerto Vallarta, but she has gone and topped herself with her new attention-whoring attempt.

It all started with her saying she was pregnant.

Tila was quick to redact the statement, blaming Twitter's 140 character limit. On her pregnancy, she told Life & Style "I'm about to be. When I tweeted that, I figured there's not enough space in the 140 characters."

She couldn't have left out the "Im pregnant!!!!" comment? Of course not, because there weren't enough lies in 2009 and 2010 was approaching quick.

Not long after, she posted more about the pregnancy.

It turns out the process had yet to be started, but Tila was on the way to Houston to discuss plans with her brother and sister-in-law about in vitro fertilization.

As everyone can see, it is on December 23rd when Tila says she will let everyone know when the process has started. If you have never dealt with the in vitro fertilization process, you should know that it does take time. A woman has to take blood tests, have a pelvic ultrasound and a hysteroscopy. A surrogate must also go through a mental screening process before anything can begin. This is absolutely not something that takes place overnight, especially Christmas holiday nights.

The process has yet to begin, and Tila is already saying that she might be having a Caesarean section?

At this point, it gets good...

Over the period of eight days, eight Christmas holidays, Tila claims the process has started. It is completely possible that a meeting with doctors and the beginning of the paperwork has started, but a process that involves embryo transfer would absolutely not take place over such a short period of time.

Then we have this:

Perhaps Tila does not know how the in vitro fertilization process works, even though she claims to have already started it?

Now that we know in vitro fertilization takes a long time and there is no possible way Tila is pregnant eight days after deciding she is going to be a surrogate, let's just call this what it is: attention whoring.

Let's assume Tila really is as stupid as she seems to be. She thinks there is a chance she might be pregnant without having actually had an embryo transfer. She is going to be a surrogate for her brother and his wife. She is going to be a better person, right? She might finally start to be classy, yes?


Less than six hours after posting about feeling pregnant and having that new mother glow, Tila decides it is time to do "nudie shows" for the underage fans who frequent her site.

As if getting nude on the internet wasn't enough to make her brother and soon-to-be sperm donor proud, Tila turns it up a notch.

Two hours after the embarrassingly disgusting posts about passing out her breast milk to her small group of teenage fans, the subject changes again.

Tila now claims she will be on Celebrity Big Brother UK 2010. The show features notable "celebrities" such as Heidi Fleiss, Lady Sovereign, and Stephen Baldwin. Tila is not listed as a cast member on what is going to be the final season of the show. Though it really seems like a splendorous idea for someone going through the delicate in vitro fertilization process to want to "cut a bitch" on such a stressful television show.

Back to the pregnancy...

The "glowing" Tila Tequila might be pregnant and manages to go on a three night party binge. What a lovely idea. I'm sure her in vitro fertilization doctors, brother, and sister-in-law would be very relieved to know that the woman carrying their child is falling over tables and staying up for such long periods of time after she has started the surrogate process.

Is she really putting the life of an unborn child at risk? Is her pregnancy as real as her last pregnancy?

Whatever it is, we're pretty sure it is because Miss Tequila wasn't getting the attention she wanted with her fake engagement.

Stay classy, Tila.


Unknown said...

This bitch is crazy. Crazy is as crazy does. She needs a ho beat down.

Unknown said...

Wow!!!!!! She is a psycho! I can not believe that No authorities are acting...or are they? Keep this demon spawn away from your children!!! I will make sure all my people are aware of this blog.

THANK YOU! I 'could' have become a fan of hers! At least your arguments seem well backed and logical. Again, thank you!

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