Monday, July 26, 2010

Tila's Dream Car

Tila has been talking about getting herself a brand new car. It's probably going to be worth millions, just like her mogul mansion.

Here is a new audio post where Tila talks about getting her new car.

In it, Tila says "Otherwise, it's back to the bus, even though I don't take the bus. Because I've never been on the bus."

That's odd, because Tila just posted something completely contradicting that statement.

What is it Tila? Have you never been on the bus or did you have to take it all the time to work in the flea market? And the train? In Houston? That's funny, Houston's METRORail service did not start until January 1, 2004. Houston did have a street car, but that service ended in 1940. You probably rode it to the flea market, Tila? Didn't you? After all, you were born in 1981 after being in your mother's womb during the Vietnam war.

Tila is also posting about how she is going to pay millions for this new "Lambo" when she said something completely different earlier.

I've been very busy lately and haven't had time to update. It looks like Tila still hasn't learned how not to be so damn obvious when she lies, though. Keep it up, girl.

It doesn't look like Tila's lies have been helping her site stats much.

There is less than a week left to July and no chance she'll get even half the hits she got in June, which were a big drop from what she got in May.

Perez can breathe easy again.


Jackie said...

How come you cannot read rotspot anymore? there goes my weekly fun :(

I have no idea what happened, I was readin it just yesterday and all of a sudden it said u had to have an invite to read it??? wtf´s the point of that?

smh to bad. it was a fun blog

Spiked Tequila said...

did u see the pic of her lamborghini haha

Jennifer said...

@Jackie, I think there is some drama going on with the other 'blogger' Nikky and the TRS crew so they are going offline for a bit. Hopefully they will be back soon!

@Tilatruth - yay new post!! You got her again!! And wasn't her license suspended at some point, and she can't drive anyway? I think I read that somewhere a while ago.

Mark said...

I know it's an important decision for Tila, but after giving it a lot of thought I sincerely feel that she should go with the baby blue lamborghini! I was initially going to recommend that she ride a magical unicorn around town, but practical considerations have since led me to recommend the lambo instead.

Either way I wish Tila much success with this endeavour!

BigPoppaPhat said...

I think the only time Tila changes someones life is when they find out she gave them herpes, anyways Im not surprised shes talking about buying a Lamborghini for a daily driver lol, even the wealthy have a practical car for daily use, be it a Caddy, Mercedes, Volvo. I havent herd of her driving anything till now, i was assuming she lost her license, probably from a dui ticket that never got paid.

Anonymous said...

The pic of her in the white Lambo looks ridiculous. She's short as hell and she seriously need a booster seat or sit closer to the steering wheel cuz I know her ass can't reach the pedals and see over the dashboard.

I don't know why she always has to prove something to everyone and they mommas. I guess she's just so damn insecure about herself that she has the constant need to be validated as a "celebrity".

Oh, BTW great to see you that you are blogging again :)

Emily said...

Tilulz couldn't even afford to rent that Lambo for an hour. Well she could, but she'd have to mortgage her apartmansion of which she has (and does not own.) I can't believe they would even let her trashy ass sit in a car like that. The dealership is gonna have to offer a discount to whoever buys that car now because it's been infected. Ew. And no, she doesn't have a license. Step 1 Tila: Pay your old tickets
Step 2: Stop snorting Ambien so you can pass the Driver's Test 3: Buy a car you can actually afford. I'll sell you my 97 Subaru Legacy for $500. Cash only.

Anonymous said...

Can you give me the site meter link, ever since the ho took it off her page I haven't been able to find it! Thanks! And GREAT blog!

livvey said...

I don't understand why she has to have her followers send her links to what kind of car she should get. Is her google broken?

I think it all plays in to her interactions with her fans where she makes them think that they help her live her lifestyle thereby maintaining her hold on the easily malleable. She interacts with her fans in a way that no legitimate celebrity ever would and that draws them to her. It's amazing how easily the gullible latch on to her.

Anonymous said...

The trash deserves a fast car without a break.

Joann said...

I'm not even going to comment too much on this one except to say...skank ain't getting no Lambo, not in this lifetime...end of story.

Can't wait to hear her excuse next week on why she "changed her mind about getting the Lambo". lol.

Tila wants her army of nitwits to think she is really living the good life and has a huge amount of money to spend. Of course they will believe it.

@livvey...well said and you are so on point about Tila and her interactions with her army of teenagers and unstable adults.

Anonymous said...

P.Diddy is the only person that would pay 1.7 millon on a car.