Friday, March 26, 2010

Château de Humble

Tila has been talking about how she is going to move. One day she is moving back to Texas, and the next day she is buying a glorious mansion in Los Angeles.

One month ago, Tila posted to her old Twitter account about a new home she purchased.

She tells us that it is a small, temporary home. She also linked to a Twitpic of the home.

I'm not the first to say this isn't a bad looking place. It is obviously an apartment, but there is nothing wrong with that. Telling lies to make it seem like you are better than other people is wrong, though.

Fast forward to today. Tila has made a new blog post, both about her garage sale and her new home.

First, let's go over the highlighted items in her posting.

Tila complains that her garage sale turned into a meet and greet and she had to sit there and meet fans. When promoting her garage sale, Tila had a very different attitude about meeting people.

Next, Tila goes on to call people jealous of her new home because she makes so much more money than they do. She even manages to call herself humble in the same sentence. Tila must not understand what the word means, so we will provide the definition for her.

Bragging about being richer than others, bragging about having a mansion, bragging at all is not humble. With her current attitude, the chances are that she will be humbled very soon.

The third highlighted section mentions her new house having a pool, jacuzzi, steam room, and a gym. There are many apartments throughout California that do, so this is another thing that is not worthy of bragging about.

The next section we see Tila say that she had antique chairs custom made. If Tila doesn't know the meaning of humble, it makes sense that she would not understand the meaning of antique either.

Finally, the last section is where Tila says that she has two separate lounge areas in her house. The second and third pictures are supposed to be two different rooms. If you notice the floor and bottom right of the second picture, you will see that it is the same carpet and glass table in the third picture. It's the same room, the same lounge area.

This is Tila's new house. She bought it with her mogul money because she is better than everyone. It is so fancy and big, it even has a kitchen on the second floor.

A closer look at one of the pictures reveals that this is the same apartment that Tila was talking about last month, the apartment she claimed was temporary while she was getting her "real mansion" decorated.

As already stated, there isn't a single thing wrong with living in an apartment. To lie about being a such a huge mogul that you can buy a bigger house than everyone reading your blog proves that not only is Tila not humble, but she is completely delusional too.

Thanks to Spiked Tequila for having originally saved the picture of the apartment, pre-paint.


Buster said...

Wow excellent review. What a douche bag she is. So delusional and seriously thinks she is better than everyone.

Alexis said...

I'm becoming less of a fan ): That doesn't mean I never was a true fan, its just to the point where everything is black &white.

chris said...

Great job, Tila Truth! You are correct, the pictures prove that Tila is now living in an apartment. I've never seen a home over 1200 sq. ft. with a kitchen that small and narrow.

I feel bad that she feels she has to prove how rich, powerful, and superior she supposedly is...she should realize that people who truly love her wouldn't judge her on material things.

Tila Truth:

Do you have any additional information on Tila's bankruptcy that was reported last fall? I read that she was behind on her lease payments last year and I'm surprised she was able to stay in the rental home on Wrightwood Dr. until this week if she owed so much back rent. I'm sure the owner of the home was not pleased to learn of her garage sale and the people touring the home.

Noname said...

I can't even count how many times people were called "jealous of Tila" for god knows what reasons. It is like jr high over there. Unbeleivable and pathetic.

Unknown said...

Holy Hanna! Tila just got her a$$ handed to her by tilatruth... Again!!

You guys rule so much, I can't stand it. She calls you "haters", but to me you are lovers of truth.

As a matter of fact, I don't know how you guys do it? At this point I wouldn't think the words "tila" and "truth" can fit together. Like, I'd expect the atoms would want to disband if you mentioned "tila" and "truth" in the same breath. ;)

Ade said...

You know what pains me, the decor in her home is actually not bad, but she's so caught up in her own delusions of grandeur that she can't just accept this is another apartment that she tweaked to her taste. If this was actually a mansion, Tila would be quick to post a photo of the whole place. Out of all the chances we've given her to be humble, she chooses now to do so by posting a small portion of her mansion?.....yeah right.

One more thing, if she is a rich mogul as she claims, why the hell is that kitchen not decked out in stainless steel appliances?

tillie said...

Great blog as usual, Tila Truth. I hope she'll be able to have her mogul staff cook mogul meals for all her artist she's managing in that kitchen!

Jennifer said...

What's up with the kid at the piano in the second picture?

Good catch TilaTruth and SpikedTequila!

Unknown said...

I just don't understand her pathological lying. Nobody cares if she lives in apartment. Millions of people do. It's such a stupid, pointless and trivial thing to lie about, along with most of her lies, I guess.

I'm not quite sure why she always feels the need to prove to people how much money she has.

I know people who are well off and the one thing they NEVER do is talk about how much money they have. Ever.

Unknown said...

I also wonder how she is going to keep this charade up when she is always inviting the paparazzi over to her place. When they show up with video cameras and it's an apartment, what lie will she spin to cover that up?

RNB007 said...

You are always DEAD ON with your blog, fair and tell the TRUTH! IMO she should be happy to have a place to stay in this economy PERIOD. Many A-list celbs are having money problems, more less out of work reality "stars".

She has a nice apartment or condo for not really working much since her "Shot at Love" days. To have such low self esteem as to lie and say you live in a mansion etc and can't just be up front and proud of what you have (humble) it says a lot about her or anyone's character. As we all can see nothing makes Tila happy her problem is deeply rooted inside her. Only therapy and or drug rehab can help her in the long run.

She is no spring chicken and will be 30 before long. I will be 33 in May and I can tell you first hand looks fade quicker than you think they do. She needs a back up plan because her (in my opinion) average at best looks and on the lower end of the scale breast augmentation will only get her so far, for so long.

Anyway, GREAT JOB! PLEASE keep up the awesome work!
Thanks as always for taking the time to keep us informed with the truth,

Joann said...

Thanks for that breakdown. Tila has an apartment, with, MAYBE 2 bedrooms.

Now, she might live in a nicer area than she did before since she has access to a pool, jacuzzi, steam room, and a gym but that is because in the nicer areas the apartment complex provides that for ALL the tenants in the complex rec room NOT in each individual apartment.

If the 2nd picture is suppose to be a lounge area why is the piano stuck in the corner? Wouldn't it make more sense to be in the area in front of the zebra striped chairs?

The 3rd picture is definitely her living room. I see the rugs are the same as the rugs in 2nd picture but I can't make out the table in the 2nd picture so I can't tell if it is the same table in the 3rd picture.

Maybe Tila is not use to this 'upgrade" so she calls all rooms that doesn't have a bed in it a loung area. LOL.

If you notice all the pictures are a close up of her furniture. Why aren't the pictures showing the view of the entire room so we could see how large the rooms are?

I think we all know why.

Tiffany said...

I just went through most of your blog and all I have to say is thank you for the entertainment! You really do your research. This girl has some serious issues.

Dee said...

I'm curious if it could maybe be a condo, not an apartment. I'm only saying this because I don't know of too many apartments that would let you paint the walls the way she did. That could just be the places around here (MD), though.

sandra98 said...

I want to say i have been following you since the first day you started this blog. You have done a great job, i stopped following Tila back in mid feb, same old lying game but when i check in now & then i come here for the truth lol. I did come across from person who left a comment regarding Tila's new groupie Lissy Adams, what is going on there? I remember Lissy on Tila's site and twitter just kissing ass, did Tila do something to her? I remember Trinity thanks too Skylar, just hoping history is not repeating itself. Again great job, you should write a book "The Truth about Tila" something like that and then her little followers will buy it and see Tila for who she really is i hope.

Unknown said...

A lot of apartments will let you paint your apartment as long as you paint it back to white before you move out.

Miss Kid 82 said...

This has really opened up my eyes. You guys really exposed Tila and I appreciate it so much. I would not say that I was a fan but a person who really admired Tila. Her recent tweets are diobolical. She's changed so much. Thank you for exposing her lies down to the very bottom.

Laust said...

Hoooray! When I went to her blog and saw her dumb posts about her new place I was like any idiot can repaint a place and make it look a whole lot better and snazzy. And then one of the other pics where there's a piano, there's some guy in there and I think there's a kid at the piano?

Dee said...

Oh wow! I didn't know that! Thanks!

Soooo... who was able to see the series of tweets late last night?

So, I guess she's no longer gay. She admitted she wasn't pregnant (duh!), but maybe pregnant still (she contradicted herself in her tweets, so I'm not sure), annnnd she had "raped" ber "boo" while he was sleeping and she was eating pizza and tweeting the whole time. Classy.

CustomerServiceRep said...

LOL. Tila is a uneducated little whore. I don't know why the media gives this whore attention. I can't stand how bad this bitch tila lies. It's horrible. I remember reading about 2 months ago, that she was suppose to be on Larry King Live but they pulled the plug on her, because someone, i forget who, had their attorney send larry king a letter saying they thought tila will be using this live interview on tv to make up and spread false rumors about their client. I can't stand her
Great post!!

brokenhead said...

This girl is far from humble. She isn't suffering any of the organic and aquired mental conditions that the participants of this blog like to apply to her, either.
As a diagnosed sociopath, and unlike TT I'm not bragging to make you jealous lol, it just is what it is, I can tell you that this girl is far too stupid to qualify for the condition that I, sadly, suffer. She's also too stupid to qualify for most of the other conditions attributed to her as those conditions, generally, produce good liars and are the afflictions of those intelligent enough to keep their lies straight so that they continue to fly.
If anything, TT is a compulsive liar who has never had those close to her call her on her bullshit so she now thinks that she can pull a fast one on EVERYONE. Thankfully there are bloggers like you out there documenting her bullshit for those who aren't bright enough to pick up on it. Unfortunately, those who actually need for you to do this for them probably aren't reading this blog, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Who , In God's name, would buy ANYTHING from ANY yardsale of hers? The thought of a SIGN that says that makes me wanna puke.