Friday, July 2, 2010

They Took Our Jawbs

First, let's get a laugh at this Tila Q&A moment...

This was asked when Tila was going on about how the "real" Tila is nice and innocent and positive. Tila's answer?

What? Really, Tila? The girl who talks about a young girl's weight wasn't you? You fired that girl?

Tila, get your head out of your ass and get your lies straight. It's not even funny when your lies about your lies are this incoherent.

Haters took our jaaawbs!

I thought there was only one "hater" from Iowa who lived in a pedophile apartment? Amazing that one person who is so amateur they can't hide behind a proxy has the ability to get a poor, innocent man fired.

Maybe that man should try to belittle the hat next time?


Anonymous said...

Lol haturz took our jaaaaawbs!

TinaLee06 said...

Speachless. Tila is so far gone. My brain can't even compute her lies.

Mark said...

Sorry guys, I read this three times and I still really have no idea what Tila is talking about??

What is she claiming the resistance did that cost an innocent man his job??

Emily said...

Hey! Thanks for having my tweet on your blog! I actually used to be a fan of Tila's until the Casey Johnson thing. I felt bad for her at first, and then I started reading your blog and I was DISGUSTED when I realized what was really going on with her, thanks to you. I felt pretty effing stupid for ever falling for her BS.

But yeah, I've been waiting for her to elaborate on her response as to who the evil bitch was that called Nikky Raney "piggy"...not holding my breath. WHAT A LIAR! It was SO her, no one else could be so juvenile. Anyway, her incomprehensible rant about "haters getting someone fired" is....just....*eye roll* the same old stupid Tila BULLSHIT. She gives no explanation and it just makes no sense.

Meanwhile she continues to create a million usernames on her own flog and continues to call Nikky "Piggy Raney". Just when you think she won't get any worse, she does.

Anonymous said...

What a freak! how could any "hater" make someone lose their job. She is on something I bet; some crazy drug, stay away from what ever she takes.

BKiddo said...

Hey Mark,
I'm with ya. I was just asking about this on the rotspot.
Truth posted some tweets going on between tila and EmilyCaldwell.
Emily called tila out about making nasty comments, hence tila supposedly fired that person. I know, how can tila fire herself. But if you're tila, you're the Prez/CEO and abcedefg. She can't handle the rest of the alphabet.
Just IMO, she's just trying to start crap. Again. I don't think anyone was fired.

Jennifer said...

@Mark -

I assume there was enough uproar about how Tila's a total hypocrite because all she 'blogs' and tweets about is how ugly and fat everyone else is, even though she professes to be the sweet innocent girl-next-door.

She had to respond publicly and her most recent lie is "I didn't say it, my staffer did, and I had to fire him! And I had to fire him because you jelis haterz drove him out of love for me to defend me with ugly words! The resistance made me do it!' Actually she doesn't make a lot of sense, but hey, perhaps the non-existent staffer would love a job over here or at the RotSpot? :)

Anonymous said...

If this "guy" that Tila "fired" lost his job over something that she says he's innocent of...instead of telling the haters to "help him get a job", why doesn't she give him the job back? Instead of moaning about how he unjustly got fired, hire him back? And there, problem solved. Haters didn't make her fire anyone, she's in control of all that.

Mark said...

Well, it's good to know that I wasn't the only one who was baffled by Tila's thought processes. Thanks for the responses everyone; it's a little clearer now.

I agree, that there's no question that Tila was behind the lionshare of the inappropriate comments to Nikky.

I remember there was a new twitter account that was suddenly created and the ONLY follower was, guess who, TilaOMG. The next thing you know Nikky's twitter got bombarded with the most hurtful comments you could imagine from this newly created acct. I have zero doubt that it was Tila using an alias.

Tila certainly doesn't practice what she preaches when it comes to spreading love and being positive.

chey said...

OK, let me make sure I have this straight - the innocent person who lost their job because of the evil plans of the jealous haters was the person who was posting all those mean things on Tila's blog/twitter?
First off we know there is no other person, Tila wrote those things herself. Second, even if someone else did it and she then fired that person, how is that anyones fault but their own or Tila for hiring such a person in the first place? Agh, this is just too much crackhead logic for a Saturday morning. I'm just going to roll my eyes and move on.

Anonymous said...

If Tila's such a "boss lady", how is it that she can't rehire the "innocent" person she fired? A load of BS me thinks.....

P.S. Picking on the young woman's weight really pisses me off.

MGC said...

I blame Jane

alison m m said...

Try Archstone in Studio City opposite the reality TV studios aka "Suicide Colony"
It is the dormitory

Nikky Raney said...

added you to my blogroll xox

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi ya'll
wee bit off topic, but I was wondering what is happening over at T's Rotspot? It's saying you have to log in to the site and it is only allowing invited readers now. Just wondering.