Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tila, Warrior Poet

Remember Tila's beautiful poems about belittling hats? She's at it again.

It's funny how obvious it is when Tila uses a Thesaurus. Anytime anyone points out that they know she is using one, she uses her typical defense mechanism and calls them a hater. She says they must be ignorant because they don't understand big words.

Tila, the reason people mention you using a Thesaurus isn't because they don't understand the words you are using. It is because YOU don't understand the words you are using. You know the word you want to use, find a synonym, but you don't understand context. It's obvious you are using a Thesaurus because you aren't using the words correctly.

Let me give you an example, since this has been pointed out to you before and you still haven't comprehended it... Tila, let's say you wanted to call someone a bore, meaning the person was boring. Normally, you talk in Tilaspeak and you say something like, "DAMN, you a bitchazz borring hater. POW!" People know you wrote that sentence, because that is how you write. Sometimes you'll change it up and want to pretend you're intelligent and you pull out the spelling and grammar check. You know, like you do when you pretend to be a Quantum Physicist? That's when you write a sentence like this, "You're an unintelligent and boring person." You feel you can sound smarter if you just use words above your pay grade. Select - Right Click - Thesaurus. That's when your sentence ends up looking like this, "You're quite a slow on the uptake and excavate growth." So, Tila, when you write something like this and then call someone dumb (or should I say uncommunicative?) for not understanding, it isn't because they are ignorant.

Now that we have that out of the way, I wrote my own poem and created art to go with it.

I was once a tree, trapped in a world of forests
They covered me in a dust jacket, called me a Thesaurus
But my pages were not meant to be your song and cutting a rug
So I escaped that life and became a Conscript for Life!
I fight for independence, I fight 'til my demise
I avoid you no longer, you Angel of Demise

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Blue Raven said...

AHAHAHA!! I love this! I love it so much. Especially the last paragraph including your poem.