Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tila Steals From ... Tila?

This is another call for Tila to stop the lies about her painting. Here is an image Tila posted to her Facebook earlier. She calls it 1970 Asian Bombshell.

The first thing to point out is Tila's reply to the first comment. Tila claims this took her five hours. She has used the canvas filter on pictures in the past to attempt to pass them off as paintings.

Using that little "reverse image" trick from the last post, it's not hard to find out where Tila copied this picture from.

Wait a minute! Tila's own painting is actually taken from Tila's album? If any of Tila's fans have stumbled upon this page and need a little bit more proof, hopefully this helps them see the light...

click on image for larger view

Beyond that completely obvious observation, here is another minor mistake that is a major embarrassment...

Not sure what that is? Take a better look at Tila's original artwork. Look in the upper right corner.

Tila, if you're going to paint something, make sure to move the mouse off of the image when you take the screenshot of it.

Everyone over at Ghost Rider Radio has been covering Artgate 2012, getting lots of great screenshots of the recent crazy rants related to Tila's "paintings" and other madness. Everything from Tila faking being hacked and stealing a random fan's art and calling it her own, to finding the fake hackers, and finally proving it's a lie that Tila doesn't do duplicates. It's wonderful to see that Seola and QOCAP have joined up with GRR to keep everyone informed on the world's worst compulsive liar.

Update: I was told on Facebook that the cursor appears on images there to make images full-screen. For some reason, this is the only image that the cursor is showing up for me. I'm not aware if it is something that is part of the image, since even right clicking and viewing the image, I still see it. Though this doesn't take away from the fact that this image of Tila is a Photoshopped image and not a painting, I wanted to add this.

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FUYU said...

Thank you for continuing to update! Great find on the cursor. That is hilarious!

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Marie said...

LOVE the way you have it set up so we can see from original to end on what she did thats FANTASTIC! Great job finding the cursor too! I would've NEVER noticed that!