Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tila Paints The Future

Tila is lying about her "art" again. She posted this item on Facebook and backdated it to March 2010.

Here is what she wrote about it...
This was the original version of "BEAUTY & THE BEAST" ...Technically.. Cuz underneath all that mess, there still lies 4 more. Paintings. You see that red under her? Those are 4 hearts and also a huge Stilletto! And the Girl.. she was origi nally BEAUTIFUL and naked... but I covered it all up.. the coool thing though.. if you peel away layer after layer.. you'll still get all 4 of those paintings under this one! LOLOL Which do u like better? :)
Tila, let me first say that it's obvious when you backdate items on Facebook. That little clock next to the date tells us that you backdated it. You might have put the date as March 2010, but when hovering over that clock it says the actual date you posted it is September 3, 2012.

Now, let's talk about Tila's painting. Tila wrote that she originally painted this "girl" naked, but then covered it up. You know what's odd, though? That girl looks a lot like Katy Perry.

Tila, did you know that there is a such thing as a reverse image search? All a person has to do is put an image into it and it finds similar images. Let's crop down the girl you originally painted naked and see what shows up, shall we?

What is all this about Katy Perry? I know this girl looked like Katy Perry, but you painted this in March of 2010, Tila! How can it be that this is showing it is from the September 2012 issue of ELLE?

Time to click and see what is really going on!

No! This can't be true. Tila couldn't. Tila wouldn't!

Not only did Tila NOT paint this "girl" naked and then decide to cover it up. Tila printed out a picture of Katy Perry, cut it out, glued it to a canvas, and told people it was her painting. Even worse, there are people who believe she painted it.

What's sad is how obvious it is when Tila steals something or when she just uses Photoshop filters to change a picture and say she painted it and when she actually does paint something.

This is an example of something Tila really did paint. The only thing that would add to the glitter on it would be if she glued some cotton balls or macaroni.

And you're going to give money to charity? Really, Tila? Really? Which charity?

Tila, stop lying to your fans. If you want to paint pictures like this butterfly, that's fine. Stop with the Photoshopped pictures or taking pictures off the internet and claiming you painted it. You can paint as a hobby and enjoy it. You don't need to lie about painting pictures that you didn't actually paint.

You don't need to lie and say you don't make duplicates of your work when your Facebook "art" album is full of duplicates where you changed the color of an image and acted like it was something different.

To sum it up, Tila, people aren't as dumb as you. Stop thinking that they are. If you need money so bad that you are really going to charge people for ... that, maybe you should at least be honest about what you are selling them.

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