Friday, September 7, 2012

Self Portrait

Tila's actual paintings are funny. It's hard to believe that her fans can see her paintings, which resemble something every parent gets from their first grader, and not tell the difference between those and the images she Photoshops and calls paintings.

Even more funny than her paintings are the comments she makes about them. She tries so hard to come across as deep, but the trying is so obvious that it only makes it harder not to laugh at it all.

Here is a recent painting Tila did for her Tila Army General.

Yes, you read that correctly. Tila did a self-portrait ... of someone else.

I was proud of Tila for painting this image, however bad it was. Then I actually looked at it and noticed the paper. Tila says she did a self-portrait of John, using his profile picture. She didn't lie. Here is a closer look...

Not only did Tila print out the Facebook profile picture of her fan and paint over it, she made it completely obvious by not changing the angle. Then there are those ripples in the paper. Remember back to grade school when you would use too much glue that it nearly soaked through the paper you were trying to glue down? Remember the ripples it would cause? You can even see where the edge of the paper ends, right above his head.

Now to figure out the meaning behind John's head being hatched like a Pokémon.

Tila also had an update about her art.

Tila seems to think that people are saying, "Wow, this is too good, there is too much meaning behind it, therefore it must be a fake!"

Tila, no one is saying anything you've done is good and therefore can't be yours. We are all saying, "This isn't anything special, but we know you made it. Why lie to your fans about how you did it when it's so obvious?"

People are talking about the images you call "paintings" that we know you created, but you are lying about how exactly you went about creating. Take, for example, your "painting" you called Beauty and the Beast ... You said you painted it, all of it. You didn't. It's a cut out image of Katy Perry. There are also the pictures that you say you painted, the ones that you claim take hours, but they are obviously images that you thought you'd be able to pass off as paintings by putting them through a few Photoshop filters. Then there is the image you say you painted "a long time ago" but it turns out you stole it from your own fan, edited it in Photoshop, and forgot to move the cursor again when taking a screenshot of your finished product. What was really pathetic about that is that you took a really nice pencil drawing a fan did and used something as simple as the Cutout filter in Photoshop, then lied and said you painted it. You went even further, having the gall to attack that fan for something YOU did wrong. To go even further, you lied to her and told her you don't Photoshop any of your work (we've proven otherwise time and time again here, liar) and that you sell paintings for $10,000.

Tila, has it gotten to the point that you are now believing your own lies? Are you ever going to grow up and finally admit the truth? Are you ever going to just give it up and quit lying? Are you really so unsatisfied with your own life that you have to create a fake one to show to the few teenage fans you have left? Come on, Tila ... What 30 year old woman steals drawings from a young girl and makes up an e-mail full of lies just to attack her when she calls you out on it?

One last thing, Tila ... Stop with this "my paintings predict earthquakes" kick you've been on the past few days. Ohh, you painted over something you printed and there was an earthquake in California. What are the odds? You are going to need to get to painting a lot more, Tila. The southern California area alone has more than 10,000 earthquakes each year.

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Joana "JiGs" Soares said...

I was curious about her paintings but most of it were so 7th grade, and others were..."professional", i was kind of awkward about it, im a graphic designer student and i understand a few things about art and a lot of photoshop, and some of her so called painting had photoshop, i was awkwardly looking at them and finally catching her lying. When she showed the "Charity" paint that she supposedly will sell to charity, its awful and in childish grade.

CeceliaTheMusicBox said...

i had to check out her paintings. I can do a WAY better job than Tila. LMAO!

CeceliaTheMusicBox said...

Her paintings are crap. I can do a WAY better job than Tila

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