Friday, February 12, 2010


Look who is in desperate need for even the most negative of attention! It's Tila!

First, Tila really thinks Angelina Jolie even knows who she is?

Second, one child is all that a parent is able to take care of? What happened to Tila having her own child, adopting one from Haiti, one from Vietnam, and one from the magical kingdom of the country of Africa with the help of her Ambassador friend who isn't an actual Ambassador?

Tila apparently cannot read or hear, because nowhere in her interview with CNN did Angelina suggest that she was going to adopt a child from Haiti. In fact, she said the opposite.

"Now is not the time, an emergency is not the time for new adoptions in any way."

That is what Angelina Jolie had to say to CNN's Christiane Amanpour. More of the interview can be seen here.

While Tila condemns the charitable work done by the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Angelina is helping innocent children in Haiti. Angelina was also cheered by Haitian refugees and has given $1 million to Doctors without Borders for earthquake relief. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are raising their adopted children to become humanitarians both for their home countries and the rest of the world.

What exactly have you done again, Tila?


Unknown said...

Tila's last name should be Batshit Crazy. She needs to get off the meth. I was thinking the same thing.. Angelina Probably has no freaking clue who Tila is.. Oh but in Tilas crazy mind she is a superstar.. When she come's to out of her meth crack high and realises what she wrote,, she'll blame it on a hacker,,or a stalker,, or Shawne Merriman,, or The Game,, Maybe TMZ.. Who know's what will come out of this crack heads mouth or twitter next.. Hahaha.. Wow is all I have to say.

I love this site by the way.

Unknown said...

Funny, RadarOnline says she was just talking about having 5 kids.

And interesting that SHE would talk about using kids for publicity. What a moron.

scorpian_muse said...

Not only does she use children (or purported children), she also uses dead people to propel her supposed fame.

I wish she'd just go away.

Jacqui said...

Not to mention her new house that she brags about has two bedrooms: one for he and one for "baby". Surely a reasonable person who was reasonably expecting to adopt so many children (LOL) would want more rooms than that???

Anonymous said...

Forgot to copy you on my Twitter response:

ElfNinosMom Angelina Jolie = A-List humanitarian, @officialtila = Z-List famewhore. Comparisons exist only in Tila's vapid skullmeat.

Jill said...

I can't stand Angie, yet I still agree with this post. At least she puts her money where her (big) mouth is... and at least she HAS money.

Jess said...

did you see something someone posted a comment on her website that said.

REPOST: 02/12/2010 3:57 PM
FYI: 02/11/2010 3:12 PM
Tila told someone (won't say who as they don't want to be involved) that she is faking the whole pregnancy thing so that she draws in the media to get attention for her developing record release. In her words " Its a tough industry and u have to do what you u can to get noticed" So thats why when she does these rants on Ustream, people tune it to watch, then straight after she blogs, twitters about her song release.Good or bad attention, its still Attention in her mind.
When asked "what about your fans that support you and believe your pregnant" she replied " It's not my fault that these sheep follow every word i say, I mean, the haters are what bring recognition to me not the fans, they are nothing more then sheep who think I would want to be their friend, yeah right, there stalkers obsessed with me"

jlh32256 said...

Two words that describe that piece of rag perfectly: meth psychosis. Matches her to a t

S said...

You have GOT to see Tila's tweets in the last 5 minutes!! I refuse to get a twitter account or I would have "retweeted" or whatever... :P

She's taking the whole eonline celeb couple mashups way too seriously when they were being sarcastic and making fun of her. She at first started out saying she wouldn't date Lindsay at all, and in the next tweet goes "we should date, I can help you! Join this empire quickly!" The best part? She then asks someone to tweet "Lindz" and tell her she's available. Can we say famewhore much???

ADBukovsky said...

Hey, I just want to show you the I left a comment to TMZ about the whole @fannatic_mag & @officialtila crap. Here you go, and perhaps you can you it for a new blog entry? BTW I am @TheAntiTequila so you know. Thanks!

I don't know if you knew about the whole photo shoot Tila Tequila was suppose to do for @fannatic_mag (their website but they pulled her off because she was "apparently" pregnant. Tila had a hissy fit and told them off and now Leo Madrid is asking them to give her the chance to do the photo shoot again. Here is the link to Fannatic_mag's comment about Tila freaking out about getting taking off the cover of their magazine ( Here is a link to Tila's nasty remarks against @fannatic_mag ( ( and here is the screencapped photo of the email between fannatic_mag and Leo Madrid. ( )

Read more:

rjchant said...

She goes on about ppl hating her & why dont they leave her alone yet she says bullshit about angelina jolie,who hasnt said anything about her (& true,I agree,she prob has NO idea who she even is!) Hypocrite much?? I used to feel sorry for her,but my eyes are opening right up!

Fatty McFatterson said...

Isn't she suppose to be moving this weekend? How is she going to pack for this big Austrailian tour if she has to move a household worth of furniture to Thailand?

I'm surprised the Austrailian thing hasn't been canceled yet due to a huge influx of fans over-running the continent!

Countdown to the Austrailian concert being canceled and countdown to the miscarriage (which has to happen in the next week or so).

Greg said...

Hello all,

To whoever runs this website. I would like to say THANKS for giving us a FORUM.

I am STILL ON Casey Johnson's PREVENTABLE death. I arrived late to the Tila trainwreck.

Listen to 911 call from the owner of the house reporting casey's death. It sounds like there is asolutely NO HOPE OF RESUSCITATION. I think she died decemeber 31-jan 1.


Tila's spin control has turned the attention from CASEY'S PREVENTABLE DEATH to her pregnancy and guessing who the father is.Many of tila's fans are too young to understand the concept of DEATH.The strange thing is the video of her webcam performances of december 30-31 and jan 3 have DISAPPEARED from the internet. WAS SHE AT HER LA HOME PLAYING PIANO?

To my knowledge Tila has never answered any questions about Casey since the coroner's report was released. Even if she does answer any questions she has LIED so much the public should not believe her.Someday she may find herself giving a sworn deposition and all the lies will come back to haunt her.

I really do hope she is not pregnant because she can BARELY take care of herself. She could not even take care of Casey and I am surprised poor ONYX has survived. There is no way she will be able to adopt children and NOBODY CLOSE TO ANGELIE JOLIE HAS DIED.. Most expectant mothers wish for a healthy and happy baby not for a)model b)pro athlete or whatever she envisions.

TILA either LIED about the nature of her relationship with CASEY or she LIED about the contact she had with her from decmber 29th thru janaury 4 .....TILA WHICH IS IT?

Chris> she may have discovered the body and freaked out. The scene would not have been a pretty one. DKA is a HORRIBLE way to pass away.

Greg said...

hello all,

In the video of Tila on this site she appears to be under the influence of some DRUG or a combination of DRUGS.

Video of TMZ tila's trip to the hospital...
This could turn out to be a blessing in disguise the staff at the hospital will get the TRUTH via blood work, diagnostic tests and a psych consult. If she has friends or family now would be the time TO ACT and have her ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL. Don't let the ER release her.

charlottesmom said...

Oh it's happening!! she posted that she has a concussion, came back on as her "agent" soliciting prayers. This bitch is going to be dumb enough to say she miscarried from a concussion. ha!

Schleen said...

tila, if thats even her real name, is a delusional girl. i dont know whats wrong with her, but she is sick.
and the thing is... if shes going to lie, okay, but she is such a bad liar, none of her stories make sense together, so what i dont get is - how does anyone believe her?! the evidence is so clear!! naive people...

Greg said...

hello all,

If she was released that quickly she more than likely did NOT SIGN the patient consent to treat form.
Her pregnancy would be confirmed or ruled out. If there is a possibly of concussion
no ER doctor would release her that quickly because of liability.
Her medical info is protected by the HIPPA law but I noticed in the past TMZ gets it.

Unknown said...

Remember how she said she was going to hold a memorial for Casey and that money would go to Haiti?


Unknown said...

Remember how she said she was going to hold a memorial for Casey and that money would go to Haiti?


Oh, and her statement against not talking to minors. Not true:

She calls 14 year old boys.

charlottesmom said...

michael k on Dlisted has the video she put up where she hits her head on the "wall". funny thing is, there is no wall behind her, and no baby bump. this girl is too much.

Sadie said...

Tila tweeted that she fell and hit her head and she thought she might have a concussion and could die in a few hours. Then her agent tweeted and said she is in the hospital and isn't doing well

Tiffany said...

Tila has now protected her tweets. I wanted to see if she has complained about a "miscarriage" yet. She fell off her chair while spreading her legs.

boytoy said...

You can see this post over at

its an email written by tila assistant

boytoy said...

this is new a comment taken from tila office website.

diem: 02/13/2010 11:32 AM
And from the "get ready for this" pile - a word from one of Tila Tequila's assistants of the day:

SEXY PHOTO SHOOT:2/12/2010 10:09 PM
I was an assistant to TILA at her photo shoot. I purposely got this gig because I hate HER and wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine.


While I was getting you your Juice (which had SKY VODKA in it) I had my tape recorder going... ha bet you didnt know that!

I am shopping my tape and I have a few offers. HERE IS WHAT TILA SAID:

1. How SHE IS PLAYING her ARMY for MONEY ... she has them send her gifts and sells them for cash. SHE SAID she is a mastermind... I bet her army will love this.

2. SHE ALSO SAID "fuck, I have them all fooled, Im not pregnant, I dont even want one of those DAMN things, I would have to give up my partying and my extracarricular activities and there is no fucking way Iam doing that...

SHE SAID, she loves all the attention she gets and that noone can ever catch her in a lie because she is too smart. TILA WAS STILL FUCKING LOADED today, she was all over .... saying that she hasnt signed anyone but RAZ and if she doesnt do something for him soon he was going to see she couldnt do anything for him. SHe admitted that she has never gotten a license for any company, paid for anything bc she is broke. SHE CALLED JOE FRANCIS a scum sucking cunt face and how she was going to sue him.

TILA said that she needed to get paid for her shoot today bc she needed money to get her apartment. SHE KEPT begging me to find out if she was getting a check today, when I TOLD HER NO, she started into a CUSSING TIRADE about how she is fucked and will have to leave all her stuff where she is getting evicted bc she has no one to help her move and she couldnt PAY a moving company bc she has no credit cards nothing. SHe TEARED up saying how unfair life was, then STARTED LAUGHING, adn saying fuck it, Ill just get high.

I mentioned CASEY and doing it for her, and she said " FUCK THAT BITCH, LEFT ME WITH NO MONEY and I thought that BROAD had cash. SHE STOLE MONEY FROM ME, then made the remark, I GOT HER BACK.... then started crying saying how much she loved her.

I told her she should get herself together and she told me to SHUT UP, she is FAMOUS and tells me what to do. I TOLD HER, "YES, MAAM I am sorry"


Ed: Pretty much speaks for itself.

Blake G said...

this is too funny

Unknown said...

Tila just gave herself a free abortion!

Kate said...

Notice how Tila hasn't been online since she returned from the hospital last night? Maybe the crazy bitch did herself in.

Domino Hart said...


Unknown said...

Here is tweets from Fannatic Mags page. I had to scroll down to get them. I do not know how to save the picture BUT you can surely look for yourself. Here is further proof that Tila's assistant has been emailing their mag to tell them that she is not pregnant:

@mjohnsonjr hey what ever happened to all that stuff? yeah. she keeps emailing me & having people spam my email
about 6 hours ago from web in reply to mjohnsonjr @MIAGirlie

hey! by the way @inkspotstudios in miami will start selling it! tell everyone in your area. im on 2nd issue.
about 6 hours ago from web in reply to MIAGirlie

@DJ_Live101 yeah definately! they should of never gave her a show haha
about 6 hours ago from web in reply to DJ_Live101

@enfluenzmag same! getting my printed out today finally
about 6 hours ago from web in reply to enfluenzmag

@MIAGirlie lol. yeah!
about 6 hours ago from web in reply to MIAGirlie

After reviewing the results....
about 6 hours ago from web @DJ_Live101 lol
about 6 hours ago from web in reply to DJ_Live101

@DJ_Live101 so she says..
about 6 hours ago from web in reply to DJ_Live101

@AniseTai definately!
about 6 hours ago from web in reply to AniseTai

@enfluenzmag hey what u doing?
about 6 hours ago from web in reply to enfluenzmag

how is it my fault that I am the one that gave tila a concusion? she needs to quit lying to you #tilaarmy
about 6 hours ago from web

RT @Tila_Tequitlyin: @fannatic_Mag yay for you being an 11'11er! Like your magazine already haha

Unknown said...

And there is this tweet too:

omg. Tila can you seriously stop having your army email me! fuck... I should have never posted up that email with my email on there #spam
about 7 hours ago from web

tui said...

re: charlottesmom

The video posted on dlisted of tila falling off the chair is an old clip from one of her ustream soft-porn shows. It doesn't have anything to do with her latest "dented head" episode.

Her desperate attempts to appear sexy are pretty hilarious!!!

Randi said...

I am sure that Angelina Jolie takes breaks from both her successful movie career and philanthropic efforts to check Tila Tequila's twitter page. Good thinking Tila! You got her!

Unknown said...

Greg....go to

Those are her tweets from dec 30- jan 3rd.

NO mention of Casey Johnson
Or being with her family??
Just self promotion
And talking about a babyglow

As I read through that with the current information, I got so upset because no way was she concerned she hadn't heard from Casey. SHE WAS FLIRTING ON HER DATING SITE AND ASKING HER WANTS TO TASTE HER BREAST MILK???

OH, Casey...I feel horrible for this person who passed. This is just too much

Unknown said...

As for that pregnancy, she claimed she was pregnant May 2009:

Unknown said...

Ok and wow, there is so much crap on her. Dr. Lillian Glass Body Language Blog: Tila Tequila's Body Language Shows She's Milking 15 More Minutes of Fame off Fiance Casey Johnson's Death

Unknown said...

To Charlottesmom:
That's not the video of her falling and hitting her head. That's a ustream from some time ago.

Unknown said...

Wow! Someone tweet or blog when you get more info on that tape.

chris said...


Thanks for all the insights into the Casey Johnson/Tila situation. I'm glad you're still focusing on it because her demise is very disturbing and it has Tila's fingerprints all over it. If the above account from Tila's photoshoot assistant is legitimate, then Tila pretty much states she is in some part responsible for Casey's death. I hope the tape gets into the right hands and Tila is held accountable for her actions...and we all find out the truth!!!!!

Unknown said...

She just posted her sharp pains in her belly,and that she hates going to hospitals, even though she went for a dent in her head two days ago. Now her Aussie tour will be canceled for her fake miscarriage.

Unknown said...

Here comes the tragic miscarriage...she's tweeting that she has horrible stabbing pains in her belly lol. Icant link it because I'm posting from my phone lol

Unknown said...

figured out how to copy paste from my phone lol
here comes the miscarriage...

From tilas twitter:
"I just woke up in the middle of the night cuz im having these intense sharp pains in my belly. it hurts so much that Im crying wtf"

"Something is definitely wrong. The hospital gave me a list of symptoms & this is one of them. They said if I do I need 2 go back 2 hospital "

"Im crying right now. I know there is something wrong. I before. I would just die. Please God dont do this."

"I already told God, that i will see him face to face if he EVER takes away the only thing Im living for right now..calling my baby daddy now"

SaRa said...

She's just announced via Twitter, that she's adopting a boy from Russia. If you scroll lower, she talks about taking her own life.

Although I don't agree with how she received her stardom, she is a human being and needs to be protected from herself. I think this woman needs to be put under a guardianship, a la Britney Spears. Otherwise, in another month, she may not be around.

Taylor said...

She's started with the miscarriage talk this morning. And saying she'd kill herself if anything happened to the baby. She's also tweeting that she was just approved to adopt a 2-3 year old boy from Russia. Convenient timing. I'm betting she will claim miscarriage and say the only reason shes not going to kill herself is because of the Russian kid. Then that adoption will "fall through" or something, probably due to "haters" or something ridiculous like that.

Unknown said...

She's already announced her miscarrage.

Bunny3.1415 said...

Tila "officially miscarries".


Unknown said...

Tila tequila is a compulsive attention seeking liar, but I'm sure a lot of people have caught on by now. She follows a the trend of "diagnosing" herself with bipolar disorder. She goes on about her "antidepressants" I myself have bipolar disorder and I am very well aware as anyone who has bipolar disorder and of course any psychiatrist is completely aware that antidepressants have an adverse(opposite) reaction with bpd. Psychiatrists are very careful if they do prescribe an antidepressant, which proved in many cases have resulted in major depressive episodes and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Unknown said...

Just Wow....

Jennifer said...

I miss you @tilatruth!

In your absence I've been following Spiked Tequila and Rot Spot, and it was fun until it turned a little too vindictive. What was fun before was catching her tripping up in her little tricks and lies. now it's more about doing stuff to her and provoking her to do something crazy.

At least here you've kept it clean by only reporting from afar and comparing she said vs. she said.

The Keeper said...

Come baaaaaaaaaack!!

Claire V. said...

we miss u!

Jacqueline R said...

She say Angie she is abusing her kids by not mothering them? How about her who abuse teens on net by masturbating and calling the on phone and dirty deepshit talk to them. Tila is a child abuser and should get banned completely from Internet.