Thursday, February 11, 2010

New House

There has been talk recently that Tila has been dropped by many of her closest associates, including Joe Francis, and is on the brink of being broke. This isn't helped by the fact her bodyguards had to take her to pawn jewelry, which turned out to be fake. There is a document floating around stating that she is getting evicted from the house she is renting in Studio City and must be out within one month. She says she is moving because she has a stalker, although she gave out the address herself in the past (despite her saying her "stalker" gave it out). Even though she is "moving" out because of the stalker, she is inviting anyone who reads her blog over for a garage sale.

Check out the picture she posted of her new home? Take a look at these listings for homes for sale in Thailand. Notice anything familiar halfway down the page?

Either Tila is picking up and moving to Thailand or she is lying ... again.

Towards the end of our last post we showed a small conversation from the Twitter of Fannatic Magazine which outed Tila's pregnancy lie. Yesterday, they made it official...

Now there is a new Ustream video from Tila where she tries to prove her pregnancy by arching her back and sticking her stomach out. You can view it here. Make sure to pay attention when she stands up and doesn't notice the camera is showing her stomach. She forgets to stick her stomach out and you can see there is obviously no bump. You can decide for yourself if her slurring, glassy eyes, and erratic behavior are that of a sober person or not. Enjoy!


Mandolynne said...

She is getting worse and worse at a super quick rate. I wish I could call someone or get her some help asap. Its getting soooo gross I can't stomach her videos. The lingerie one was disturbing and I can't even watch all of that ustream video. Was waiting for one of her implants to pop at her squeezing her fake boobies. Gah shes awful role model for the teens that worship her. Thanks for being a smart person who follows her behavior you are not an idiot you are only telling the truth & I find you to be smarter person in the world by what I've read on your twitter and etc. Blessings!

Jennifer said...

Maybe she WILL move to Thailand. Good riddance!! Cheaper living costs for her broke ass, and she could always pass as a tranny for a new career move! Makes total sense to me!

Mahia said...

Are you going to go to her "open house garage sale"? Because if it ever happened (which it won't) It would be very funny..... I am sure.

Mahia said...

Are you going to this so called "garage sale" if it does happen that is - usually things happen in Tila's head and that's all... lol

Cindy said...

Tila's sexy photo shoot (this link is INCREDIBLY NSFW and will make you want to burn your eyeballs out or have vicious vagina dentata nightmares):

missmuffet said...

From her blog:

"You can even sublet the house from me of you want"

Too funny.

S said...

Tila edits her posts WAY too many times! I read this one about her new home yesterday morning (what can I say, I'm obsessed with this trainwreck), and this pic had been removed. Any reference to it being her new home had also been removed. The only evidence that she had ever used this pic was the fact that it is the thumbnail for this journal entry. I didn't get why everyone was calling her out on it, because I figured she could've just used a random image of an apt/house as a thumbnail. Man, she's good at damage control and she would get away with it if it weren't for the intrepid anti-Tila movement. :) Glad you guys are there to give us the real deal on this fake ho.

allen said...

Our family of five live in a small suburb outside of Phoenix. Our 14 year old son wanted to join a music site and we okayed it. In november a neighbor found NAKED IMAGES/VIDEO of TILA TEQUILA on his computer. Our neighbor's son is also 14 years old.The photos were being passed from student to student.
Then we contacted BUZZNET.COM and they basically laughed at us.
So we filed a complaint against BUZZNET with the California Justice Department. We also filed a complaint with the FBI.We enjoy leading a quiet life but WE NO PROBLEM giving this up to speak to LAW ENFORCEMENT.Also CONTACT ANY COMPANY/INDIVUAL that sponsors TILA TEquila.

Take a look at Tilas conversation with a 16 year old boy from Texas last saturday/early sunday.This is a 28 year old woman with a 16 year old boy.After the conversation the boy states "I JUST F*CKED TILA TEQUILA" WHEN HAS THIS EVER BEEN ACCEPTABLE?

Tila is an adult but she acts and speaks like she is 16. Tila CHOse her CAREER PATH but we think she is going to pick music acts/models that are going to do porn/strip. The association with JOE FRANCIS only strengthen our assertions. This is fine as long as they are 18 and over.

Sandy said...

That house is a rental. Last sold to someone in the 80's, as records online show. So why is she having an open house garage sale, where you can even buy her fridge? That's not her property. Was the place rented to her furnished? Is that why she's having someone design the new place, because she's leaving all the furniture and stuff behind, because it's the landlords? Did she get permission from her landlord to hold a house-wide garage sale? Always so many questions with this girl.

Jacqueline said...

She can't shut up and her lies are getting more worse. I wish the whole Net could block her IP....All she do is to manipulate teens and she is the biggest net child abuser i have ever seen. Parents needs to fight this sl!t for the sake of their kids.

allen said...

It is considered a federal issue because it crosses state lines.


California Attorney General Complaint Link

We are not "bible-thumpers" and realize the FBI have much more important issues to deal with but we would be angry with ourselves if we did nothing. We are not on twitter, my space , facebook or any kind of space. With so much BS out there nowadays that bombard our kids "Where is the line now?"
The evidence has been gathered and given to LAW ENFORCEMENT.
TILA TEQUILA IS CONTRIBUTING TO THE DELINQUENCY OF A MINOR....What else is going on in her chatrooms? We asked BUZZNET if tila's hotspot was a dating site or a music site. They did not answer us!!!!!

A dating site with minors and adults. What is wrong with this picture? A website that promotes MUSIC with STRIPPING and much worse. What is wrong with this picture? A 28 year old ADULT calling teenagers and having PHONE SEX with them. What is wrong with this picture?

Has America sunk this low?

missmuffet said...

Just wanted to let you know:

Apparently, she did a phone interview with A bit more than half way through "Part 2" (I think) she says her TV show is being produced by "Three Ball Entertainment". I believe she is talking about 3 Ball Productions (

Maybe she will be on the OCD show they have coming up...

missmuffet said...

correction to my post above:

She says it about a 1/4 into "Part 2"

Tabloid Whore! said...

How on earth did you find that real estate listing??? Hilarious. Your site keeps getting better and better. Keep on it! :)

NormalPerson said...

Who moves the weekend of leaving for a tour in another country? There are websites in Australia for clubs that are apparently hosting her show or whatever. It will be interesting to see if she really shows up and how many pictures of her with booze pop up.

Julie said...

Well, she's already starting to ask about "spotting" and pregnancy so I'm sure the tragic miscarriage is coming!

x said...

about Tila's bancruptcy


Cindy said...

To Allen,
I think what you're doing is the right thing to do. I don't think anybody is going to judge you for it, especially not here. We're all aware that Tila is peddling porn under the guise of her "music" bs. She's obsessed with her sex appeal and being a milf, and unfortunately the only people who will tell her these things are true (that she has sex appeal or is a milf) are impressionable children.

Can't anyone report her to ustream for constantly showing her breasts? Seriously, there are at least two videos where the conveniently pop out. I didn't think ustream was down with hosting porn?

Fatty McFatterson said...

I'd love for someone to get her due date and match it against her supposed conception date. What do you want to bet the moron believes there are only 36 weeks in a 9 month pregnancy? Any expectant mother will find this out her first visit and will rue those extra 4 weeks (which makes it seem like it's 10 months (4 weeks to a month))

To those who don't know, a normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. Weeks are not counted as in 4 weeks to a month, it's almost 4 and a third weeks to a month (30-31 days), so over the course of the pregnancy those one-third weeks add up to 40 weeks.

Fatty McFatterson said...

If you're moving because you have a psycho stalker, is it a prudent idea for you to have an open house type garage sale and invite EVERYONE and their grandma?

You know the garage sale won't happen this weekend. The house moving may happen if she really got evicted, but the Austrailian concert won't happen, nor will the baby.

Damn, she's becoming so predicatable. I thought crazy people were unpredicatable? It's going to get boring when she's predicatable.

RockitQueen said...

I am really disturbed by what "Allen" has said. Imagine if this was a 28-year-old man calling and having phone sex with a 16-year-old girl. I'm no prude, but I do hope a law enforcement agency looks in to this.

Cheryl said...

When I was only 9 weeks pregnant my breasts were so sore I couldn't even stand tight clothes on them. There is no way a pregnant woman would be squeezing and poking her breasts like that.

allen said...

This a conversation between TILA TEQUILA and BRYAN(who is 16) in Texas. I posted it was Saturday but it was actually Thursday night (feb 5th)which is probably a school night. Do Bryan's parents know whats going on. This is Brian's bio

I'm Bryan! I am a freshman at Devine High School! I love everything Apple and want to be an entertainer when I grow up! Follow me, I'm very entertaining! :)

Please read from bottom to top..

...on the phone :)
10:04 PM Feb 5th from web OMG I FUCKED @officialtila!
10:04 PM Feb 5th from web @officialtila not your music...the um hold music :)
10:03 PM Feb 5th from web @officialtila yes the music is shit!
10:03 PM Feb 5th from web @officialtila's labor is LIVE ON USTREAM!!
10:00 PM Feb 5th from web RT @officialTila: RT @BRYANinTX @officialtila lol yes we can hear your conversations :) lol<====ahhhh I had no idea! SOOO INVASIVE! h ...
9:59 PM Feb 5th from web @officialtila lol "Ma bebe is feisty!"
9:49 PM Feb 5th from Tweetie @officialtila tiger woods! The plot thickens!
9:47 PM Feb 5th from Tweetie OMG @officialtila is talking to me live on the phone NAKED!!
9:44 PM Feb 5th from Tweetie @officialtila the hold music really sucks! :)
9:44 PM Feb 5th from Tweetie more