Thursday, February 4, 2010


Since the last post, a lot has happened in the world of Tila. She deleted her Twitter account, started using RazB2K's (the poor guy she is "managing") account to talk about herself, and then came back.

When Tila left Twitter, she promoted her celebrity gossip blog. She did this by making fun of Perez Hilton again and saying she was going to be working with all the top celebrity sites.

When asked about working with Tila Tequila on TMZ Live, Harvey Levin could only laugh.

Tila also took to her blog to post about a sex tape. She said that paparazzi were telling people there was a sex tape between her and The Game. She linked to a video on X17, which can be seen here. As you can see, the paparazzo simply asked a hypothetical question, if Steve Hirsch would buy a tape of her. Never is it even insinuated that such a tape exists. How sad that Tila is in so much need of attention that she would take that question and try to act as though the tape actually exists.

Just before she quit Twitter, Tila let everyone know that she was 13 weeks pregnant and was showing. Days after posting that, Tila did a photoshoot with RazB2K and posted the pictures to her blog.

13 weeks? Belly?

As you can see, she also posted about how the baby was once again conceived through in vitro fertilization. Now let's get this straight. The in vitro fertilization process for Tila to become a surrogate for her brother had not yet started at the end of December, but she is 13 weeks pregnant? The baby has gone to belonging to an American hero war veteran, a blue eyed exotic Swedish foreigner, then became a non-in vitro baby for The Game, then possibly RazB2K, and now it is back to being a baby conceived through in vitro fertilization. A 13 week old fetus that was conceived through intro fertilization, but did not exist a little over one month ago.

Yesterday, the story took a new turn when Radar Online claimed to have spoken with Tila's former bodyguard who confirmed that Tila's baby was for a war veteran. That is, after all, the story Tila was telling when she was posting about having the bodyguards.

Tila hit a whole new level of crazy when she released a statement to Radar Online to deny what the bodyguard was saying. Though the bodyguard, Kris, never made any such claim, Tila told Radar Online that Kris is not the dad.

Tila then took to her new Twitter to make even more outrageous claims.

It is probably not a good idea to accuse someone of sexual harassment after posting in a chat room about wanting to seduce their co-worker.

Having had to deal with a lot of Tila's nonsense over the past few weeks, The Bodyguard Group seems to have released a statement regarding issues about dealing with her.

As people care less and less about Tila, she has taken her desire for attention to the point where it is ruining the lives and careers of innocent people. From lying about domestic abuse, to exploiting the death of a friend, to having a new daddy for her child each week, to accusing a bodyguard of sexual harassment, Tila does not care how horrendous her lies get, whose life she destroys, her only desire seems to be having her name attached to it.


Unknown said...

There is actually a sex tape, but it's not with the Game. You can see a clip of it on 4tube. ALSO, there's one here: and this one NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT. I don't know if you can technically call it a "sex tape" because she's only having sex with herself.

JenDiggity said...

Great update! There's so much craziness it must be hard to keep track. I hate that this train wreck is so addicting. I can't help it! Thanks for taking the time to compile it all here.

Unknown said...

Oh and in regards to my earlier comment...she's denying the video is her (the 4tube one), but as you can clearly see here that wasn't always the case:

Seriously, you can see she replies to @theamazingxenu on her @officialtila twitter saying "gross! That is NOT me! They are using my name and we are suing!" That's far from the tune she was singing a few months ago!

Unknown said...

So is the letter from the bodyguard company for real? I only ask because of the whole Millions of Milkshakes fake letter debacle. I'm too lazy to do the research myself. I hope it's true, because it's truly damning of Tila, but then again there are tons of damning things against her and she's still rolling, sadly.

Unknown said...

Please get Tila some help. It's not even funny anymore.
Can't anybody get her the right help she needs? Where are her so-called friends and family?

Unknown said...

I hate her more than words can describe. But the one thing that I have to point out is, 13 weeks doesn't always mean a belly.
With my son (my 1st) I didn't show until about the 6th month - and I totally blimped out. I'm 5'1 and 95lbs if I'm lucky (slightly taller than her, but probably weigh less). For the record, my son was born a full term, happy, healthy 8lb 7oz baby. My 2nd child, I didn't show until around the 6th month again..and even the day before I had her, my belly made me look about 5-6 mths pregnant(She was smaller - 5lbs).

WIth that said, I don't believe for a second she's pregnant. But to base it only on when one is showing isn't very accurate. Everyone holds it differently. (My 5'9 sister in law always showed bigger/sooner than I did, for example).

And if we're all wrong and she is actually pregnant...everyone needs to start calling social services until that poor thing is removed from her care. Look at how she turned out -- imagine her offspring.

Lucky said...

Not only is she claiming that she's showing, but she hinted in her phone message that she can feel the baby. I'm sorry--but you cannot feel a baby moving at 13 weeks. Or even 14. Or 15. In fact, most of the girls I know only start to feel "real" movement (that can be confused with gas) at around 20 weeks.

Tila is insane.

Cnote said...

Ha yeah Tila also posted a new message on her say now talking about how Kris the bodyguard was allegedly going around trying to sell a story that he was the baby's father. She then goes on to claim his plans got messed up when she released the Game was the baby's daddy. Even if that all were true he could have still sold his story b/c the Game denied it. So just one more lie out of her mouth. We all know there is no baby and I really don't think any sane person is trying to claim they are the imaginary baby's father!

Unknown said...

Yeah I heard where she said she could feel the baby. Calling it a feisty little one. If quickening is at essentially 16 weeks (and most often confused as gas), then how can she feel a baby at 13 weeks. She's taking everything about pregnancy and lumping it all together in a few days. Even I know that.

Unknown said...

Well Kristen the only reason why a lot of us are saying she's not pregnant because we see no baby bump is because, she claimed that she has a visible baby bump. In a twitpic and also her photoshoot, we saw none. So she goes from saying she has a baby bump to not having one.

tui said...

Mod: in the future, can you please post Tila's chat room blathering at a higher resolution? Very hard to read, and I find those one-sided conversations she has hilarious. Great blog. Brilliant.

Laust said...

WAIT she has a NEW twitter account now? I thought she was supposed to be off of twitter?! WTF!

Noname said...


Just double click TT's chatroom "blathering" and it will be completely readable and rediculous. lol Hope this helps.

fck you, thats who said...

Tilatruth: Quick question. Do you have any idea what tila is using for self-medication? X17 online had a video up of Tila and I heard the paps talking to her about prescription medications. Do you think you could ask Kris what she was medicating herself with? Just curious. Thanks.

Ashley said...

she must have forgot about casey b/c I she hasn't really mentioned her in quite some time!! lol
what a liar...whens the miscarriage?

Fatty McFatterson said...

1. Tila is stating that because she's petite, she will not show as quickly as taller/larger women.

Truth: Petite women tend to show sooner. The fetus is the same size at that stage in any woman, despite her physical size. Now, the placenta may be differently sized, but it won't be a big issue at this stage. A petite woman has less 'hiding' places for a fetus than a larger woman. I am 5'9". I started looking fat at 5 months, and pregnant at 7 months. My daughter who is 5'2", 100 pounds started looking fat at 12 weeks, and pregnant at 20 weeks.

2.Tila says she felt the baby move.

Truth: Quickening doesn't occur until about 20 weeks. A first time mother will likely not feel it for a couple weeks after that because she won't know what to look for.

3. Tila has never given a due date of this 'maybe baby'.

Truth: I have known a lot of pregnant women in my day, and after the first doctor visit where they discover their pregnancy, they ALL talk in terms of due date. Every single woman I know, or have ever read about or heard about has always talked about due date. The due date becomes the focus of the pregnancy. When they talk about upcoming months, they talk about where they will be pregnancy-wise in relation to the due date.

Tila needs to have this miscarriage really soon, because if she waits any longer, she's going to wake up bleeding heavily into the toilet and not realize a miscarriage at a later date is more involved than just heavy bleeding, it involves hospitalization and actually going into labor to dispel the dead fetus.

Anonymous said...

Ditto re the need for increased resolution. I can't see the letters here at all, including the bodyguard letter above. :-(