Thursday, February 4, 2010

Casey Johnson

The coroner's findings on Casey Johnson were released today. It was reported that Casey Johnson died of diabetic ketoacidosis.

Tila claims she has been vindicated, saying "I always knew she died of natural causes while others kept insinuating that she died of drug problems" and "She never does [illegal] drugs so I told everybody that it was natural causes." However, after Casey's death, Tila was the first to say that Casey died because of a prescription drug overdose.

Tila also went on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell days after Casey's death and stated that she told Casey to stop taking her medications.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Okay. All right.

Now on to a very serious matter. You spoke about your belief that Casey died from a lethal combination of sleeping pills and complications from her diabetes. There's been so much talk, published reports that she struggled with alcohol and drugs. Did you ever witness her abusing drugs, either prescription or illegal?

TEQUILA: I definitely, when we first got engaged, she moved into my home and that's when I saw her taking a lot of pills with her diabetes. I knew she had diabetes and I've never experienced anyone with diabetes before with all those syringes so it kind of scared me a little bit. But she taught me about diabetes and what I should do if she ever wanted to see her and what not and...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Are you saying essentially that -- yes, go ahead.

TEQUILA: As for all other pills, I had no idea what they were. She had them in her pillbox that her doctor has prescribed them to her. I had no idea what they were. She wouldn't tell me what they were.

I asked her what they were and she wouldn't tell me. And it was just then like, you know, those little pillboxes that's Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday, Friday, whatever. And she would have like five pills in each, you know, locket and I never knew what it was and I asked her.

I was very concerned. I said what is all these -- all these pills that you're taking because you really don't need to.

And in the beginning, she was, I admit, taking a lot of pills. I don't know what they were, but they're a prescription that her doctor prescribed her and along with her diabetes.

But after we got engaged for a while then she slowly stopped taking all the pills because sleeping -- I found that her sleeping with me at night really soothes her and calms her down.

There you have it. Tila is a doctor and knew what was best for a diabetic, though she stated earlier in the interview she had never met anyone with diabetes. She told Casey to stop taking medications, even though she didn't know what the medications were used for. She went on to say Casey died from a prescription drug overdose and then that Casey wasn't using drugs and she knew the entire time it was natural causes.

You wanted vindication, Tila? There. It is all yours.


Cnote said...

Ok I'm no Tila fan, but I do find all the lies and controversy surrounding her interesting. So far almost all of your blog posts have seemed legitimate and I truly believe you have proven most of her statements to be lies, but in this one I believe you are reaching. She said she told Casey to stop taking the pills and that eventually she did stop taking the pills. I believe it is pretty clear she supposedly was trying to get Casey to stop taking the unknown pills not any diabetes medications (i.e insulin or/and possible others). She spoke of Casey having syringes and most people do not inject pills but she would inject insulin. So in this case I do believe you are twisting her words because she did say she wanted her to stop taking pills not stop injecting her insulin. But still I am not sure if Tila's crazy self would have really cared that Casey could have been abusing pills because it seems to me Tila is probably abusing something herself. And I would appreciate it if you did not reject my comment bc of I believe in the right to voice my opinion and I am not a bat shit crazy tila army member her to spam. I just want the truth on all matters and I believe you have nailed it on every other post.

Unknown said...

She's like the opposite of MJ's doctor but potentially with the same outcome. The thing with Tila is that you never know whether or not something is true however I believe there's a strong enough case for the authorities to investigate. Could you draw their attention to it?

chris said...


I was hoping you could provide some information about what happened between Casey & Tila the week before she passed away.

Tila states that she last saw Casey on Dec. 29 and Casey's dogs were left at her home (which upset Tila). Tila has also stated previously that she left town before New Years Eve for Houston, therefore, losing contact with Casey. She supposedly had her assistant drive by Casey's guest home (where she died) to see if her car was there when she didn't hear from her after New Years Eve. If this was the case, why didn't her assistant talk to the owner of the home to check on her?

I just have a hard time believing Tila was really in Houston at the time of Casey's death since she just returned from there on Dec. 26. How can Tila not follow-up better with the so called "love of her life", especially when she hadn't seen or spoken with her for up to 6 days? Also, I saw an interview on by an employee of Interior Illusions furniture co. and she showed a test message from Casey dated Dec. 30th that talked about Casey wanting to spend time after New Years with Tila in Montecito. Casey texted the salesperson about bringing Tila to look at furniture and about New Years Eve plans. SO obviously, Casey was still alive the afternoon of Dec. 30th.

I would greatly appreciate any further information or details you have to make sense of the situation! I can't imagine Tila thinking it's acceptable to have no contact with her "love" during this time and not being concerned enough to make sure she got ahold of Casey no matter what.

Thanks so much,

Unknown said...

It's really sad that Tila allowed Casey to go off those pills. All of those pills most likely helped regulate her diabetes in one way or another.

chelseagirl27 said...

except that if she was a type I diabetic, she should not have needed any pills. Simply stay away from booze, watch your carbs and TAKE YOUR DAMN INSULIN… which is a SHOT not a pill

Anonymous said...

WOW She makes me so MAD!!! She is always lying and getting shit switched around! My 10 year old brother can hold lies straighter than she can!

Suki said...

Cnote, she should be guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
Plain and simple.

Unknown said...

I don't understand why Tila had all of her insulin and syringes at her house and Casey had none at the home where all of her things were. There is a photo of Tila carrying it out to Nicky Hilton's car when she got the dogs. Makes me wonder if Tila locked her out or otherwise withheld her meds. I don't believe she was out of town either. Who leaves their "wifey" alone on New Years Eve?

Sandy said...

Here's Tila with Casey's SYRINGES. Why didn't Casey have them? Maybe because Tila said she didn't need them? This was when Nicky & Bijou came for the dogs:

Sandy said...

LOL Me and Just Me had the same thought.

The Tila Truth said...

Cnote, if you listen to the interview, you'll hear she says, "I don't know what they were, but they're a prescription that her doctor prescribed her and along with her diabetes."

There are pills she was taking for diabetes. There is a video of Tila and Casey at a club where Casey's bag is being searched because of all the bottles of pills. She tells the security who is searching that the pills are for her diabetes. Again, I am going by what Tila said, as that is the point of this blog.

People with Type I don't require pills, but many of them take them to help. I know because Type I is prevalent among my family and some of the pills they have to take, along with insulin, includes cholesterol and high blood pressure medications. Women sometimes have to take hormone medications as they get older.

It is very normal for someone with Type I to do a combination therapy along with their insulin.

I've known drug addicts and don't know a single one who used a weekly pill organizer to keep pills for their addiction. Most will just take the pills when they feel the need for them, not on set days and times.

These blogs are to point out any discrepancy or contradiction in what Tila says. That includes her talking about telling Casey to quit taking medications and saying Casey stopped, but then saying that she knew Casey overdosed on prescription medication, then saying she feels vindicated because she was the only one who didn't say Casey was on drugs.

Jennifer said...

This does not have anything to do with Casey's death, but I wanted to pass this information along to you. The Ambassador Reggie Martin thing has been driving me crazy so I've been doing some digging & you may have already found this (the only Reggie Martin with any sort of "power") -

Biography: Reggie Martin
Reggie Martin is a Senior Manager of Special Events and Sports at the World’s biggest casino in the world the Venetian Macau as well as being the US Warden for the US Consulate of Hong Kong. Reggie started working all over the world for Club Med Resorts back in 1997 which included places such as Bali, Dominican Republic, and Bahamas just to name a few. In December 2002 Reggie made the move to Macau to work at Westin Resort as the Club Director being responsible for events and teambuilding. Working with Westin Resort for 5 years Reggie decided to take on another challenge back in July 2007 joining the Venetian Macau doing Special Events. Reggie has a Bachelor of Science in Resort Management from Winona State University.

The Tila Truth said...

Jennifer, he's also on Twitter. I do find it amusing that Tila thinks a resort manager working on a tiny island off the coast of China would have enough pull to oversee her adoption in Africa.

Unknown said...

Tila is an obvious meth addict - and why would one drug addict tell another to stop using drugs?

I had an ex boyfriend who was addicted to crystal meth - the tell tale sign was that all the lighters around the house were propane ones - the kind that shoot a constant flame. Before i knew he was on drugs he was telling me he burnt his eyelashes lighting a cigarette. i thought that sounded weird. Anyway - I remember reading some tweet from Tila that said she burnt her eyelashes lighting candles... How much you want to be she was actually lighting a meth pipe? Her behavior is meth head. Google the signs. It's all there.

MissMary said...

Cnote and others discussing medications - the same argument came up on Perez Hilton and here's a copy/paste from what I said there:
Except if you are Type 1, depending on how severe it is, and hers seemed to be, she could have been on intense vitamins, immune boosters, sleep aids to ensure her body gets downtime… Tila said more, I just pointed out the obvious. Even the America Diabetes Association has a list of pills that are beneficial to Type 1 sufferers. (Quote from the site) "There is no "best" pill or treatment for diabetes. You may need to try more than one type of pill, combination of pills, or pills plus insulin." Types of pills -
* Sulfonylureas
* Meglitinides
* Biguanides
* Thiazolidinediones
* Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors
* DPP-4 inhibitors

Some of these are for type 2 only, while others have been used successfully outside the box, so to speak, as in not intended for but works for Type 1, while other pills treating Type 1 are derivatives of these main classes.

From diabetes non-profit:
Medicines for Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes, once called juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes, is usually first found in children, teenagers, or young adults. If you have type 1 diabetes, you must take insulin because your body no longer makes it. You also might need to take other types of diabetes medicines that work with insulin.

In addition to insulin, two other types of injected medicines are now available. Both work with insulin—either the body’s own or injected—to help keep your blood glucose from going too high after you eat. Neither is a substitute for insulin.

I doubt they would say "try pills, combo of pills" if there weren't some pills out there that can manage it properly. We know Casey needed insulin, however the above classes go hand in hand with diabetes.

Greg said...

hello all,
This death was EASILY PREVENTABLE..CASEY was ultimately RESPONSIBLE for her own health and medications. But my question to Miss Nguyen is "What medications were you trying to get Casey to stop taking" Afterall insulin pumps are not sexy but are a lifeline for type 1 diabetics. There are actually more questions than answers on what happened that fateful week.I do have a question for all those legal experts out there.

A couple that just met decides to get married. Everything is great and the wife who is type 1 diabetic moves in to the husband's house. The husband tells the wife that she really does not need all this medication and encourages her to stop. Unfortunately a fight breaks out after a night of heavy drinking (a diabetic should NEVER drink alcohol)and the wife storms out "just to get away." leaving her insulin/medication behind.
The husband DOES NOT check up on his wife for a few days and realizes that the insulin is still at his house. The wife is found dead from diabetic ketoacidosis which is a painful horrible death including vomiting and muscle cramps.

Is this a case of wrongful death or is the husband just a jackass?

andmommymakescrazy said...

Tila is a PEDOPHILE:

off topic but a few minutes ago tila tweeted that when she has her baby and adopts 2 more she will fly @lissylovestila out to help her.

@lissylovestila also posted on her own twitter today that tila called her and that she ( lissy) is 15.

wtf you baby loving whore.

Cnote said...

I retract my earlier statement about this entry being such a "reach". I was not aware that type I diabetics may also use pills for a combination therapy. Learn something new everyday. I really enjoy your blog and how the main points of each entry are based on facts and exposing the truth. When I first saw this entry I originally thought you were straying away from that, but you have proven me wrong. I am glad you did and keep up the good work. Touché!

Jacqui said...

This was left as a comment on Tila's latest blog.

busted!: 02/07/2010 2:22 PM
HI everyone, MY name is Bian and I am viet.... I FINALLY had to write on here because we have all read this and want the world to KNOW the real TILA. TILA dropped out at the end of our 9th grade year because she was so hated by everyone in our school. By homecoming of our freshman year, TILA had already accussed 5 boys of rape, which was proven to be a lie, after she financially ruined their families. Her parents put her out after that because she destroyed their reputation and to VIETNAMESE people that is very important. Tila also had altleast 8 FAKE pregnancies and there were different fathers there as well. She accussed atleast 4 boys of being the father during 8th grade in the matter of a few months. She kept up this charade until her parents proved she wasnt pregnant. They brought her to school with the boys to the principle office and made her take a test which was negative. Tila was so embarrased she said that another girl forced her to do that to get back at that boyfriend. There was no other girl. Tila used to tell people she was going to buy them this for their birthday or for xmas all the time and never did. EVERYONE including the teachers knew she was a liar. TILA did cocaine and meth and marijuana from like 10 on. She was a geek, not popular because she lied so much. Tila would tell people that she knew these street kids who she was going to go to and have them hurt them. TILA messed them over and according to the newspaper, had gotten her house broke into and parents house nearly destroyed for stealing these peoples money and drugs. One time that beat the shit out of her for telling them she was going to goto the police. She told the police her dad hit her, but they never arrested him because of her history with them and the fact that he had been out of town for work. TILA tried all the time to tell people how bad her family was to her, but her mom and dad were nice people, very active in the community until tila disgraced them so bad that they had to move. They tried giving her everything they could and finally sent her to a juvie center to help her. When TILA go out she told everyone had she was in charge and was controlling gangs and areas. The police then arrested her summer of our sophomore year for prostitution and drugs. TILA was always a whore, getting STD's and stuff. TILA had multiple personalities and was always thinking she was GOD.
WHAT WE ARE SAYING is TILA LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING, THERE IS NO TRUTH TO ANY OF HER PAST that she has created. TILA IS BROKE, she has called home and some of her old friends begging for money. NO ONE WILL GIVE HER A DIME. TILA IS A METH HEAD and has and will USE ANYONE she can. SHE THINKS that you people in HOLLYWOOD think she is famous and important. SHE was told over XMAS when we saw her that she was a joke to the world and a loser. She doesnt own her home, has no car, her drivers license is suspended that is why she doesnt drive and has a record for theft, drugs and solicitation. SOON all of these people she is saying she is representing will learn that she is a liar. She bragged about her phone sex line... SO RAZ is now doing phone sex for a paycheck. Joe Francis is the mastermind behind this and now that he has all his assests frozen, he hasnt been giving TILA any money and cant for a long time. IT WILL be very soon before the world finds out about TILA. ALSO, she told us IN DECEMBER that she WAS NOT PREGNANT, so there is no way she is now 15 weeks as she claims. TILA is not a LESBIAN and never was, she would just fuck who ever gave her money in TEXAS. I see the comments about her family stepping in, and well, to be honest, they wont even let her in their house because what she has done to them, They say they have no DAUGHTER. She is not allowed her nephew because of her drug habit according to her brother who lives her and still talks to us.

dhendricks said...

OMG I HATE TILA!!! and i love this site btw, very very accurate info. um, hasnt been an update in a few days so lemme just say: NOW, tila is saying that her babydaddy signed a contract with her saying that she would have full custody of the baby and he was just a sperm donor anyway...hello?!! so why were you so mad at the game saying he was not the father or your child and you were hinting that you would still be able to abort it bc now you were facing being a single mother when that was the plan all along??? and sperm donor? contract? sure sounds different than what you imply when you say youre about to go "make love" to the babydaddy, or its "babymakin time" with him??? i cant believe she has such a hard time keeping her facts straight. and i know most of her "fans" are really tila herself, but some of them i suppose must be real. are they retarded that we, the "haters" can keep her info straight but her most loyal fans cannot? tila put it best herself i think by tweeting, "how is it that my haters KNOW MORE ABOUT ME than my fans?". first correct thing out of the lying b***chs mouth. we DO know her for what she is, a sad, pathological lying sociopath.

Greg said...

Final Thoughts On Casey's PREVENTABLE Death......

The biggest and most important question is..

I know my answer.

FACT:Tila Tequila was the last person to see CASEY JOHNSON ALIVE

FACT: CASEY JOHNSON'S legal residence was with Tila Tequila at her house.

Unknown:Why was casey johnson at the guest house with NO ELECTRICITY
and probably no phone(unknown)

Unknown:What medication did Tila try to get casey to stop taking?
An insulin pump would be attached to casey around her waist band.

Unknown:Was Casey Johnson's phone shut-off? by who? Did casey have any phone line to call paramedics?

Unknown:Where EXACTLY was Tila during the week of christmas thru new years?

Unknown:What day was Tilas last contact (phone, text e-mail etc.)with Casey?

Unknown: Where was Casey's medication especially the insulin?
C-note> There are many ancillary medications with type 1 diabetics that help the insulin work better and help stop the destruction of the body because of HIGH BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVELS.

FACT: You knew CASEY about a month and she is DEAD..A normal person would say to themself "what could I have done to prevent this"

Opinion- You blame her friends and family. When 2 people get married like you claim the friends and family usually back off and let the couple enjoy marital bliss.

Opinion- Tila not only DID NOT LOVE CASEY but was not even a good fiend to her. It SICKENS me that you have gone on to say "she was the love of your life" Tila's actions speak LOUDER THAN words. You threw her out of the house probably because of the dogs crapping on the bed and YOU HAD NO CONTACT WITH HER FOR AT LEAST 6 DAYS. You knew Casey was a diabetic and you knew where the insulin was and you knew casey did not have much money in her bank account. TILA COULD HAVE EASILY PREVENTED CASEY'S DEATH...

Unknown said...

Hey, this is just to add some basic information about the way that Tila operates.

Before I really understood her contradictions, I posted a few times on her website nice comments. The first nice comment I wrote went to the second page, but it was the only nice comment. I checked back later and it was made the very first comment on the first page. Weird, I thought.

Then, for another post, I wrote about how people need to know that their negative posts are just adding to negativity. I left my name on this, but later found it changed to "Anonymous" and there was stuff added saying "I love your projects, Tila! Stay strong" ect.

This shows more and more that Tila edits what her fans say even though she leaves her hater message untouched- she does fight them at times secretly.

As for the pills, I thought she said she thought Casey was taking sleeping pills as Casey had trouble sleeping. And those pills that were also prescribed were the ones that Tila suggested she stop taking, referring again to the fact that Casey felt better sleeping with her.

Casey was not able to go to Houston with Tila because of the charges against her by Jasmine Lennard and Courtenay Semel- she was not allowed to leave the state. Tila explained that they were both upset about this, but since her family had been estranged from her for years, she had to go and Casey encouraged her because of her own desire to be reconnected with her family, specifically her father.

keep in mind we have been blaming no one else BUT Tila and letting other things go under the carpet.

Lastly, Tila int hat interview never stated when exactly she met Casey so for her to be 13 weeks could be plausible; however, her changing the story on the baby daddy and acting innocent about it is quite scary. Recently she said her and her babby daddy made up, but then the Game recently also wrote on his twitter that Tila was a liar or posted in a group that was titled this. So, there you have it again.

Unknown said...

Here is more about reggie martin, apparently he is the ambassador of Macau


Unknown said...

There is more about Tila.

Greg said...


In the Jane Velez interview she states she met Casey 3 days before the engagement video. I put this as december 6th. Her trip planning during x-mas week also seems weird.She came from houston stayed a day or two in LA and then went back to houston ..WHO DOES THIS? why not just stay the whole week. There apparently was no contact(phone,tweeter and email between the two so madly in love which also seems odd. Tila did not even do a welfare check on casey after she did hear from her for 6 days. Even if they were fighting a wellness check should have been done because of casey's diabetes.

a married couple look out for one another through good times and bad.

Unknown said...

Okay, last post by me with a link! lol here is her latest interview about her pregnancy, her new reality show and her response to "haters" as well:

I was actually impressed by her, but not by the interview guy. He did not ask very many questions, but made it more conversational with Tila taking the lead. I notice that she does that. Anyone else notice that both Casey and now who she is managing, Razb, have/had a passiveness about them with her?

And go on her myspace. There is a link to her sex tape joke video but instead of the game, it says something like "Did Razb and my sex tape leak????" And it is completely inappropriate to do that to her client. Just my thoughts. Peace

Cam said...

I feel like a stalker, buuut check out She claims to be a friend of Tila's and it all sounds pretty valid. Apparently Tila was seen with a black eye today, maybe that is why she didn't go on ustream? There are lots of incriminating tweets on that account:

@IM2SXC Dam, lol this bitch is really drunk!! Dam #bitch! #drunkass
1:10 AM Jan 24th from mobile web in reply to IM2SXC @NMBR_1 Leaveing the party now! Was kinda fun))) gonna take tila's drunk ass home first!!
1:08 AM Jan 24th from mobile web in reply to NMBR_1

Pregnant? I don't think so.

Cam said...

Oh yes, and I highly suspect that @NMBR_1 is Tila's drug dealer. @IM2SXC repeadedly talks about Tila and others wanting to call/see him, pick stuff up and drop off cash. Plus he is very secretive with his job.

Unknown said...

Okay, I did not catch that she said three days before the video. I just caught the parts she wouldn't answer and when she said it was about the time the charges were put against Casey.

The last time she contacted her waas the 30th. Did Casey die the next day or what day? I do not know all about the exact timeline; however, I doknow that Tila did try to get a hold of her- thought it was her sleeping problem- had her assistant drive by the house?- and then flew back the same day she heard about Casey. Corrections? Or?

Fatty McFatterson said...

On that interview show with the woman (can't remember her name, Jane-Something), Tila claims that she and Casey got together AFTER the ruckus with the chicks who stole Casey's belongings. It appeared that they met after charges were filed, which at the least would be late November.

If you follow Tila's tweets from roughly mid-November until Christmas, you'll find very few references to Casey and their 'love'. Considering what TweetWhore Tila is, and how she drags on with her lies for days and weeks on end, tweeting dozens of times throughout the day, wouldn't you think Casey would warrent more than a couple of tweets every few days? When you are in love you can't stop thinking about the person, you are in an obsessive mode and their every gesture or word is thought of and remembered. You plan things and delight in each other's company. And more than anything, you SHARE YOUR JOY!!!

Look at all the tweets about the MaybeBaby. There should have been at least that many for her love for Casey. There are not.

Look how quickly she moved on from the 'love of her life'. No one does that. She conveniently excuses her lack of tweeting about Casey my saying she doesn't want to exploit her any longer, but it's really because that lie has played out and there is no longer an audience for it.

Today her tweets are private. What do you want to bet it's because she had a 'miscarriage' and is devastated by it. Countdown to the sad news coming in the next 24-48 hours.

Jennifer said...

I digress here, but I came across this other blog about the legitimacy of Casey Johnson's twitter account (@caseyjonsonjnj),and whether or not Tila herself was behind it.

Why would Casey spell her own name wrong?

Love this site, BTW. Cheers me up the truth about her is out.

And if it's true she f'ed up innocent people's lives in HS, (and all things point to yes), then she is definitely the exact opposite of the strong feminist she pretends to be. I don't believe that Shawne Merriman abused her, but even if he had, it seems like she toally deserved it, a la Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Unknown said...

tila "blog" which first talks about why she is no longer mentioning Casey Johnson to the media. and then she just goes on and on about her pregnancy and new family and how she's changed her outlook on life. and oh, how she quit twitter, but now she's back.

Unknown said...

Oh jeez. I noticed some spammer on Tila's website reposted my post about her changing my comments over and over again.

I feel bad now because I know that she was just trying to stick up for herself and truly I am the type of person who does not like hurting others/putting them down so when I see someone using my words to do so, I cant help but feel bad. EVEN THOUGH I KNOW TILA MANIPULATES HER it's clear evidence. She's falling into a hole. She bashed that magazing too btw that she was supposed to be on the cover of and they are owned by Maxim...big mistake. She has made everyone afraid of getting close to her because we ONLY hear about how she destroys people. It would be different if there was a balance but it is all about negativity in her world. Ijust hope that she can get help soon. I feel like im reading the blog of a teenager- I know that she is dyslexic and bipolar with multiple personalities but even that isn't consisten lol Jane was supposed to be the one in control this winter and she hoped that Jane would find love. It's in one of her blogs- i dont know if its still there.

The fact that Carlton Jordan is writing a blog will be very interesting.

Unknown said...

Last Last excerpt from Blinding Gazes and Queer Perfomalities that shows how the TV show really ended up reinforcing woman objectifying, lesbianism for the sake of male pleasure, the situation as a race with a winner and loser and ultimately sick ending. Dani represents the authentic, true to her own self lesbian who must always be an outsider to the ways of society, including always the loser in the game and back to the ways of heterosexual world (NOTE: int he second season, even though Tila picked a girl at the end, it failed and the girl acted unsure. Same effect. Interesting) :

"When Tila chooses Bobby, we are treated to yet another image of Dani on the outside, forever looking in. She drops her head with a slight smirk that speaks volumes and histories. It is the knowledge of the loser in the heteronormative game of love and desire. It is a statement on the danger of a game in which sexuality is tried on for the patriarchal gaze. As a montage of Tila with both Dani and Bobby plays, Tila suddenly separates her liplock with the perpetually confused Bobby, chasing after Dani. Tila sobs as Dani holds her, crying that it isn’t easy for her. “I’m going to miss you. You’re a great girl.” The proverbial pat on the back for a great girl does little to ease Dani’s hurt. We are treated to several shots of a heartbroken Dani, who dejectedly says “I thought we had something real.” That something real shatters in a million pieces, as the camera abruptly cuts to Tila, running to jump into Bobby’s arms. “I’m so excited!” she squeals, with nary a second thought to Dani. Her excitement emerges as she sheds her queered identity and leaps back into the arms of the heteronormative. Tila’s last statements follow: “I get to be with my man…In the end I chose the man.” And all is right in the heteronormative world.

Alena said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Schleen said...

At 36:40 in Tila's farewell to Casey video (on her ustream account) you can see her SPLASHING her face in the sink via the reflection in the window... she then returns on camera with 'tears' on her face, sniffling. She is a sick pathological liar! PLEASE mention this in a blog, another one of her lies!!!!!

berann said...

I first read about this at Casey Johnson’s Death Linked to Diabetes only thing I can say is what a waste, at least she had live her life no matter how brief to the fullest. My condolense to the Johnson's family