Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tila Agave

Our first post to this blog was all about Tila's alcohol allergy. She's gone out of her way to try to claim that you will not see her drinking because she is allergic. We proved otherwise. This blog was created to point out her lies and inconsistencies. If we wanted to point them all out, we'd need a staff the size of the New York Times, so we go with what we can.

Last night, Tila took her strip show to a place called Greenhouse. Pictures have been posted on other sites, like The Superficial, of her singing while people are walking away, the crowd looking bored, or people not paying her any attention as she tries her hardest to get them to look at her. These are the pictures that caught our eyes though...

It wasn't her crooked nipples hanging out of her ill fitting dress that caught our eye. It's what is in her hand...

There we go. What is that she is drinking? It must be water. Tila is allergic to alcohol, so it can't be anything like that.

Wait a second. That's 80 proof Alma de Agave Blanco.

Here is to hoping Mr. Bradshaw, Garry Sun, and Leo Madrid rushed Tila to the hospital after seeing her with this bottle in her hand. She still has to promote her song about condomless sex and that might be hard while suffering from an allergic reaction.


Angii said...

LOL this is the best blog i've seen in awhile..

she's so full of shit.

good job <3

Unknown said...

LOL Love it! Has Tila ever told the truth? She says the dumbest things and lies about dumb crap..

Unknown said...

LOL i still don't get why she is so horrible at lying. someone who does it and has as much practice at it as she does, should surely better at it by now. my god, she's pretty much a professional liar at this point.