Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tila Tequila Records

Earlier this year, Tila signed Raz B to her "record label" ... It didn't end well. Tila threatened to sue Raz for releasing a mixtape without her help, after she was of no help getting anything else released by him. Tila was featured on one song, but went on a rant, acting as though she wrote and produced an entire album and wasn't getting any credit. This is shortly after Tila claimed she would be setting up a photoshoot for Raz, which turned into being a photoshoot where Raz ended up in the background of a few pictures of Tila.

Tila has yet to sue. Raz B is still releasing his mixtape. We are still waiting for that cease and desist e-mail.

Next up to Tila Tequila Records, Texaz Twinz. Tila issued a "press release" through her blog to let everyone know about them.

We hadn't heard much else on the signing of Texaz Twinz since then. Then people started asking them what was up and they finally replied.

Now there is Rob, another artist Tila has "signed" to her record label. (There are no records of Tila Tequila Records existing that anyone can find yet.) She made a post to her blog, announcing that she signed Rob.

Tila mentions that Rob was one of the last two standing on New Zealand Idol.

Finishing seventh is nothing to be embarassed about. It's much higher than Tila would ever rank. We heard her sing on her karaoke strip tour and if she ever made it to any of the Idol shows, she'd be seen on the first few episodes where the horrible singers are featured for laughs. We have no idea why she needs to lie about how Rob placed on the show, as he still did well.

Rob has talked with people who dislike Tila over Twitter and Facebook. He's a very nice guy and we can only hope he gets out before it is too late. We don't want to see Tila do to him what she did to Raz B, The Game, or Shawne Merriman.

Tila has made it clear that she doesn't care how horrible the press she gets is, as long as she gets it. She has made it a point to try to ruin the careers of friends, colleagues, and people she doesn't even know, just to get negative press for herself. The last line of Tila's post about signing Rob is an eerie foreshadowing of what is possibly to come. His life will never be the same? Pow? We will have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Remember when she said she bought Raz a 13 million dollar mansion? ROFL

Okaykayluhh said...

More like $0.13 cardboard box.

tizerri said...

The best part is where the texastwins said 'fuck that mogul' or whatever they said. I think EduardoRetardo screen capped it, that would be an awesome addition to this post!

Unknown said...

i just don't get it. why does she even bother with all of these "businesses"? none of them are lucrative. she doesn't put any effort or time into any of them and she obviously doesn't seek out professional advice or help for any of these endeavors. she's like a blind person trying to find a needle in a hay stack. it just makes no sense to me why she keeps bothering.

Unknown said...

I really hope he gets out before she tried to pull crap with the poor guy. If she can not get her own music sold how on Earth can she get anyone elses.. When will people learn?

Anonymous said...

This is what I hate about that woman. She says that she will make them famous, but really all they are there for is to get her more publicity.

Once she uses them for her own the Raz B photo shoot...and they want to start releasing their records she gives no help, in fact she runs screaming to twitter that they are ripping her off and she's gonna sue them and generally bad mouthing them.

She really is a prize bitch. She's messing with people's dreams and livelihood's and she obviously doesn't give a shit about them.

I groaned when I saw her post about wanting fashion designers too. Sad thing is, some people will send her in designs (probably teenagers). I doubt if she will help them at all. I see a situation arising where she passes the designs off as her own.

She constantly bangs on about how she is a sweet, good person, but I see no evidence of that whatsoever.
She just comes across as a skank who uses people for her own ends and then bad mouths them.

I'm glad your site exists to expose her lies.