Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love and TV

Tila has been talking a lot lately about her new television gig. According to this article (note: there is a poll along with that article), Tila says she will be a guest host on WWE Raw. Is this the television show she has been going on about? A one night guest hosting gig? Now, the rumor about Tila guest hosting is coming from Tila's own mouth, so we'll have to take that for what it is worth.

She admits to not knowing anything about wrestling, but she did last almost a week in another publicity stunt of a relationship with a bodybuilder.

They were possibly introduced by their mutual friend, Gary, who has gone on and on for the past few days, trying to take credit for their relationship.

After going on her endless rant about anal sex, lube, and other things which do not need to be seen again, Tila talked about how excited she was to soon be marrying this new random person in her life.

Isn't that nice? Marriage and adoption (why it has to specifically be a black child is beyond us). Wait a second, what happened to Tila's newly formed baby that she conceived by an in vitro injection in the arm?

Well, less than an hour after her nice post about becoming the wife of Casa Wilson and adopting a child, Tila says that she hopes to become pregnant when she rapes him.

First Tila supports Chris Brown for abusing Rihanna, saying she deserved it, and now she jokes about rape.

Such a classy woman. Who wouldn't want their daughters looking up to a person like this?

After more talking about sex and pizza, Tila changed the subject back to adoption.

Today is Tuesday. Instead of it being adoption day, Tila declared it her "chill day" instead and is now asleep.

There are still 12 hours left to Tuesday, so let's give her the benefit of the doubt and see if she flies out to meet her African-American baby today.

What about that relationship with Casa, you ask? This is how that culminated...

That is the last we've read about the two of them. He has since changed his Facebook picture, which was of him and Tila, to one of him alone.

Gary also had a reaction to the possible demise of the relationship...

I'm sure Tila's Oakland adoption agency would love to hear how her relationship went with Casa. How could they object to a woman who openly talks about fighting in the street with a man, jokes about rape, and has lied about adopting children from Haiti, Vietnam, Africa, and Russia.

Let us hope that Casa did not "make a baby" when Tila raped him, because as she told Radar Online less than one week ago, she doesn't "have time to take care of an infant."


Unknown said...

she also said she had a miscarriage and that she is no longer pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I've missed you....You're like a long lost lover that has come home from a business trip! Please don't stay away from us so long....

With that said, there are just no words. I am a married 35 year old upper middle class mother of two small children and I CANNOT. LOOK. AWAY. What is it about this lying piece of trash that makes us watch? I have experienced so many of the issues that Tila so callously lies about. That must be it. She strikes a chord in each of us on some level that really makes us hate her (or love her).

All of this talk about Children from Tila makes me shudder. I know that there is absolutely NO WAY she's gone through IVF.... 1) It's EXTREMELY expensive. 2) They do Psychological testing and 3) It is generally a 2-3 month long procedure at least. Granted, she'd be GREAT at shooting herself up the drugs (LOL!) but that in itself would cause her flat stomach to be pretty swollen! In regards to adopting ANY CHILD. Yeah, good luck with that too Bimbo! Very expensive, Very intensive background check, normally like you to be married, again an invasive psychological test.... the list goes on and on! (Even at a private adoption firm!)No way, No how is anyone in their right mind EVER going to give Tila a baby, which is why she's had to resort to trying to steal babies off of the internet. She knows this and is getting desperate. If this doesn't warrant a 5150 hold, what WTF does?

As a mother, I feel awful that she is someone's daughter, their flesh and blood.....How can they let her spiral out of control like this? I can't imagine watching my child (or any one I care for for that matter!) in such a way. Then I can only imagine what she must have done in her past to make them cut her off to the point they'd rather wake up one day to the news that she's died of an overdose. Sad how Casey's death didn't change their minds about Tila....She must have been one awful of a person for them to just not give a damn and let her spiral out of control the way she continues to do.

dingetje said...

great blog, as always!
I missed you!
please keep writing!

sandra98 said...

Keep up the great job you are doing.

Olivia said...

On this past Sunday night Tila made some comments on her Facebook page about throwing "somebody's" stuff into the dumpster and sending him on Greyhound to his best friend in Las Vegas (Garry is currently in Vegas, btw). She never did mention Casa's name, but in later comments she mentioned how being in a "toxic" relationship wasn't healthy and how she was dealing with a difficult breakup. Obviosuly she was talking about splitting with Casa. I'm sure somebody must have screencaps of the comments.

Oddly enough, later that evening she got on Saynow and had her first "advices" session with her fans. Oh Tila, nothing like getting engagaed to a guy you just met, having "gallons" of babies, breaking up with him less than a week later, and then deciding you're the next Dear Abby and offering up phone advice to 13 year olds. Kudos on upping the craziness.

Heffer said...

Tila mentioned on her facebook about their break up.. something about always giving him chances and he eff's it up.. i guess thats another failed marriage attempt for her lol