Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gossip RSS

It has been months since Tila first discussed her celebrity gossip blog. When she showed us a preview of it, she said it would be the newest "it" blog and would bring down Perez Hilton. It looked to be extremely influenced by Perez, down to the MS Paint drawings and well thought out and intelligent nicknames.

Updated with screencap on 05/01/10

One of the first launch dates for Tila's blog was March 16th. Along with the people who were going to help finance the blog, that date came and went. The next date was April 1st. That became simply became the first week in April, on to the last week in April. Tila gave us a new time frame last night.

That's only a few days away, but an RSS feed of Tila's blog has leaked. Remember when Tila said she had paparazzi "on lock" and her blog would be original because she had sources? Us too. It turns out those sources are the blogs she claims to be going up against in the "celebrity gossip blog" game.

Let's have a look...

That's an interesting story to cover. People, TMZ, ONTD, and every other site have covered it. How exclusive that Tila is covering it too! Wait, that breaking news banner across the top of the image looks familiar. Oh, that's right!

Tila, who once threatened any blogger for screencapping her contradictions on her blogs and Twitter, is now saving and reprinting images directly from TMZ. She also cites and links to TMZ, among others, in her posts.

Then there is her claim that Sandra Bullock is copying her by adopting a black child. Maybe Tila should have read the TMZ article she took the image from, where it said, "[Sandra] also reveals that she's adopted a 3 1/2 month old boy named Louis Bardo Bullock -- and though she and Jesse started the adoption process four years ago and brought the boy home together in January, she now plans to raise him as a single parent."

Where are the children of the ten nationalities you were going to adopt again, Tila? Don't get us started on the three fake pregnancies that happened all within 2010 either, girl.

Even funnier is this item she posted...

Tila says M.I.A. is now an "opportunists" because she married someone with money. Really, Tila? Really? How many (fake) karats was that cubic zirconia ring your "wifey" gave you? How many times did you have to let us know she was an heiress to the Johnson and Johnson fortune? How many times did you talk about her money you thought she had when it turned out she was actually cut off from the family? How many times did you talk about how sue-happy you were?

Tila, your jealousy is showing. M.I.A. is out there doing something while you're watching from the background, wishing that your strip club appearance got you 1/10th the attention M.I.A. gets for being someone original who doesn't get her videos pulled from YouTube for copyright infringement.

So much for Tila's blog standing out because of its originality or exclusiveness. If we want the information Tila's going to post, we will go to the original sources to get it.

UPDATE: Tila's bitch-boy, who she blackmailed into submission, was quick to say the site was being tested and everything has since been deleted. That didn't go as planned, did it? The Gods of laughter are on our side today and lucky for us, everything was screencapped.


Unknown said...

lol this is not surprising. i knew it would a huge disaster. however, i didn't think it would be THIS bad. she doesn't even use spell check before posting things to her site? "white supremeist" ...really, tila? you couldn't have taken the extra 30 seconds it takes to go through a post with spell check? of course not, but then again, she is a MOGUL, so maybe she feels like spell check is below her.

Anonymous said...

This so called blog is a joke and I doubt it will be launched on May 1st because Tila is a compulsive liar. She lives in a deusional world where she believes she is a "mogul". Sad, sad, sad.