Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tila's Advice

Tila has given up trying to convince people she is pregnant through the in vitro fertilization injection she received in her arm. It must also be hard to be a mogul out of a two bedroom apartment, because there hasn't been much talk of her record label either. Even the celebrity gossip blog's release has been pushed back at least four separate times.

When you've got nothing else going on in your life, you can always talk to your underage fans and give them advice. Because, honestly, who wouldn't seek advice from someone who faked more than one pregnancy, someone whose last two "relationships" were the epitome of what a relationship should be, or someone who had a fake charity?

Since the advice she gives is so absurd and not even worth posting, we'll post a link to something better. Chelsea Handler did an interview with the Miami New Times Blog and was asked about her least favorite guest. The answer isn't surprising at all, but we'd love to see Tila try to "go innn" on Chelsea because of it.


Unknown said...

Just wondering, did anything ever come of her fake charity being reported to the IRS? I heard something about the IRS investigating it but am not sure what, if anything ever came of it. I am curious. I, myself, sent off a formal letter of complaint to the California attorney general a couple weeks ago.

Unknown said...

hey i spammed her facebook page with this just now....

Unknown said...

Dear Tila I am Genuinely WORRIED about you. Girl I have respected you about these past few years but you have shown yourself to be severely fucked up. From faking your sexuality to pregnancies to charities to your true love to complete ramdomers you have just barley met then dumping them quicker then your used tampons.... Girl please get help you need it and it will help you. All these helpers will respect you for doing the right thing which is HELPING yourself man. Please do man I begging you, you severely need it. I will pray(even though I'm an atheist) for you so you are provided with the support and help you need. Please you need it man. Its for the best and you deserve it man.

i have snapshots for you man! just email me at

chris said...

Tila is truly a disgusting human being with no redeeming qualities. It's obvious she has never learned right from wrong and good values were never instilled in her. Furthermore, Tila is more than likely living in a one bedroom apartment, not a two bedroom.

Laust said...

Tila is so damn delusional! Yeah her gossip blog got pushed back on now she's all sidetracking and trying to get people to forget that she was supposed to launch this site 8 days ago. PLUS what happened to the record label? Oh that disappeared when she started talking about being pregnant! And adopting from Russia but then that all went away for a second then there was talks of a mixed baby with that man that she supposedly yelled at when he jumped out the car??? When is her invisible baby due? September or December? Where's the belly? She has all of these posters that look like they belong in a dollar store.

The advice thing she's doing is just GROSS! How many of her "fans" are underage kids? Probably 90% of them and she says some lewd things on twitter that I would find inappropriate if I were a parent!! I wouldn't want my kid calling her either!!!! Isn't that a long distance number!!

And now she is supposedly on tour to NYC??? What, at another dive bar to perform???

boytoy said...

I got the new issue of comsmoplation magazine with heidi klum on the cover and Chelesa Handler(author, comic, cosmo columnist) sounded/wrote off about tila.

Tila Tequila:
"I don't like to partake in Tila Tequila. I'm more of the Belevdere vodka girl My assistant Chuy, makes a great Belevdere maragrita and that way, we can avoid anything having to do with tequila, Tila or otherwise.
Whenever i spend a night persung Tila Tequila's Twitter page. I wake up with a hangover. There's no Alka-Selter tablet that clears up a bad case of morning-after regret for reading Tila's tweets or watching the live stream on her Bebsite of her falling off a chair while trying to "twitter" herself.