Monday, June 21, 2010

Dish It Out

Tila is at it again, acting like a child, attacking people for their weight.

Tila talks about "dishing it out" and not being able to take it. The girl Tila is attacking is Nikky Raney, a girl who wrote an article about Tila, using Tila's own quotes, to prove Tila is a liar. Instead of replying to the article, like a 28 year old woman, Tila resorts to name calling and picking on Nikky's weight. In other words, Nikky dished it out and Tila couldn't take it.

Tila also violates Twitter's TOS and gets her army to report the girl's page for spam, even though the girl did not spam Tila.

We've tried to figure out exactly what it is that the Tila Army does. Tila was supposed to move them into a mansion, give them cars and money, and they were going to help people. We have yet to see the Tila Army help anyone. Thus far, we've only seen them attack people's looks, at the whim of their army leader, and try to get pages deleted on Twitter, because they can dish it out without having the ability to take it.

The Tila Army is full of regular people. The type of people Tila likes to call out because of their looks.

From the way Tila talks, you think the Tila Army would be nothing but a bunch of super skinny girls with plastic breasts and wonky nipples. No. They look like the normal people you see everyday. They are small. They are big. They are short. They are tall. They are male. They are female. They are NORMAL looking people. They are the type of people Tila makes fun of for their looks.

Tila likes to pretend she only attacks people who attack her first. Let's name some of the people she has gone after, without them having ever uttered a word about Tila - Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Amber Rose, African Americans, Lady Gaga, Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Nicki Minaj, Hillary Duff, Kesha, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Beyonce, Rihanna, Mark Wahlberg, Maria Menounos, Katherine Heigl, Jessica Alba, and Samantha Ronson to name a few.

The lies about being pregnant for so many different men, the tales of miscarriages, the record label, the mogul mansion, the charity, the lawsuits, the domestic abuse, the television shows, the adoptions, etc... You dished it all out. TAKE IT when people call you out on it. Answer up to the accusations rather than chipping back like a scared little chihuahua.

Tila, take your own advice. You want to be a bad bitch? A boss lady? A mogul? Act like one. You are 28 years old. Not 13. Quit resorting to childish name calling and "lol, ur fat" comments. It's not becoming, especially when your own fans don't fit the ideal body type you go after "haters" for having. In fact, fat comments are all you seem to be able to come up with when you attack a person. We know your army is mostly children, but that doesn't mean you have to act like a child.

Update: I blurred out Nikky's name in the screencap and left her name out of the original post because I didn't want anyone to attack this girl anymore than Tila's nice and respectful army already did. Nikky left a comment, letting me know it was okay to post her name. Here is a link to her latest blog entry. It talks about Tila's "adoptions" but also goes into a respectful open letter to Tila at the end.


Nikky Raney said...

Hey thank you for posting about me. I posted a long entry regarding this via & She got me a lot of promotion & "fame." So I thank her. I am a size 3, and I am pretty sure that my body is fine. The only thing she could attack me on was my looks since all my facts are straight. xoxoxo

Nikky Raney said...

Yeah if you could link back to me as "the girl Tila was talking about" that would be nice :) Hope we can be buds. I appreciate that you blurred out my twitter name (: I have them posted so it was okay with me. But it was very respectful of you.

DV40 said...

LMFAO @ Skyy's huge 5head at the bottom!!!

Sorry, just had to!

BigPoppaPhat said...

Nikky is WAY hotter than Tila, and alot more natural, mature and classy. TT has no room to talk about her looks. Talking to Tila is like trying to reason with a shit spoiled 12 year old e-troll, all your going to get for a response is a bunch of name calling and empty threats.

Tina said...

Great post as usual TilaTruth. Glad your back to posting, missed ya. I can't believe the lack of morals this skank has. To resort to name calling is so High School. They say when you do so many drugs it stunts you psychological growth. This wackjob must have been doing a lot for a long time. Nikky I seen the vlog and by no means are you fat. You are beautiful and IMO she is very jealous of you.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Thanks for posting this TilaTruth and thanks to Nikky for putting herself out there.

What most of the lame Army failed to realize is that Nikky had a disclaimer at the beginning of her video that said she was just joking and wasn't a hater. Should they have attacked Nikky for the video? Sure. I'm sure Nikky could take a little ribbing about it, she did it in fun, and she should expect others may not like it but I don't think she expected it would become a witch hunt with Tila leading her army of miscreants to insult her looks.
If you want to go toe to toe with how attractive either woman is (because that's the only basis Tila and her Army know), then I'd go with Nikky. Her skin is beautiful, she's much younger (just turned 20), she has a healthy glow and seems happy and well-adjusted, which is evident by her posting the video of her scantily clad body in the first place. She appears to have natural body parts and definitely seems 'cleaner'. I don't feel like a crab is going to jump on me when I view her pictures.

Is she a bigger girl than Tila? Yes. Is she fat? No. She looks healthy all scars and scratches on her arms from a failed attention-getting suicide, no breakouts on her face, clean well-taken care of hair and skin. Overall, Nikky wins in the beauty department.

As for smarts and talent, well it's obvious Nikky takes the prize there as well. She can form a cohesive sentence and can state her opinion without peppering the conversation with POWs and references to herself.

Nikky Raney for the WIN!

deluwiel said...

For Tila to feel so threatened and get so bent out of shape over what was obviously a little video parody - There was nothing malicious or hateful about it -- speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...


Nikky is smoking hot and not even a slight bit fat... not that this was the issue as i think Tila uses this 'arsenal' of insults as that is all she has.

Besides, Gemini's rule!

Anonymous said...

Nikky, please have some dignity and stop lying about your weight. I'm pretty sure successful journalists are not cam whores.