Friday, August 10, 2012


Since we've been updating a little more often, but not nearly enough to keep up with the lies of Tila, we decided it would be a good idea to make a Facebook page.

You can now "like" The Tila Truth, keep up with blog updates, and post any of Tila's lies that you catch that don't get posted here!

This isn't only going to be a page where "haters" can get updated on which lies Tila is currently telling, but we hope it will be a place to reach out to her impressionable and naive fans who believe her and feel special because a former less-than-z-list celebrity replies to some of them. Maybe it is their age, a language barrier, or simply insecurities about themselves, but they feel she gives them the same respect they give her. We know this is not true. We know how she treats even her biggest fans if they do not bow at her feet. We know that she only cares that she gets attention from them and will turn on them, sometimes for no reason at all. We know that she has been completely disrespectful to her own fans and has rallied other fans into ganging up and bullying teenage fans about their looks. We can let them know the truth about Tila, but we can do it without sinking to Tila's level of cruelty.

While anything about Tila is on the table, please use some discretion when discussing any of her fans, especially since so many of them are underage. If anyone shows up with the sole purpose of arguing, then they are only bringing that upon themselves.

All I ask is to stay away from posting anything that could get you into any trouble legally. By this, I mean phone numbers, addresses, or anything like that. If something is public record and relevant, chances are that it is legal. Use your own judgement. Maybe you'll get lucky and get one of those fancy cease and desist letters Tila had her pitbull lawyers sent out a couple years back.

On top of not posting anything illegal, I will delete anything racist or sexist. If you see something, please use Facebook's reporting feature that you can click on next to any post. This will increase the chance of the person getting banned from the site. Let me know of any posts that you find offensive enough that they should be reported and deleted.

This Facebook page has just been created today. It may take some time before it is up and running fully. We are linking to all the old blog posts and adding some images. We are taking our time and are not in a rush, so it might go a few days without any noticeable changes. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment here or there.

It is a fan page for everyone who has helped to make this blog possible over the past few years. Enjoy it! Thank you, all!

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