Wednesday, August 8, 2012

She's Lying Again

Tila is an artist. She knows how to take the music of actual musicians, run it through software on a computer, and call it her own. She uses this same technique to call herself a painter. Having heard her music, I am sure you expect something along the lines of Cezanne or Rembrandt when it comes to her art.

Let's take a look at some of Tila's art, shall we?

This is a painting done by Tila for her friend. Tila says she put seven hours of hard work into this. It's obvious that this is a painting because you can so clearly see the canvas. Bad news, though. Tila forgot to tell her friend, Emilia, to take down the image she made using various Photoshop filters to manipulate an actual photo.

Tila took a bit of criticism for the obvious lie about that painting and waited a while, learned some new Photoshop techniques, and finally posted a new painting.

Another painting that took forever to paint, according to Tila. Let's take a better, more close up look.

While Tila has done a better job of hiding astoundingly obvious proof of a Photoshop job, she did forget a few things. First, it is always obvious when a person uses the canvas texture in the Underpainting, Glass, Rough Pastels, or Texturizer filter. Second, the obvious use of a brush preset not only to border the picture, but to sign her name. Third, liquify tool. Nothing else needs to be said about that one because of how obvious it is.

Tila says that you can contact her if you want your own copy of her painting. You can print it yourself and you'll get the same thing she is going to send you.

Tila's artwork inspired me. I painted a picture of her. This one took hours and I feel I might have found my calling.

If anyone wants a copy, please ask. I have only just started. Wait until you see what I have in store!


Anonymous said...

I cant believe that she tries to pass that shit off as real paintings. And I cant believe people are stupid enough to think its real.

Look at drawing of Tupac to see what her real art looks like

Anonymous said...

This is great. I laugh my ass off!Glad your blogging again.

deluwiel said...

*shudder* Snakey eyes... that picture is going to give me nightmares. Great rundowns of the convoluted lies. It's mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Hello old friend, it's been awhile. I was bored this afternoon and for shits and giggles found the skank on Facebook and found a link back here. I miss the entertaining days of faked pregnancies and suicides...ooh how's Jane lol. I must play catch up and see what the train wreck is up to. Luv me some Tila f**kery.