Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tila's "Truth" Vlog!

Well, look what we have here! Tila is now talking about her brand new TRUTH VLOG!

We wonder why it is that Tila doesn't want people reading this blog? Could it be she doesn't want them to find the real truth? The truth that Tila is a compulsive liar who is stealing all her conspiracy theories and prophecies from other websites?

Dearest Tila, we've been using this name long before you started trying to capitalize on the success of real conspiracy theory sites like Vigilant Citizen, Info Wars, Godlike Productions, and all the other sites whose information you steal without ever crediting. Unlike you, when we talk about those sites, we have the courtesy to link back to them.

When we've taken information from sites like TMZ or Radar Online, we source those stories and link to them.

When sites like Queen of Copy and Paste, Tila's Rotspot, and Tila's Spiked Tequila were constantly covering your lies, we'd always link back to each other. We tipped each other off, we shared stories, we sent viewers of our own sites to the other sites when there was anything we thought they should see. Now that those sites did what your own legs should have done years ago, we make sure to send anyone to Ghost Rider Radio anytime they write a story about whatever attention seeking stunt you are pulling.

Tila, if you want to talk about frauds, let's talk about you recently refusing to take down Selena's music that you are illegally profiting from, even after being asked to by Selena's own brother. Let's talk about your paintings. Let's talk about your fake charity. Let's talk about when you originally started talking this Illuminati talk and were stealing stories straight from other sites without giving any credit at all. Then when you realized you'd never be as popular as the celebrities you were writing about, you started begging the Illuminati to take you in so you could do their work for them.

We can watch Ancient Aliens or any of the History Channel's 1400 programs about doomsday prophecies and do it without having to hear you constantly smacking your lips and saying "um" and "like" before every other word. You aren't telling anyone anything new. Stop acting like you are giving out new information. Not only does it make you look stupid, but you're lying to your own fans about where you get this information.

It has been mentioned in one of our previous posts, but you are doing a disservice to people who have taken so much time to do research on various subjects. Is it too much to ask for you to at least give them credit? It is their work.

Like we said, we have been using The Tila Truth as our blog name since 2009. As you are a mathematician, you know that is before you tried to capitalize off of TMZ and Perez Hilton and before you ever mentioned any "Truth" blog. Since you have now decided to capitalize off the fame of Scott Bakula, you should go quantum hopscotching back to 2008 and register this site before we can.

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