Wednesday, August 8, 2012

She's Stealing Again

There isn't much to write on this that Ghost Rider Radio hasn't already covered. To sum it up: Tila Tequila is stealing again. Remember when she said she wrote the song Blue Dress? The song that was actually a Depeche Mode song? Remember when she said she wrote the song Walking on Thin Ice? The one that was actually Yoko Ono's song? Remember when she plagiarized sites like Vigilant Citizen and claimed those writings were her own?

Tila has done it again. She is singing poor karaoke versions of songs and putting them on YouTube and adding ads to them. The one that has infuriated people the most is Tila butchering Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, a song from the legendary Selena. This is not only copyright infringement, but Tila is profiting off of this illegal activity by adding ads. The most detestable thing is that Tila keeps calling this her song, saying it is an original track because she added extra bass in whatever cheap editing software she is using. She even admitted to finding a way around the copyright detection those sites have in order to upload these songs.

Since no one reading this holds the copyright, we cannot flag the YouTube or Sound Cloud songs for copyright infringement ourselves. What we can do is contact EMI and Capitol Records and let them know that Tila is illegally making money from Selena's music. You can write to them on Twitter @emimusic or @CapitolRecords and on EMI's Facebook or Capitol Record's Facebook. You can also flag the video on YouTube for anything else you feel it violates.

Let's be real about this. This is not a tribute. This is nothing but complete and utter disrespect for a real artist who is no longer here to stand up for herself and ask Tila to stop, although Selena's own brother and band member is asking Tila to please take it down. This is nothing but Tila trying to gain attention for herself. Tila has even tried to make Selena's death about herself by claiming to have been in the same city when Selena was murdered.

What Tila is doing is illegal, especially if her plans of doing a studio version without consent are true.

Selena isn't here to ask Tila to stop, but we can contact EMI and Capitol Records. Please do this. Write to them yourself. Retweet anyone you see writing to them.

I cannot end this without giving respect to the real talent...

 Que descanse en paz.

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Marie said...

I have a Sound Cloud and did some research on how she could get around putting the songs up. What she's doing is cutting off the beginning so that it doesn't detect the copyright. My little girl had been playing with the same program Tila is using to DJ which is Virtual DJ, and she did a Nikki Minaj mix which I tried to post to SC to show how ridiculous Tila's mixes sound vs what a CHILD can do with the program. Because I posted the song from the beginning, the copyright notice came up right away and would not allow the post. I then cut off the beginning and it allowed me to post it. This is why she wouldn't reply to Sound Cloud when they offered to help her post it, because she was LYING (as usual)