Thursday, May 13, 2010


I still haven't received the cease and desist that Tila said she would be sending me. Nothing to worry about, Tila announced today that she will be suing bloggers! (Suing "3 slanderous" as she put it.) One can only assume she is talking about this blog, Spiked Tequila (check that link for Tila's actual tweets about suing us), and The Rot Spot. Maybe we're wrong. Maybe she isn't suing us and is instead suing Perez, TMZ, and DListed for her inability to "dethrone" them.

Just in case it is the three of us that she is going after, I had my mega mogul attorneys draft up a class action lawsuit against Tila. You can all be part of it and share in our winnings of chewed up lucite heels and bedazzled sunglasses.

Let me end with this ... Tila, you can threaten to send us cease and desist letters. You can threaten to sue us. Our First Amendment rights will let us to continue to speak out against you though. Fair Use will let us screencap the trash you post. If you want to try to trample those rights, prepare to have the wrath of every First Amendment advocate upon you. Your only goal is to censor us for reposting the filth you spew, delete, and hope no one saw. We see everything, Tila.
"We do not Forgive. We do not Forget."


PSG said...

Rock on to the BIG 3!

Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Speech. Those are two of the best things about America!

If Tila or anyone else wants to deck that then they can get on the next hovercraft back to Singapore (or wherever they're from) and live there instead.

Sandy said...

I find it ironic that someone promoting a gossip blog is threatening bloggers that post about her.

Anonymous said...

What money is she planning to use to sue? She has none! And she mentions she shut down "most of" the blogs down. Which ones? They're all still here!!

I think she's pissed because the blogs are outting her on her copy & paste blog and the blogs that she's copying from can point to the anti-tila blogs for proof of it. Not only that, but proof that she's not getting the hits she's claiming also lmao AND us "haters" aren't clicking into her site and giving her traffic either since we can all read about her screw ups on these blogs.

You know what... I wouldn't be surprised if a new anti-tila blog showed up out of no where (just like the anti-tila fan that became a tila army member out of no where) to be "shut down" by her just so she can brag about something that never really happened.

Anyway, great job as always and please keep it up!!

Unknown said...

Keep fighting the fight. I love this site!

Zoe said...

Why don't we call this the LOLsuit from now on.

Anonymous said...

Sandy said...
I find it ironic that someone promoting a gossip blog is threatening bloggers that post about her

couldn't agree more!

Anonymous said... funny! Luv ur legal document on the wonky bits. she should be sued for visual impairment she has cause to those for wearing hideous clothes!

Anonymous said...

Bob Loblaw!! I love it!!

Unknown said...

hey Tila good luck trying to get these blogs shut down. Tila is such a freaking loser!! She is so pissed at how many fans she has lossed beacause of you guys. Love it!

Anonymous said...

She could try and sue for slander but then she would have to prove the statements you have made are false. I doubt she has any document to prove she was ever pregnant. Karma is a bitch and it will all backfire in her face. If she is dumb enough to sue you guys all her lies will come out.

antifakebitch said...

TilaTruth, I will love you forever for this one.

We know Tila probably already saw this. And we KNOW how pissed off she is. I hope she shows it to her lawyers; they will be able to laugh their asses off WHILE BILLING HER!!

Unknown said...

the thing is, if she had an ounce if logic or common sense or even intellect she would actually take the time to google freedom of speech, the limitations on exclusive rights fair use and copyright laws she would see there is absolutely nothing illegal about any of these blogs.

she can't even sue for defamation of character or libel as everyone is just posting things that she, herself has said. unless this retard plans on suing herself, seeing as she is the one saying all this shit in the first place, then she needs to stop because in the end, like always it will just make her look stupid.

when all these blogs are still up and running after she goes to her twitter making a big deal about how she is going to sue everyone and get them shut down, she'll come out looking like the retard, again, as per usual.

Christy said...

She's got to be the dumbest idiot on this planet.

She says she's 'suing' this person.
Huh?? who?? Wha??
(and I have no idea what this person @lil_spitfire26 has to do with anything, but she got caught in the meth rant too)

And I'm gathering she handed over her twitter password to her 'staff', so they can post the 'Blog' updates. She gets on herself and bitches and whines, so its' obviously someone else posting the updates for her blog to twitter. Tila would in no way, shape or form NOT say something about herself in all those update 'visit my blog' posts.

So, we have heard she's 'fired' 3 people so far?? Wonder if it was Carlton? Her sister? Her graphic designer?

All of you TilaHater bloggers, keep it up. Theres not a damn thing in the universe that Tila can sue you for. (especially not a felohnoie. LOL!!)

Love ya!!!

originalAKA said...

LMFAO! Nice! Love your lawsuit -- I'm in! I have lost some of my pre-Tila image assualts 20/20 vision looking at that hack job. I have been continually assaulted with images that give me panic attacks and nightmares which prevent sleep & the enjoyment of my life! My intelligence would also like to file a lawsuit. My intelligence has been insulted to the point that I am losing braincells -- all due to Tila's lies and buffoonery!

UB said...

Isn't the truth always a counterpoint to anyone threatening to sue for slander? That chick is sad. A mess. A hot mess. A hot mess in a cold bowl.

Anonymous said...

first off i love your blog and the rotspot. great job guys. but i'm pretty sure she is specifically suing or whatever it's called since its using her format. but i'm pretty sure they are also covered by the 5th amendment.

^ that's the one right there. and the 'mirror' site.


Unknown said...

Leave it to T.T. to make a post about Justin B. about how much she hates the Kardashians:

PSG said...

I almost wish that there was a court case and lawsuit...

...If there was Tila Truth and Rotspot could call Tila out over her fake pregnancy/fake miscarriage BS in court; so that she'd have to prove that she was actually even pregnant or had a miscarriage to prove that she was slandered.

I bet she wouldn't dare take anyone to court over that because everyone on Earth with 1/2 half a brain cell knows that she made the whole thing up for attn.

Noname said...

You can count me in on your lawsuit. TT has caused me emotional and physical damage along with the loss of wages. LMAO...

Keep up the great work here :)

Angii said...

LOL Tila is a complete idiot. *sigh* i wonder if we will ever get our lawlsuit.

Anonymous said... or whatever it's called since its using her format. but i'm pretty sure they are also covered by the 5th amendment.

^ that's the one right there. and the 'mirror' site.

I CANT FIND ANY of those sites! they just send me to google to look for sites like it!!!!