Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Terri Tequila

Tila has made a lot of noise over her plans to "dethrone" Perez Hilton. The only person she talks about more than Perez in her blog is herself. One of her main complaints about Perez is that he doesn't write for his blog and he has his sister do it for him. She even brings it up in her blog launch video, saying "Did you guys know that piggy Perez doesn't even write ... errr blog on his site anymore? He makes his little sister blog on his site."

What a horrible person Perez is, having his sister write his blog (which is still getting more hits than Tila's).

Wait a second. Tila has her "staff" write for her blog? I wonder who could be part of her staff?

Terringuyenomg? Terri Nguyen? Who could that be? It's none other than Tila's sister.

What's sad is that Terri's blog posts are just as poorly written and grammatically challenged as her sister's.

Tila's poor parents escaped Vietnam to try to have a better life for themselves and their children (Tila was not born in Vietnam, despite her saying she comes from a third world country), only to be blessed with these two blockheads for daughters. We hope, for the sake of her parents, that Tila's brother isn't a selfish, dimwitted asshole as his two sisters.


Anonymous said...

I like how the first sentence from each of her post could be used for Tila hah. Is she really that stuiped or maybe its a sly dig at tila.

1) This is what happens when you let trashy people on television.

2)I think she blew her mind when she wote this out in public.

Yeah they make trashy websites and they go shopping showing there ass. pot meet kettle.

Anonymous said...

LMAO WOW This is amazing! she's so stupid she doesn't even know how to cover her track! dumb bitch good one for pointing this out! hahah tilatruth: 10000000, tila: still a dumb whore!

Unknown said...

I feel bad for their parents. It's sad to think how much they sacrificed and how hard they must have worked to sustain a life here in America for themselves and their family, only to get two entitled, fame whoring, embarrassments for daughters who don't seem to want to work for anything.

Not to mention all of the lies Tila has spewed about her childhood. Every thing from growing up with gangs, to living off of "food stamps" and having to make a life for herself because she grew up poor and with nothing.

She never mentions the sacrifices her parents must have made just to give her a chance at a decent life.

I'm sure their parents must be really proud.

Noname said...

Wasn't Tila born in Singapore? I could have sworn her parents left VietNam, moved to Singapore and then when Tila was around 1 they moved to the states. I could be wrong tho.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely hiarious! Bloody well done!

Jennifer said...

It's never funny to make fun of people who can't conceive, but maybe TT's brother doesn't actually have trouble conceiving but just has the common sense not to propogate his family's crazy women genes into the next generation. I hope Marcos grows up alright, but judging what his mom and Auntie T are up to chances aren't great :(

;) said...

She's also got Carlton Jordan blogging for her.

Haha what.

RNB007 said...

Awesome find & point! I wonder how long Tila & Terri will get along this time? Tila better watch out if she pisses off Terri she will put her on blast so quick! Which will be good for us because Terri could really give us some dirt on Tila!
Great post as usual :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure their parents have disowned both of them, and the brother probably has too. I feel bad for their parents.

Sammi said...

Can we follow this blog on twitter? And you mentioned she is using WORD PRESS PEREZ USES WORD PRESS and I get a VIRUS EVERY TIME I VISIT and NOW TILA's I am getting WARNINGS from my computer and its acting up NOW!! Now I WONT be visiting her site either, BS!! Why visit a site that will leave your computer fried it makes no sense!

Anonymous said...

No Sammi, Perez does not host his site on Wordpress, but he does use the Wordpress software. Tila has her site hosted by Wordpress because she can't afford anything else! There is a big difference!

Elizabeth said...

do we have any real proof that it's her sister writing the blogs posted by "tila staff" other than the url? because honestly, everything posted by that person sounds like something tila would say and is typed exactly how she types. so i kind of get the feeling that she is the one posting everything and just using different names to make it look like people would actually want to work with her on that fail blog