Monday, May 10, 2010


Happy one week anniversary to Tila's celebrity gossip site of TMZ and Gawker stories and previously read news. The number of hits should be sky high now that the blog has been off the ground for a week and we've gotten all those amazing celebrity interviews that we were promised.

It was a nice run while it lasted. We can't wait to see what Tila's next adventure could be. President of Jamaica? Scoring a huge movie role in a movie that she can't tell anyone about because it is so huge? Assistant to bedazzler extraordinaire and stylist with three dresses in ten colors, Mr. Bradhaw, with his new orthopedic shoe line? There are so many exciting possibilities, it is hard to narrow it down to just one.

Although Tila has been going on and on about her upcoming EP with a song she has claimed is hers but is actually Depeche Mode's, she is blaming her "team" for her forgetfulness about the release of it.

Don't worry, Tila. The same five people that would have bought it if you told the entire world will still buy it without Carlton Jordan or your sister promoting it. We know it is probably hard for you to focus on one thing when you're on an Ambien high, but maybe if you didn't get yourself wrapped in your lies about pregnancies and miscarriages, ambassadorships to Vietnam, or even about something as ridiculous as your alcohol allergy, you might still have a little bit of credibility left. The chance that you can restore even the tiniest bit of what you once had many years ago is really, really small. Shut your mouth, quit typing about people you wish you were, and maybe even get yourself into a nice rehab facility. After that, you might be on the road to being a has-been, rather than a has-been who who people are still laughing at.


andi said...

You never fail to amaze me ur site. U always hit it right on the head. Now next time aim a bit closer to tilas big ugly disgusting drug ridden head. Thanks ur awesomeness. @andidid

Megan said...

The ambien thing explains a lot. It definitely explains Jane.

It's just amazing to me how grandiose she makes her life out to be, when in reality it's nothing but sadness. This girl needs an intervention - stat.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the hogul hasnt just started ripping into that utube dude.. bieble or whateva his name is. He has some crazy fans that would give her hits to comment. This skank will start doing anything for hit's you wait n see, i think this is just the start of her desperation. I forsee a call to arms to her army of 6 to spend a hr a day clicking links on her site for hits.

Tila's said...

This is so funny! Her site is so lame.. she probably refreshes every 2 minutes just to get hits. When will she learn it's time for her to give up the fame whoring its so not working anymore..