Saturday, May 1, 2010

RIP Baby Lie

Let's finally put this story to rest. We've said from the beginning that things did not add up with Tila's pregnancy. It started with her claiming to be a surrogate for her brother and his wife. The in vitro fertilization process was going to start in December of last year.

In early January, Tila posted a picture of a positive pregnancy test, which was quickly debunked.

Later, in mid-January, Tila claimed that she was "100% confirmed" pregnant and it was no longer a surrogacy for her brother. The baby changed DNA in the womb and it was now Chunks, her baby. It was conceived through in vitro fertilization and was Tila's gift to Casey, after Casey's death. However, Casey had died only two weeks before and we all know that the in vitro fertilization process takes much longer than two weeks. At this point in time, the father of the baby was also a war hero. Tila even claimed to have gotten a sonogram where the heartbeat could be seen, which normally is not something that can be seen until around six weeks.

Then there was the always changing baby's daddies: Tila's brother, a war hero, and a famous Swedish guy who didn't want to be famous.

Next, Tila went to Radar Online with a sonogram picture. It was supposedly taken on January 8th, which took the story in an entirely new direction. The sonogram showed a gestational sac which not only made it impossible for Tila to have just had in vitro fertilization since meeting Casey, but it would have meant that Tila was pregnant before stating that she was starting the IVF process for her brother.

More and more people were taking notice and putting the pieces together at that time, and figuring out there was no way Tila could be pregnant. The stress must of gotten to Tila, because she decided to name a brand new person as the baby's father. This time, she went with the rapper Game. That makes at least four seperate men who had been named as the father. She suggested that the child was conceived through a sexual relationship. The Game story crumbled as quickly as Tila thought it up. She later went on to say that the baby was instead for Avante Rose, a random person who works with The Game.

Around that time, Tila announced how far along she was. This would have put the conception of the baby at a date long before Tila met Casey. She also said that the child was no longer conceived through a sexual relationship and went back to the original idea that it was conceived through in vitro fertilization.

In early February, Tila was getting desperate. She started changing the dates of conception again, posting pictures of her "bump" yet saying that she was too petite for a bump to show, and even threatening to adopt an innocent child from various locations around the world.

This is when we get to the point that Tila realizes she can no longer keep up her lie. We updated the post about Tila's Gosip RSS feed today when an old screencap from TilasBusted showed up. It was talking about the launch date of the blog. Along with it was this tweet from Tila on February 12th...

Now, let's fast forward to present day. Tila says she is no longer pregnant. She claims to have had a miscarriage after denting her head.

Wait a second! The head dent happened after Tila already said she was not pregnant.

For those too confused as this point to catch that. Tila was not pregnant on the 12th, but had a miscarriage on the 13th.

In March, the story changed yet again. On March 5th, Tila is interviewed and around 2:35, before her assistant can shut her up, she says that she is pregnant.

On March 13th, she took to her new Twitter account to tell everyone exactly how she was pregnant again after a head dent caused a miscarriage.

Tila linked to her blog, which has since been deleted. Thankfully, it was screencapped by likereally on Twitter.

As we can all see, Tila said that she did have a miscarriage and she did get pregnant again, through in vitro fertilization. Many people were quick to laugh this off because no real doctor would go through with an in vitro process so quickly (less than a month, in this case) after a miscarriage.

Only three days later, Tila said that she was pregnant WITH TWINS! We made note in that post that if Tila was actually pregnant and was as far along as she originally said, her due date would be at the end of July. The story takes one of the most absurd twists at this point as Tila says her due date is in December. The December due date would mean that Tila had gotten pregnant sometime within the week of posting that and she is able to confirm she is having twins.

At this point in time, the baby's father became a soccer player and had a handful of different ethnic backgrounds, including "English (London)" as Tila called it.

This was after she did a Ustream video on February 11th stating, "My baby is half Vietnamese, half French, half African American, and, uhhh, possibly a little bit Caucasian. I don't know."

At the end of March, when Tila was still trying to claim that she was pregnant (but no longer with twins), she schooled us all with her biology knowledge...

While she said she was pregnant after not being pregnant and then having a miscarriage, she decided she need to eat pizza and rape a man so he could make her a baby. This, of course, was after she had an in vitro fertilization injection in her arm. She was also supposed to visit with her adoption agency, but instead flew with her enablers to New York City to partake in having an allergic relation to alcohol.

If you got lost somewhere within that mess, here is a summary. Tila met Casey in December and became retroactively pregnant as a gift for her "wifey" at the end of October. She started the in vitro fertilization process for her brother in December. Casey died in January and the father became a war hero, a Swedish celebrity, The Game, Avante Rose, and possibly Raz B. Tila was no longer pregnant. Then Tila had a miscarriage. Tila was again pregnant in mid-March (through an invtro fertilization injection in her arm), first with a boy, then twins. She was due in December. Then the baby became a English (London) girl with a soccer player father.

We can only assume that Tila's pregnancy story died when she had a moment of clarity and realized she could no longer fake it. This is TilaWTF we're talking about here, so we can only wait and see what she has in store for the future. The baby could come back any day now, either in the form of a ten year old Chunks or even her apartment's maintenance man.

Nothing shocks us anymore, except that there is still a group of about eight 14 year old kids that believe the entire story she tells and truly believe her blog will be the most groundbreaking thing to hit the internet.

Interesting note: When Tila was on Howard Stern in April, she said that one of her pregnancies was Casey's dying wish. Casey was young, and is supposed to have died suddenly and without warning. How is it that Tila would know the dying wish of a woman who didn't know she was dying?


Violet Morellet said...

Don't forget that at the QVC "red carpet" Oscar shindig, she not only posted pics of herself from the event claiming that you could see her bump, which was WAY after her "miscarriage", but she "confirmed" that she was pregnant in the interview that she posted. The one with the PR lady standing behind her trying to stop her from responding. She could try and say that she was kidding, or that she never kept saying she was pregnant after the "miscarriage", but it's right there, her face, her voice, on film, saying she was. And then after her "pregnancy blog" on Hotspot, which she quickly deleted, talking about the pain of having to go through a miscarriage, she made fun of miscarriage in the grocery store she took in her underwear, saying that she "miscarried a melon". I mean tweets are something she deletes and ignores, but these are things with pictures and proof that are undeniable.

Anonymous said...

I swear she was weaving her lies by way of how the "haters" were responding to her at first. She'd feverishly read every word online and learn whether she got away with something or not-then respond to try and lie to fix a previous lie. Only recently did she get very ballsy again once she got a PR firm to support her and Russell Simmons. Both entities are disgusting to me and have enabled this very sick twisted person more amo to shoot in the publics face. She lies incessantly now and has an "i don't give a f**k" attitude since she got big name backers again. It's disgusting to realize how fake the media is in general. They'll be the outlet for anyone these days to lie to the public... There are so many talented real people out there that can't get a foot in the door - and this is who they subject us to... The next generation coming up is seeing this and thinks its cool. And this generation has already been ruined thanks to reality tv and the Paris Hiltons's. It's so disgusting.

I remember when Tila changed her story yet again and said she was 3 months pregnant (and then over the next two months didn't show at all???) At that time I started bombarding her with messages saying "you know you are now past the time to miscarry on your own-so you won't get away with that - because after 3 months you must do a procedure called a "DNC" at the hospital. Soon after that she faked her miscarriage and had an ambulance come get her. She was released that night - She would not have miscarried and then wisked home. She would have had to scheduled a date to have that "DNC" still... She's such a sick liar its pathetic.

I really wish someone would compile a list and go after her through the media, as in starting a petiton of sorts to boycott media outlets that have these people on their programs (Fox etc) yet clearly don't do the research they should-otherwise they'd be asking these questions straight up - The petition should state if you aren't doing your homework on this subject, how can we trust you on important issues... I really wish someone would use this experience as an example, and really go after the networks that have had her own and called themselves reporters. I no longer have any fath whatsoever in what I see on television as news.

Anonymous said...

While I am an avid Tila skeptic ("hater") and don't believe a word she says, I think that in the interest of this amazing blog's credibility, it's should be noted that Radar Online wrote that Tila TEASED about the in vitro arm injection...she never actually claimed that that was how it happened. I'm all about exposing Tila, but let's not go overboard and try to exaggerate her exaggerations?

Samantha said...

YES! I remember that, Violet. I'd also like to add that immediately after her Howard Stern interview, she went at deleted those red carpet pictures (of her in the blue dress) from her facebook. Meaning she KNOWS that she had claimed she was pregnant and tried to backtrack. I hope somebody has those capped.

The Tila Truth said...

To the Anonymous who brought up the in vitro arm injection - Radar Online does say she teased about it and I am extremely sarcastic anytime I talk about her saying it, but if you watch the video, you can see that she actually does seem to think that in vitro fertilization consists of injecting sperm into the arm.

I link to it so that people can come to their own conclusions. When I watch it, it comes across as her thinking up things on the spot like she does with the rest of her lies. She's using the exact same inflection that she uses when talking to the reporter when she says that she is pregnant again.

antifakebitch said...

Don't forget about Tila talking about the baby "churning" inside her at the end of February (last week of Feb):

Strange she'd feel her baby since the baby's not in there anymore, huh?

Betty said...

And don't forget about how her garage sale $$ was for her baby

Annac said...

ahahhaha this is the best blog ever! thank you so much for taking the effort to put this mess together, i love it! so entertaining to watch this skanky trainwreak!! I just bookmarked your blog. god bless tila and her delusional head so that she can continues to churn out lies for us to be amused by :)

Anonymous said...

LMAO at the summary, Good read. thx

Kim's World said...

Hey Tila truth first of all thanks for writing on this subject and I hope you can post atleast once or twice a week again because I miss your posts. I too was wondering about the whole Casey dying words especially when you supposedly wasn't anywhere around them and they died suddenly to actually tell you this so maybe Tila needs to be questioned about this so she will have to think of yet another lie to tell. My predictions for her lie would be either she had been sick which begs the question why leave someone for that long if they are sick that they are talking about dying or that she never said such things and we are just jealous that we didn't get to know Casey or I knew people would think I crazy but I felt something was wrong and then Casey spoke to me in a dream to tell me that I should get pregnant in her memory yep that's the best one. I also want to mention that she seems to post the most vile lies then not only does she delete them she opens up her Facebook wall so everyone will post so they will forget that she even wrote her lies or figures ppl wouldn't want to go through all the pages. I'm glad you posted this particular one because this baby thing was confusing like when she had a miscarriage but was still pregnant a week later but I had no idea you can have a miscarriage by head dent when you aren't pregnant because that takes special skills. She also doesn't seem to know what being humble is either but that's not suprising though.

Anonymous said...

Wow, hadn't watched the video. It does sound like she actually believes that she could get pregnant from an in vitro injection to the arm. Ridiculous. I guess she should be thanking Radar for attempting to add the word "teased" in there to make her look like less of a moron.

Anonymous said...

We all know Tila has NEVER been pregnant. She's a habitual liar and always will be.

Anonymous said...

hello all,
It is been a long time but Tilas Nyc trip has my family reliving the nightmare about our encouter with Tila.An anonymous poster a little above me has brought up what I have been thinking. If we get our way and Tilas in jail it would appear that there are 100 or 1000 "tilas in training" and ready for the "(in)famous title" I have been chatting politeley to these young tila army members and most of them want to follow their leader into reality tv.Where have we gone wrong?
I and most of my family are invovled in medicine and we find all her medical information she is saying seriously flawed.But don't take my word for this ask a healthcare profesional you know and trust.
Case 1 -Tila is semi-rushed to the hospital for bumping her head on a chair.Look at the TMZ video there is no sense of urgency with the paramedics. Secondly she was in and out of the E.R. in less than 4 hours on a sat night/sun morn which is the ER busiest night.The ER/NURSES would not have released her that quickly with a miscarriage and a concussion(even if she did not lose consciousness).Maybe the ambulance ride was for show and she refused to sign the consent to treat forms and never mentioned her pregnancy to the triage nurse.After her release there is a follow up with a doctor to see her progress but I recall her jetting to OZ.

Case 2 -IVF for becoming first it was her brother and then it was a game on guess the baby dady. IVF is big bucks there are some plans (AETNA) that cover it but I think(no proof) that Tila does not have the greatest insurance plans.Tila is broke.

Case 3 The most disturbing is CASEY'S death. Diabetic Ketoacidosis is usually the cause of death among diabetic HOMELESS people. Tilas behavior that horrific week and why was she in the guest house and not at Tilas house? The guest house maid says there was no electricity meaning she could not charge her phone or have a fridge to store her insulin. Listen to the 911 call and the maids are saying CPR won't help because CASEY looks like she has been dead for several days.Tila had no contact with CASEY for at least 4 days. I can only speak for myself if I don't hear from my family for over a day I am GOING TO FIND out why? Why did she not call the police after 24 hours of no contact or call one of the people who work for her to do a wellness check.Ketoacidosis is horrible painful death mimicking the flu with vomiting and severe muscle cramping.Even after she slipped into coma there was still time to save her if they got to her.Tila pushes blame onto her friends and family. Tila was suppose to be ENGAGED to this woman so usually the family and friends back off a little. Tila and Casey were suppose to be watching out for each other thru good times or bad. peace out

Anonymous said...

to add to the above poster.

case 3. It was over newyears too, who wouldnt try and be with their new partner or at the very least ring them . The whole thing was weird.

Elizabeth said...

could you imagine having the job of being her assistant? you'd have to constantly monitor everything she says in interviews and then do major damage control to cover up the multitude of lies she told during the interview. there isn't enough money in the world that i could be paid to do that job.

dinosaur said...

Make up your mind, Tila! Is it a dent or a lump?

I can't help myself, but I do love that video. She sounds so out of it! So ditzy, making it completely obvious how much of an airhead she is. And it's also hilarious how's she betraying her many lies but still insists on keeping on talking, even though her assistant is like "wrap it up" for 5 minutes before she actually shuts up. It's so funny how the interviewer and Tila both ignore her... Tila doesn't mind that she's making a fool of herself, all she wants is cameras on her, attention, press, however bad it may be.

Still, I find it disheartening that there are still people gullible (or stupid) enough to believe her transparent lies.