Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Charity

As mentioned in the last post, Tila has deleted her Twitter account for the time being. She has taken up residence on her Facebook page, which allows her to write more than 140 characters with each post, thus giving her the ability to incriminate herself even further.

Here is a post Tila made this morning...

As you can see, Tila now claims her charity is not officially set up and she has not asked for money.

Back on November 19th, Tila was talking about her charity and when it would be set up. She talked about the type of things her charity would be doing and who it would be helping. In typical Tila fashion, she says she will be having charity drives in the hoods and projects.

You can see here that Tila is already saying donating to her charity will be a tax write off, which requires a charity tax ID.

While Tila wrote on her Facebook that she did not have a website that said "donate money here", she did solicit donations and ask people to send to a specific address for her charity on November 8, 2009. This was a little over a week before Tila said that her charity was being set up and not yet official. Asking people to donate to a charity that does not yet exist is not legal.

She also wrote on her Facebook that the charity is not yet official. However, she claimed something completely different back on December 3, 2009. Tila posted that she had the legal paperwork and the charity was now official.

What Tila said this morning on her Facebook is a complete and total lie. She did claim her charity had gone official and while she did not have a website with a specific link that said "donate money here", she did solicit donations from people.

Tila says people are making up lies about her charity because they are envious of her. The truth is here. The facts about what Tila said are there in black and white. She cannot hide from the truth.

Note: I am getting comments from people saying they cannot read what the images say. If you click on them, it brings up a full size picture.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. Charities for for the "hood" etc, et al, and yet she won't take checks @ her garbage sale. Great Blog here, Tila Truth.

I do wish I could have saved some comments from the Tila Rot Spot Blog.

I understand why they cuffed our responses, but still wish I'd copied those posts.

All that aside, you have all done a splendid job of trying to protect the innocent people out there.

Take care and have a great day!

Chatlin' Tila aka Bloglogger

Unknown said...

Silly silly rabbit TT. Unlike a computer program you can't actually ctrl+z and/or hit 'delete' in real life. Just cuz you removed you've said online doesn't mean you never said it. Now act like a real person and deal with the mess you've made out of your life.

And we're not envious, we're just highly entertained by the extremely dumb stories you use to try and cover your
other dumb pathetic lies.

Randi said...

Wouldn't it be great if someone set up a Jayden's Angels charity to help with meth addiction?

Noname said...

Who would be envious of a woman who is so desperate for attention she streams in the middle of the night naked just for attention? She lies about so many things. In an interview I watched today she just blabs like a child. Her pr person, or whomenver it was, looked like she was going to have a cow when she tried to cut off the interview. So no, no one with any common sense or self respect would be envious of a life like hers. I do hope and pray she gets nailed on her little charity fraud that she tried to pull off. That is just so disgusting. But then what hasn't she done that isn't disgusting? And she is still saying that in 3 years she will be the Ambassador to VietNam. I really wish someone would call her out on that. I can't understand why someone would continue to lie about themself like she does when she knows most people know she's lying and are laughing at her ignorance. She just keeps digging herself deeper and deeper to the point she'll never get out of the hole she has dug.

holyrollernova said...

she is completely delusional! i think the thing with the troll is that she actually believes her own lies. i think she is under the impression that she is telling the truth. it probably doesn't help that she is definitely on something - my guess would be meth.

the thing is when people get caught in a lie most of the time they just don't want to ever discuss it again. they find it embarrassing. tt just keeps adding to the lie, trying to make it more believable. as if she could convince others by continually harping on it that we should believe her.

i really hope she gets nailed for the fraudulent charity and the minors accessing her page. i understand that it probably isn't top priority, but something needs to be done. hopefully then once she is charged with something she can get the help that she really needs.

she is clearly mentally unsound and it seems to me like no one in her family really wants to step up. that says a lot that she has no one around her to help her. she's probably burned every bridge in her life.

oh and as per her accusing the people on these blogs of being "haters b/c we are jealous." please tila (b/c i know you will read this)...

i am not jealous of you. i think you are a joke and i feel somewhat sorry for you until i remember that you are a pathological lying, sociopathic, user that promotes child endangerment and takes money from kids to support your drug habit. own up to your mistakes and get some help!

Jacqueline R said...

Envious her??..Ha ha...I have never seen a pathetic liar like her. I applause for you guys to put her Azz down. I think you should write a book, so the World can see what kind of a creepy pig she is.

Anonymous said...

Another funny fact about this cunt asking for money. when she opened up one of many missions for the tila army was to donate money to the site to have a free membership . also there was a lot of bullshit on there i smart to leave this scamming bitches site . to bad that some people are dumb enuff not to see the truth .

but believe some one who's eyes are always dialated , which is a sign of Crystal meth use .

S said...

I have a question for the blogger: what do you think of Carlton Jordan admitting on Tila's facebook that he has made up with her and is helping her with her website?

It's on Tila's facebook page, under discussion topic "Tila and I are friends again". I personally think he was too lazy to write about her misdeeds and decided he'd like to get back on the trainwreck for some reason.

♥Sam said...

Watch this video about the 2:30 mark!

Cam said...

Hope you don't mind me commenting here- Tila claimed she won the lawsuit aginst shawn merriman, therefore breaching the terms of her settlement by talking about it. Does anyone know how to contact him with this information?

proof- via rotspot/facebook

Love the blog, keep up the good reporting!

Unknown said...

Natalilly said...

Can I just ask, who the hell is Jayden?

I remember reading that Tila miscarried some time back (she described it quite vividly.. lovely), but then obviously she became pregnant again through IVF for her brother. Or by some rapper. Or through IVF with her "wifey".

But then last month or whenever, she supposedly miscarried (saying it was her first pregnancy, and she'd never miscarried before etc. etc.)

Then she announced that she was adopting a baby boy from Russia or somewhere.

And now she's still pregnant??

Seriously, is Jayden a child she already has, one she lost, one she's expecting... It's hard to keep up with this woman's lies

Faka Dez said...

Jayden is CHUNKS MY BABY! According to Tila (so you know it's a lie), she was pregnant when she was 17, her baby daddy hit her in the stomach with a hammer and she miscarried. She said there was blood and chunks my baby everywhere. Basically Jayden aka Chunky My Baby is another one of her delusions. She wrote about it in a really long blog on her website. I'm sure TilaTruth has blogged about it here as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if anyone caught this, but on her ustream video (Dec. 3, 2009 I believe) she CLEARLY says with her own two lips that her charity went official. Keep up the good work!