Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Game

Tila recently made claims that The Game was the father of her alleged baby. Yesterday, The Game made his way to TMZ for a hilarious interview where he not only denied being the father of Tila's baby, but stated he barely knows her and didn't see her at the studio the night before.

Tila, seeing her baby story crumble before her eyes, took to her Twitter for another of her many rants.

To translate Tila's guttertalk, she is saying The Game called her to come to his studio where he then informed her that he had gotten another women pregnant. Tila proceeded to leave the studios, crying and angry at The Game.

Hours before The Game went to TMZ to clear his name, thus outing another of her lies, Tila was tweeting a completely different story about leaving the studio.

Tila is going to have to start reading her own tweets to get her lies straightened out. She doesn't need a lawsuit from her foreign American famous Swedish fame hating war hero sperm donor baby daddy brother.


Rottiecolt said...

This is Awesome! Thanks! I forgot that she tweeted that AFTER she got back from the studio...and she certainly wasn't upset then "about the other woman he got pregnant"

I visited her Myspace today for the first time. Did you know that in the About Me section she claims to be Bi-polar AND says she has Multiple she calls Jane???

She needs inpatient treatment ASAP!

Rottiecolt said...

This is written on her Myspace Page from Tila herself:

You people probably won't even be able to read this because my page is so cluttered...sooo...imma blab a little bit here...hoping you won't read it. Here we go: i like people who are really fucked up. I mean like tormented in one way or another because then i won't feel like such a freak around those that are "normal." nerds, geeks, and freaks are all my friends. Cool people are pretty damn lame. I am very high strung and suffer from multiple personalities. Jane. She's crazy and she always wants to kill me. Tila...poor girl..she works so hard and always wants to make others happy...she deserves a break. I haven't had boyfriend for so long. I always want one, but when there is one around i run. I'm too busy. I love being in love but i hate the consequences. I do a lot of things that are self destructive. I try not to. I like being at home alone...a lot! So much more fun than surrounding myself with a bunch of wacko's out there. I am also bi-polar so that should explain my irratic postings. I like to read. I love to read. I am a nerd. I've always been a nerdy geek trapped inside a umm...woman's body. Yea....that's me. People love me for some reason. I don't know why...i do but i just say i don't know why just to be modest. I want to be a multi-millionaire by the time i reach 25 years of age. And i will.

Crazy huh???

Kristen (Rottiecolt on Twitter)

Immovable Hearts said...

I find it hilarious Tila claims not to know of him previously fathering another child when the info is right there on the internet she loves so much. Oh, and I didn't realize Game was an ultra famous swedish war hero.


Why is she so upset about The Game not supporting her? She claimed he was so touched by her story that he did her a favour by donating sperm and she did it all for Casey?
Pathological liar!

Kandi Kalistar said...

Yea, I read that a few weeks ago when she was "mourning" Casey. She's sick! I mean, she's dangerous to be around because she'll make up lies about you and ruin your credibiity IF you ARE seen with her. It's craaaaaaazy!

I LOVE how "the Game" owned her publicly!! "I wouldn't touch that with 50's stick"!!!

Fatty McFatterson said...

A very dangerous woman indeed. Capable of ruining your reputation, your career and your life, even if she doesn't know you. She's a cancer, and you can't run and hide from that kind of crazy.

I was amused by the postings of Tila's Army of Morons and Halfwits who tweeted they believe her and stand by her. Have they know brains? No ability to reason and think?

Another amusing sidenote is her accusing The Game of using her name to get press by claiming she's pregnant with his baby. SHE'S the one who tweeted that he was the father, she's the one who tweeted to her TAoMAH to follow him.

I wonder if he may have orginally been in on the stunt with her to drive traffic to his Twitter and website and then he chickened out (probably after realizing how bat shit crazy she is). Though, on the TMZ interview, he came across as very credible and believable when he said he didn't know her.

yoticus said...

She's been claiming to be in her first trimester. She just tweeted a few minutes ago that she is 13 weeks along.. which would put her in her second trimester. And if she was having this supposed baby for her and Casey... how is it that she is 13 weeks along? She would have conceived way before even dating Casey....

Princess Nobody said...

I copied this from under the 'about me' section. What happened to that modeling agency?

Music: She released her new CD early this year and her music video "I Love You" reached No. 2 on the Billboard Music Video Charts. Her hit single "F*** Ya Man" had over 15 million plays on MySpace.

Modeling: She is currently building an international modelling agency empire with a growing roster of beautiful models.

Anonymous said...

This retarded crackhead whore needs some serious help for all her issues!!