Sunday, January 10, 2010

Still Grieving

It is difficult to know where to start. The last blog posted was about Tila's extremely unconventional grieving process. She went from asking to be left alone to attempting to start a Twitter war with Perez Hilton to promoting her vitriol fueled blog (which has prompted a cease and desist from the lawyer of Casey Johnson's former girlfriend). While a lot of the same has happened since then, there have been many other things going on in the life of light flyweight champion of the world in famewhoring, Tila Tequila.

As mentioned, Tila was given a cease and desist because of a bitter blog post about Casey's former girlfriend. In the post, Tila ranted about the claim Casey's ex, Jasmine Lennard, made against Casey for stealing. Casey was charged with grand theft, though Tila says the charges are bogus and Casey only stole a few cheap dresses. According to the search warrants, Tila lied again.

Now for a "are you fucking serious" moment in the life of Cheap Tequila.

Romantic, no? Going to Idaho to get married to the love interest you've known for less than a month? How sweet!

Wait, what's that?



SECTION 28. MARRIAGE. A marriage between a man and a woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.

On top of that, a story was recently published on New York Social Diary by someone who knew Casey for a much longer period of time than Tila and which explains the relationship between Casey Johnson and Tila Tequila.

"The two met only a few weeks ago. For some reason, probably to gain public attention, the two announced they were getting married. This was a joke played on the media, and the media of course fell for it, and so of course did everyone else. P.T. Barnum had a famous word for it. The alleged 17-carat diamond that Tequila/Nguyen was sporting was a giant zirconium ring. The twitterings about conjugal circumstances were pure fantasy that made good tawdry copy. Almost a week later, the media is still listening to her rap."

Many of us suspected this to be truth and argued day and night that it was. Others are slowly starting to find out that the relationship between Casey and Tila was as fake as the ring.

Speaking of rings, Tila's Amazon Wishlist was recently discovered and includes such luxury items as a Tutone DiamonUltra™ Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring Size 5 for $14.99, a 4 Carat Clear CZ Ring SZ 5 for $19.19, and a Replica of Sex and the City Charlotte Citrine CZ Ring, SIZE 5 for $32.49.

Were some of these the various rings that Tila claimed Casey had given to her throughout their barely month long romance?

Then there is the dog story. Casey's dogs were being taken care of by Tila Tequila while Casey lay dead. Casey's family contacted Tila and asked her to return the dogs along with many of Casey's other belongings. Despite Tila's claims that she was to meet with members of the Johnson family, a spokesperson for the family said "It's not true."

Friends of Casey, Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips, set up a meeting with Tila's assistant to retrieve Casey's dogs and other possessions, but things got messy when they arrived. Again, Tila took to Twitter and her blog to rant.

Video taken by paparazzi shows Tila cooperating by taking some of Casey's personal belongings to the vehicle. Bijou Phillips clearly states that the dogs will not be put to sleep to be buried with Casey. The video ends with Tila giving a Razzie worthy performance, conjuring up the most horrible attempt at a fake cry we've ever witnessed.

Tila is claiming that the dogs are now dead. The truth is that the dogs are now with Casey's family and will be taken care of by them. Also being taken care of by the Johnson family is Casey's daughter, Ava, whose godmother is Nicky Hilton.

We think the godmother of Casey's child, who has been a close family friend for an entire lifetime, has a better idea of what Casey would have wanted in this situation.

The most shocking story of the week was probably Tila Tequila's display of mourning for Casey. While we know there are many stages of mourning and everyone does it in a different manner, we have never seen anyone mourn in the way Tila mourned Casey only three days after Casey's body was found.

Tila let everyone know the paparazzi were outside of her home.

What's a girl to do when a group of people show up outside her home and she is mourning? Go outside, pose provocatively, put flowers in between their breasts, and play in a tree, of course! Anything less would be classless!

This video ends with Tila saying to a number of paparazzi that she will call them later.

Taking a break from grieving? That wasn't what happened when Tila tried to bait Perez Hilton into a childish Twitter war? Or when she promoted her website hours after Casey was found? Or when she attacked the Johnson family? Or when she had her publicist trying to book interviews for her before Casey's autopsy was even finished?

Tila has yet to grieve. She is too busy promoting herself and turning a tragic event, the death of someone she claimed to love, into being all about herself. While there have been many instances of people trying to profit off the death of someone, this is possibly the most disgusting display of exploration we have ever witnessed.

Tila Tequila is going to take her famewhoring to a new level by visiting Larry King Live.

We agree with the Johnson family, who are asking that Larry King cancel the interview with Tila.

Tila is known for being a compulsive liar. The past week has proven that she is unstable and will do anything for money and fame. If she does go on Larry King, she will no doubt lie about everything. We hope the Johnson family has lawyers watching and Tila will be taken to court for slandering a family grieving over the death of their daughter, sister, and mother. The same family who tried their hardest to get their loved one into a rehab while Tila showed up and enabled a vulnerable, known addict, getting her to perform sexual acts on camera and finally leaving her during the holidays, to die alone.

You can contact CNN or send messages on Twitter to let CNN and Larry King know we do not support Tila getting away with lying about the Johnson family, friends of Casey, or the relationship she had with Casey.

Many of us already know the truth. Those who haven't followed her career of lying and scheming need to find out too. Larry King Live is not the place to do that though.

Do not let Tila Tequila exploit the death of Casey Johnson any longer!

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Anonymous said...

I wrote Larry, I don't see what she has to say as newsworthy, and don't understand why the hell LK is going to have HER on the show, ugh.

RockitQueen said...

It gets better. She's deleted a bunch of the slanderous posts and written a "tribute" to Casey. She is also hinting around that she's prego again. "Stress will hurt the baby", etc.

Why am I so fascinated by this madness? It's a textbook psychological study, I guess.

Unknown said...

I'd just like to say THANK YOU for putting this blog together so efficiently, in such a way that her delusional fans can't defend her. Because all the evidence is RIGHT THERE. Please keep up the fantastic work. Hopefully, this will help get through to some of her "Army."

Tila_lies said...

this blog ROCKS!!!!

the entire dog drama has pissed me off. how can anyone think the family would kill a dog Casey had for 20 years!

then Tila told TMZ she agree to give the dogs back. then turns around and made a tweet about them stealing the dogs.