Thursday, June 17, 2010

Caught In Another Lie

This is another of those cases of "posting this just to have it documented" because Tila is probably going to delete when she learns what defamation really means.

In Tila's recent post, she claims that Kim Kardashian "actually flashed her entire bare titties right in front of" Justin Bieber's face.

And onto the real picture...

Kim's "bare titties" are clearly covered.

What about that time Tila pranced around on Ustream with a tampon hanging out while children watched? Or the time she pranced around a grocery store, bending over, and wearing see-through lingerie as a little boy was shopping with his family?

People in glass whorehouses shouldn't throw stones.


Alanna Kay said...


Anonymous said...

Omigoodness. I pray to GOD that Kim jumps all over this and sues the hell out of this piece of trash. Excellent job. If that's not Defamation of Character, then I don't know WTF is! :-)

Anonymous said...

I really don't know how she had the audacity to write that considering the stuff she does on Ustream!

If anyone is inappropriate with the teenagers it is her!

Good to see you blog again!

cant make this shit up said...

I can NOT stand Tila ... I know you and rotspot feel the same.. I am banned at writing any more comments on her flog... I have signed complaints against her with the Calf Atty General office and I have called Big Machine and spoke to Laura about pics that were on her Hotsite page...( those pics were removed about 10 minutes after my call ) I am disgusted with the way she acts. I hope a celebrity DOES sue her for slander.

cant make this shit up said...

I forgot to mention she has a few more sites added to her flogroll: TMZ is one of them.. Not sure if they know about it or if they need to approve it..

Lotti said...

Or what about her most recent twitter background with both ni**ls showing.

Anonymous said...

I'll be honest, I have no issue whatsoever with nudity. I defend people's right to walk around as nude as they want to at any time and in any place.

Tila uses her half (or complete) nudity for the sole purpose of marketing herself in a rather sexual way. IMO very much tacky and overused, but it's not like the whole effin' entertainment industry doesn't use the same approach. Never been a fan of official censorship myself, rather of parental responsibility there (which I practice with my kid).

However, it's hypocrisy that I can't stand. You can't go around accusing people of being horrible monsters for doing the one thing you're known to do on a nearly daily basis. That, dear Tila, is tremendously hypocritical. Or stupid. Or both.

Now combine that with the fact that your accusation is a blatant LIE, and what do you have?

(that was a real question, I don't even know what to call that level of lowliness)

I hope you read this Tila, I mean, I know you're addicted to the rotspot,but I don't know how often you come around here.

If you really want to make it (and honestly, I *do* hope that at some point in your life you finally succeed at something good), you need to drop the lies, the narcissism, hypocrisy, double standards, mindless negativity, and of course, the drugs.

Anonymous said...

What Tila posting Paris Hilton giving a bj when she 15 that's kiddie porn in her possession if it's true. I seriously hate her

Cathy said...

Yes this from the woman who has teenage phone bone buddies. humpf. Get over yourself Tila. Is it not a little bit gross that she would put them together in this light? She is the only one who I have seen who has played the Kim K is taking advantage of Justin Beiber crap. Obivously if she was, being a public figure, she clearly would NOT be trying to date him in front of the paps since its illegal.
I thought it could have been that her other writer wrote this but then I saw the spelling errors and knew it was her.
God I hate her and her hypocritical self.