Monday, June 21, 2010

Great News!

Hey everyone! Tila has some great news!

OMG!!!!!! Tila is on TMZ's blogroll! Take that Nikky and Perez! Tila's site is officially legit! Look for yourself!

That image was provided by Tila. A quick look at TMZ's blogroll tells a different story.

That's weird. Tila isn't listed where the original image shows. Perez is there, but Tila isn't.

Wait, what's that?

Zennie62? That is the blog for which Nikky Raney writes.

TMZ is "teamed up" with Nikky and Perez. Legit baby. Suck that, Tila.


Jess said...

and if you check the details image it says adobe photoshop lmao

Fatty McFatterson said...

I love how Tila was trying to put it in Nikky's face, and basically Nikky and Perez were on that blogroll LOOOOOONG before Tila. It can't be that hard, I'm sure Tila showed her wonky tits to Harvey and while he was throwing up she got on his computer and added herself.

Not to offend Nikky or anyone on that blogroll, but until Tila said anything, I thought the only blogroll they had was on the bottom of the know where the really legit blogs have their logos and their top stories. Who clicks on a link with a zillion other blogs?

Also, love how to considers herself 'teamed up' with TMZ. No Tila, they're just acknowledging you have a blog, they're not sponsoring you or otherwise condoning your behavior.

cant make this shit up said...

I checked TMZ blog roll at 7:00 pm EST on Monday 6/21 and I do NOT see her mentioned there... something doesnt add up .. ????

Anonymous said...

She was listed on tmz's blogroll for all of two hours, then was removed. Just goes to show what bragging and trying to big note yourself can do. Dream big Tila, you'll get there one day.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I wonder how many of her "army" believed this obvious lie.

Anonymous said...

@cant make this shit up...

TMZ took off the link to her blog sometime this afternoon / early evening...

Just another fun day

Pops said...


As much as I would love to jump on Tila about this, regarding the adobe photoshop thing - that's not a fullproof way of checking she's photoshopped it.

Maybe she has, but I remember I used to crop images and do other minimal manipulations to them through photoshop.

Then again, it's Tila - I wouldn't be suprised LOL.

The Tila Truth said...

Pops is right. I use Photoshop to crop and resize the images, so it would be showing up from me using it.

Tila was featured on their blogroll for about an hour or two and was promptly taken down after gloating about it. She used it to try to prove she was better than Nikky and Perez, both of whom are on the blogroll and have been for a very long period of time.

As of 8:57PM PST, Tila still believes she is on TMZ's blogroll.

People are sending her messages and telling her she isn't there and she replies telling them to look again. LOL.

Tabloid Whore! said...

ew. that's embarrassing! plus, it's just a blogroll, it aint hard to get on one. it doesn't mean in the slightest that you are "teamed up" with the website. lol. she is such a pathetic loser.

Terri said...

Now all her tweets are missing about TMZ! LOL! Nice that you have them capped (and of course and those websites still have them)

I also noticed her 'Dear Diary' was revised and she removed all reference to TMZ!


It was great lulz though!

Anonymous said...

WTF is a blog roll lol, i hear it , but have no idea what it is or why it matters, if ur good shouldnt word or mouth do it, or people linking to ur stuff ?

Nikky Raney said...

i loved this.