Friday, June 25, 2010


Hey guys, Tila has another exclusive!

Tila posted this "exclusive" at 3PM Pacific time. At 1:58PM Pacific time TMZ had the same exclusive, but with the correct information and the filed court documents.

Tila posted the exclusive over an hour after TMZ had already posted it. I guess it is an exclusive since she was the only one to post the wrong information about the case.

Get it together, Tila! Aren't you on TMZ's team? Why would you steal their exclusive but put the wrong information? That's no way for a teammate to act!

I doubt it, Tila. They're busy getting facts while you're spreading rumors.


Nikky Raney said...

I love you.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Awsome post to call her out on her dumbassness!

Emily said...

LOL at the thought of Tila's blog having a "legal news manager". Yeah right!

BKiddo said...

"Now we can't be positive until our legal news manager, (aka Onyx the General), actuallly has the rejection notification in their hands (paws), but once again tila tequila has made a complete ass out of herself. Allegedly or Apparentaly."
Nice post Truth!

Nikky Raney said...

she's upset with TMZ for dropping her.