Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Chunks!

Tila has yet to prove anything since my last post. Not surprisingly, she brought up some of the things I mentioned in it. (Hi Tila!) She had a post so good on her Facebook that it required an update to this blog.

Remember that whole baby debacle? If so, sorry for the reminder. If not, start with her claiming to be pregnant, move on to when she announced she was pregnant with twins, then go on to read about all the different fathers, including Tila's own brother, and finally when the lie about Tila being pregnant is finally put to rest.

Or so we thought...

Only four days ago, Tila brought it all back!

Here is the text of what she wrote, for those unable to read the image:

I bumped into the father of this child yesterday and he was tryin so hard to run away from me. Fucking asshole! But then I had the balls to go up to him and say "HEY... 3 years old" Then he says "WHAT? You have a kid now?" I said "NO you idiot. Our child would have been 3 years old today" Then his ran away. What a LOSER! He wasn't there for me when I miscarried. I called him to take me to the hospital and he came over but I kept crying and was hysterical because DUH this is painful... he couldn't handle it and left and I ended up taking a FUCKING TAXI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I told him "YOU BETTER PRAY! DON'T WORRY I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU" and he just ran off like a loser that he is!!

She linked that post to an image of an ultrasound that she had originally sent to Radar Online when she was trying to say she was pregnant. We covered that story and the original post about it can be read here.

Tila also made sure to let us know how far along she was with the magic baby and the conception date would have been around Halloween of 2009, another story which we covered.

If Tila had been telling the truth about this pregnancy, she would have given birth around late July or early of August of 2010.

Now, let's go back to Tila's Facebook post last week.

"Our child would have been 3 years old today."

Tila's "miscarried baby" which was due in late summer of 2010 would have been three years old on July 5th of 2012?

I won't even get into her claiming that she took a taxi to the hospital. We all know she made a huge spectacle when she "dented" her head, which she claimed caused her miscarriage. No taxi, instead she wasted the time of hard working EMT and firefighters and the tax dollars of hard working Americans to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Now if we could only find out which of her baby's fathers she ran into last week. Was it her brother? The Game? Avante Rose? Raz B? The war hero? The Swedish celebrity? The man who was "English (London)" as she called him? The soccer player? The sperm donor who allowed her to get IVF treatments IN HER ARM? That Casa Wilson person? Garry Sun?

Tila, you should know by now that we already destroyed this lie about you being pregnant. From the day you announced it, to the day you showed the fake pregnancy test, to anticlimactic ending where you finally realized you couldn't keep up with the lie any longer. There is no reason for you to rehash this. It's done.

It looks like you are planning on doing charity work again. That didn't go very well the last time you tried it. It's nice that you finally quit lying about an alcohol allergy and posted a picture of yourself drinking at a young age. That lie didn't work when you tried to frame Shawne Merriman, so please don't ever try that again.

Please stop with this baby lie. It's disrespectful to women who cannot conceive. It is disrespectful to women who have gone through the pain of a miscarriage. It's disrespectful to women who have had difficult, high-risk pregnancies. It's disrespectful to babies born who die soon after birth, or those who have to live in an incubator while their mothers cannot touch them for months. It's disrespectful to women and/or men who want to adopt.

Tila, there is nothing left you can do to redeem yourself. You could cure cancer, yet would still be known as Tila Tequila - the person who cured cancer, but thrived off of negative attention by lying about a pregnancy, abuse, and starting a charity for children.


Ryan said...

Hi there. I followed all of these sites back in 2010 when she was at her worst. It's a shame most of them have stopped posting, but probably for the best. The more attention she receives, positive or negative, the more popular she thinks she is. I just wanted to thank you guys for showing the world what a lying scumbag Tila really is.

Tiffany said...

Thank you so much for the being the only website dedicated to her lies still going. I am your biggest fan and follow IMO! Lol.

Marie said...

This must be where she's getting the invisible step son's age from, as she's claiming he's three years old. It all makes sense now