Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Tila has talked about her charity, Jayden's Angels, in the past. She is having a garage sale and said all profits would go to both her own charity and Haiti. She has asked for monetary donations to her charity.

On December 3, 2009, Tila posted that the charity had become official.

A search for Jayden's Angels on the IRS website provides no information. It is a requirement that charities are registered with the IRS for it to be considered a legit charity. Jayden's Angels is not registered. A simple search for the name Jayden gives three results, none which are associated in any way with Tila.

A search on CharityNavigator.org and the California Attorney General's website, another place this charity would be required to be registered, yielded zero results.

Three days ago, Tila started raving about her upcoming garage sale, saying she would give the money to both her charity and donate it to Haiti. She had a quick change in attitude about that though...

She has since deleted her Twitter, but nothing is ever deleted from the internet. You can read all the tweets she made on those days on CelebrityTweet.

If you have donated anything to Tila's charity, please contact California's Office of the Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission and let them know about this charity fraud.

It is one thing to deceive people into thinking you are pregnant, it is another to deceive someone into thinking they are giving money to a charitable organization only to pocket it yourself.

This has to stop.


Fatty McFatterson said...

Actually, a letter to Attorney General and FTC might be warranted anyway because she is soliciting funds for these non-existent charities and that is FRAUD, even if no one actually sends her money.

Also, what does a mogul need with the chump change a garage sale brings? If she's as rich and famous and successful as she claims, it doesn't matter if she's a single mom or not, she should have more than enough resources to raise a child without scrapping the pennies out of the bottom of her Hermes bag.

RockitQueen said...

This infuriates me. How gross! What kind of person do you have to be to prey on the kind intentions of others to weasel money out of people. She's inconscionable.

On a side note, has she ever stated what exactly Jayden's Angels is supposed to fake benefit? If she has, I've never seen it. She'd probably say Russian orphans or something.

Unknown said...

I just read something on her nasty website today where she said Jayden's Angels gives school supplies and clothes to needy kids or something. That is so sick that she is making a mockery out of that cause.

Randi said...

Rockitqueen- She says it goes to "providing the less fortunate children that are still in school, with new clothes, Shoes, and School Supplies!!!!" She doesn't say what schools are going to profit, or anything like that though.
Ugh. Does anyone else know if there are other 'charity' events she's organized?

Fatty McFatterson said...

This is from a tip from money.cnn.com regarding suspicious charities. I will be using this info to inquire about Tila's actions in regards to Jayden's Angels. You do not have to be a direct victim of fraud to report suspicious activity.

State Attorney Generals have already begun to file lawsuits and designate cybercrime units to track charity scams on the Internet. And you can play in key role in preventing these scams from taking advantage of peoples' desire to help.

If you are a victim of an online scam, or you want to report a suspicious charity, don't wait. First, contact the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center at www.ic3.gov. You can file a complaint online.

If you have a tip, contact the FBI Tips and Public Leads at www.fbi.gov. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance at www.give.org.

The Federal Trade Commission is also a good place to lodge a complaint. Contact the agency at www.ftc.gov or call 877-382-4357.

RockitQueen said...

There was that incident where she made a plaster cast of her freakish boobs to auction off for breast cancer charities. She bragged that the cast sold for $50,000 but if I remember correctly, it never sold at all (the eBay auction timed out). Can anyone confirm this?

I feel ill that I know so much about this gremlin, but I want her behind bars.

Greg said...

More 2 cents

I can't resist. Tila is once again twisting this about her garage sale and her charity.A cancelled check or a money order made out to Jayden's Angels or Jauden's Angels(today's name) that she cashed would probably silence her.The fact is there is no registered charity(profit or non profit)for Jayden's Angels. I am not a parent but I feel badly for the parents who have had to deal with her especially The Johnsons. Even though Casey and her family were not getting along at the time they were still family. Woody must be horrified and angry at Tila for posting scantily clad pictures of Casey on the net. The IRS will act quickly and then probably take a long hard look at her "business" financial records. In florida we have a business lookup (EIN +TIN) because of all the scams.In florida you can easily find out if they are a legitamite business and physical address.If Tila was smart she would have filed for different EINS for different aspects of her business.My opinion is that Tila is all talk and tweet and never follows through on anything. IRS will not put up with her games and they are relentless.Charity fraud is in the mainstream news with Haiti and it is a felony.

So good luck Ms. Nguyen

Fatty McFatterson said...

Hmmm. That gives me an idea. For $5 I can shut the bitch down. I think I will send her $5 for Jayden's Angels and see what she does with the money. If she's smart, she's reading this and won't accept it. If she's the greedy lying pig I think she is, she will. If I find out there is no such legit charity, I'll have a case with the FBI.

RockitQueen said...

Did anyone catch the last line where she says her goal is to win a Nobel Prize for working hard to help people? I can't stop giggling. She's a regular Mohammed Yunis.

HBIC said...

I need money for a mission trip to Africa. Send all money to the address below.

Africa Mission Trip
1234 Fake Charity Lane
Anywhere, USA

See how easy that was. To get a legit charity in the US, one must first apply for a 5013c non-profit status from the IRS, which with the proper paperwork and references, can take up to 9 months to get approval.

Anonymous said...

RockitQueen: There whasnt a incident with the breast cancer charity.The breast cast was never sold not for 50,000 dollars how do i know that..?
I was the one that bid 110K for it This is what really happend with the cast!!
For me it was just a business deal for Tila it was a game Tila claimed that she would donate 10,000 dollars of her own money (She never donated any money) The charity emaild me and said that Tila would be with me in the news that was 2 days before the bidding stopped Tila told every body that the one who would buy the cast whould get a phone call and a kiss so 1 plus 1 is two and i withdraw my bid and because of the behavior of Tila
When i withdraw my bid i got in a fight with Tila google Tila Tequila lianne you see what she said about me!A couple of days later i got a email by the breast charity if i was interested to pay 35,000 dollars for the cast i said no!!

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to revive this post because :
1st she set up a fake charity to scam her fans. Now she's bragging about donating to and work for charity?


car donation program said...

We must help each other to stop this kind of fraud. But instead help TRUE established charities that are legal and that are sincere in helping many people.