Friday, March 19, 2010

Magic Baby

That was quick. The father has changed, yet again. We've got a new profession in the mix.

At this rate, it won't be long before the baby's father is an astronaut. Watch out, Buzz Aldrin.

If you're keeping up, Tila also claims that she had a miscarriage and is pregnant again. She says she got pregnant through in vitro fertilization less than a month after having a miscarriage. No real doctor would do such a procedure less than a month after a miscarriage, as the body has to go through the menstrual cycle again. According to Tila's own timeline, she would have been at least four months pregnant at the time of the supposed miscarriage. No need to get into a biology lesson here, but the body has to go through a process for a women to be able to go through in vitro fertilization after a miscarriage, especially one where a woman is that far along. Most people seem to understand this...

Of course, Tila has her own reasoning as to how she is able to become pregnant so soon after her "miscarriage" ...

Another new twist, Tila's baby is now a girl!

And while Tila said she has a miscarriage in mid February, she was still claiming to be pregnant at the beginning of March. However, less than a month ago, the baby was still a boy.

Remember the good old days, a week and a half ago, when Tila was going to have twins?

Not only does Tila's baby change fathers, gender, from single baby to twin back to single baby, and due date, the magic baby also changes ethnicity.

In early February, Tila says the baby is half African American because The Game was the father at that point.

Tila did a live Ustream video on February 11th where the baby's makeup changed again.

You can view the video by clicking on the above image. In it, she says, "My baby is half Vietnamese, half French, half African American, and, uhhh, possibly a little bit Caucasian. I don't know."

Three halves and even a little more!

Note: Please view it and watch the eye movement. Read about lying and eye movement here. Also notice the teeth grinding and face picking and come to your own conclusions about that.

Earlier this month, the baby became even more mixed.

Polonesian? English (London)?! That is good to know. How horrible would it have been to have a baby mixed with English (Birmingham)?

We can now understand why Tila's stories never match up when it comes to this baby. It can't be easy to keep up with such a magical, ever-changing baby.

There is also some sad news to report.

While we don't believe Tila, as she has cried wolf to the point even the wolves are laughing; even the idea of a lonely child going to her for advice is sickening. Especially with Tila's record of underage "phone bones" that she solicits from Twitter.


Anonymous said...

This retarded crackhead whore name @Tilaomg needs to put the pipe down. She says her mum is happy she is she? Lets hope bloody not, cause someone needs to call child services on her.

Sugar Jonz said...

Can you do a simple timeline of all the crazy baby changes from the "inception" of the magical baby until now? That would make everything so much clearer and memorable!

The Tila Truth said...

Sugar, I'd have to go as far back as last summer.

She's going to have to stop running with this story at some point. Either a baby isn't going to show up or she is going to hop around town, sleeping with every lowlife that she comes across until she does end up pregnant.

This version of the baby should have been born at the end of July. I might put together a big post then. It's going to be hard to put together a post that big, but it will be worth it to laugh.

Sugar Jonz said...

Oh yeah...anyone familiar with Histrionic Personality Disorder? Look it up. She seems to display CLASSIC characteristics and symptoms. She has them all.

id_rather_be_sleeping said...

I feel sorry for all the couples out there who have been trying to get pregnant or adopt... Tila is just rubbing salt in their wounds by making all of this sound so easy and whatever.

Unknown said...

she better come up with a new attention-getting story pretty quickly here as this has pretty much ran it's course and it's clear no one believes her. even most of her fans are starting to questions the validity of it. i'm sure she sees it, just look at all the comments on her facebook and twitter questions pertaining to it.

RockitQueen said...

I posted this over at the Rotspot,'s slightly off topic, but I have to reiterate this:

It totally creeps me out when she talks about what a hot mommy "MILF" she is going to be and how gorgeous her kid is going to be and her "milky boobs". There is a real incestuous vide to it that is spooky and disgusting. She reminds me of Debra Lafarve (sp?), the teacher that seduced her teenage student. I saw a show about it and they played phone messages she left for the kid and she sounded JUST LIKE Tila...and adult talking like a 12-year-old. She says her son will be an athlete and her daughter would be a supermodel/philanthropist?? Who talks like that?

She is such a freak and I really, really, really hope she gets taken to task and gets put where she belongs; jail, mental institution, etc.

Unknown said...

I have 2 things

@The Tila Truth, you should make a post suggesting that when her gossip blog opens, for me people not to visit (not a demand, a request) b/c we all know it's going to suck, and be nothing compared to Perez. And I'm sure for every hit (not talking about drugs LOL, i mean going to her site) she will be making some sort of money. I don't want any money to go to her! I love following your post about her but sometimes I question, is she even worth it? We're making her more famous than she is....well wait let's get real - she's not that famous at all so it should be no problem.

Has there been any recent pictures of her out? I haven't seen any and thats probably b/c she's locked up in her drug hole, & afraid to come out since theres no baby belly! She's the type who would buy a fake one of ebay and wear it around town, lol & then the paps snap a pic of it falling out & she says she was sooooo depressed from the misscarriage she had to!

I hate her, and yes, I know, that's a strong word. If she does have a child protective services need to be one would let her adopt EVER. I'm sure anyone who knows about her (which isn't as many as she believes) thinks shes a nutjob!

Matthew said...