Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Tila has been hinting at being pregnant for almost a year now. The baby first belonged to a very famous rapper, then her brother, then an American war hero, now a non-American who is in the industry. That was yesterday. Today it could be an astronaut.

Though Tila went for a doctor's visit on the 8th of January, it took her until today to release a picture of the sonogram to prove she was "100% confirmed" pregnant in her first trimester (whatever that is).

She tried to sell the sonogram picture to TMZ, but went ahead with ol' trusty, Radar Online.

One of the highlights from the accompanying interview is when Tila claims "doubters can be assured it's her actual ultrasound photo because the first two letters of her last name are seen on the upper left hand corner of the photo, which is customary in many ultrasound photos."

Let us take a minute to look over the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine's practice guidelines for the documentation of ultrasounds.

Adequate documentation is essential for high-quality patient care. There should be a permanent record of the ultrasound examination and its interpretation. Images of all appropriate areas, both normal and abnormal, should be recorded. Variations from normal size should be accompanied by measurements. Images should be labeled with the patient identification, facility identification, examination date, and side (right or left) of the anatomic site imaged. An official interpretation (final report) of the ultrasound findings should be included in the patient’s medical record. Retention of the ultrasound examination should be consistent both with clinical needs and with relevant legal and local health care facility requirements.

Medical records require the legal name of a patient.

There is also no explanation for the reflection in the picture of the sonogram, which looks to have been taken off of a screen. If Tila is providing this picture to prove she is pregnant, why not take a better picture? Why cut out the date the sonogram was taken?

Now let us try to figure out a time line. Tila visited the doctor on the 8th of January. The picture of the sonogram is of a gestational sac at or around six weeks. That would put conception around the last week of November. Not only was this weeks before Tila said she was starting the in vitro fertilization process to be a surrogate for her brother, but this is also before she met Casey.

Back to the Radar Online article. Tila says, "This baby was planned. This baby, which I am currently carrying, was for Casey and I to start our family together."

A baby that was conceived before Tila met Casey was planned for Casey?


Unknown said...

Sonosite clearly prints the patient's FULL NAME on the ultrasound scan. Why would they only put "ng" (and lowercase?) on Tila's?


Unknown said...

Are sonograms routinely done so early now?

I thought unless there was a medical reason, testing on fetuses was kept to a minimum.

She's young and healthy, why would they run this test?

Unknown said...

Why havent you covered that story she wrote on Tilaspot about her life growing up as a gangster. Drive bys and beatings. And about how she got pregnant and her boyfriend beat the shit out of her? She had named that son Jayden. Thats why shes saying Jayden came back to me! Honestly, it was some of the funniest shit I have ever read! She called it her "unofficial biography" But dont worry, shes going to write a full real one SOON!

Unknown said...

I also like that she said today that she was going to start dating. "Ever since Casey died, I have NEVER stepped outside, STILL HAVE NOT GONE ON ONE DATE, NOR HAD SEX OR ANYTHING! TIME 4 ME 2 FIND A DATE!!!!"


chickenrotini said...

It also looks like "someone" erased the date off the bottom of the sonogram.

RNB007 said...

"Today it could be an astronaut"
LOL, don't give her any ideas!
I LOVE your blog!
You are so dead on with everything.

And unlike Tila you back up everything you post with FACTS. Bravo to you! If you need help in anyway just let us know even finacialy to investigate etc, set up a PayPal account and link and me and I am sure many others would gladly donate!

Keep up the outstanding work!


missmuffet said...

I realize that this comment is not relevant to this post, but I didn't see any other contact info...

The number that she is having her fans call to leave her messages/ hear her messages (860-256-8452) has quite a few complaints against it:


disgusted said...

You might want to expose the retard dwarf's lie about the Shawne Merriman suit that she defaulted on. Here is a link to the story, including copy of the filed complaint:

The suit was filed December 10, and apparently she didn't file a response, so a default was entered, which is what the tabs are reporting. I don't even understand her demented retort, but it is obviously a lie. Default will probably be overturned, but she's lying about the existence of the suit.

Have fun,
bored lawyer

Captain Al Cohol said...

Personally, I'd like to know if Joe Francis owns Radar Online. Notice that they seem to be the only gossip site remotely friendly to Tila and she is constantly spamming out links to them? She must drive tons of internet traffic their way.

charlottesmom said...

an astronaut...HA! You're hysterical.

I have two kids, the sonograms done for both have at the very least, my (full) last name and the date with weeks gestation below. hers is definitely photoshopped. check out the latest post on Dlisted about her. He's even apologizing to his readers to posting about the dwarf.

charlottesmom said...

She just wrote on her twitter that "the game" is the dad. I had no idea that he was a war hero, tall with blue eyes. hmmm.

chasityxo said...

clearly good for the baby??

chickenrotini said...

If she *is* pregnant *cough* she can't be any more than about 6 weeks anyway. Remember the Ustream session with her tampon string hanging out lol.

MissMary said...

I'm all against Tila Tequila, but I have put my Ultrasound pic up and very easily blocked out the last name and date (a few even said it was fake because you couldn't "see" it blocked out). So on this one, I can't be sure. A newbie to Photoshop could do it very easily, looks like a smudge tool. The more curious item is WHY would she block out her name if everyone knows it?

Fatty McFatterson said...

They always give the full name of the patient, in this case it would be the baby as the patient, but sometimes the mother's name is included.

Also, that photo looks like it was taken from a monitor instead of scanned into the computer from a hard copy or a picture taken of it.

My daughter had an ultrasound done last summer, and in that gray band across the top, where the "ng" is, there is a ton of info. Actually, the ng is in the same spot on Tila's ultrasound that has the name of the ultrasound machine on my daughter's. Following that, on the first line is the baby name (in this case "baby surname", then the date of the ultrasound, then the time, followed by a series of alpha-numeric number patterns. On the second line in that same banner is a serial number which contains the date, followed by then name of the medical facility and then another alpha-numeric set and the word Early.

Interesting thing to note: every single ultrasound I've examined on line that has the banner thing on top, has the company name of the ultrasound in the upper left corner. Every single one. ATL, General Electric, Philips, etc. The font used for the info on my daughter's along with every other ultrasound I have seen is like a Helvetica Narrow font, the font on the Tila ultrasound is very different, I can't remember the name but it's something modern, I think. In any case, it's not the typical font size or style found on any other ultrasound. Another thing about the size of the ng, all other ultrasounds have a two-line info banner, there is no way you could get two lines with that size/style.

My daughter's ultrasound looks very similar to Tila's. Fact is my daughter's was done when she was around 16 weeks. Google '6 week ultrasound' and you'll see tons of ultrasounds that look strikingly similar to each other and NONE look like Tila's. Tila's appears to be that of a more advanced pregnancy

Dr's really don't want to do ultrasounds that early unless there is a medical necessity. Generally you'll see them doing them on healthy women around 16 weeks, certainly not 6 weeks.

Plus, it looks like the ultrasound of a gorilla baby.

MissMary said...

Fatty, to compare a single ultrasound as a basis would be ludicrous and counterproductive to exposing Tila. All my pregnancies have had vaginal wand ultrasounds to set the official due date and check implantation and size. All those were done 6-8 weeks.

My very first pregnancy with no problems was also done in this manner. Ultrasound exposure does not harm babies. With my last pregnancy which was successful, I had more than 25 ultrasounds to try to find an issue with the pain (which was only found out afterwards as a split pelvic bone).

The S font IS an ultrasound machine which has already been named by several people familiar with the symbol. I can't recall it now off the top of my head, but there are literally dozens of ultrasound machine makers, and hundreds of distributors to load their own software on them.

Second of note that S is a logo, just like I have the GE logo on mine. It does NOT say General Electric, just the script GE inside a circle.

I'd be more than happy to scan in a dozen or so of my ultrasound pictures from my last pregnancy alone that were conducted by both my OBGYN and the hospital. That ultrasound she posted is of 6-8 weeks.

On all my pictures spread over 7 different ultrasound machines for all my pregnancies, none of them have "baby" or "baby surname" anywhere on them. Only 2 have a two line banner (the hospitals). The rest only have my name at the beginning, a few with last first (like hers is claiming) and the rest with first then last name.

Especially newer ultrasound machines, they even have font settings so the doctor can use their own pre-set choice. I believe some are even coming out in the last few months that allow doctors to put their own fonts loaded onto ultrasound machines to match the font they use for business.

16 weeks would NOT be a round circle/ball, at 16 weeks, the baby is almost fully formed. I've got one at 17 weeks to prove that as well. The last thing to form are sex organs which can be seen at 18 weeks, but best at 20 weeks.

On healthy women, after the initial vaginal wand ultrasound, doctors do NOT do the regular ultrasound until 20 weeks, based off the initial ultrasound or the LMP. 16 weeks is too early to determine brain and heart function (the one where the ultrasound machine switches to what looks like thermal imaging) and the sex organs are not formed. The sex of the baby is usually recorded, whether or not the parents ask to know.